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If at you has children, then you already know everything. About pampers, small bottles and rattles. About the torn trousers and the broken knees. About the two in quarters and PTA meetings. About gifts under a fir-tree and children`s holidays. Or you know not everything about children`s holidays?

your children passed Mamomuchiteli`s

with Kolya`s

into category of teenagers, to equip with it a holiday - themselves more expensive. To entertain the teenager games and to feed from a hand with pies not only it is senseless, but also it is unsafe. All know that teenagers bite. So recommendations about the organization of a teenage party there can be only three: in advance to narubat salatik, to give out money for purchase of Coca and chips (all of them will equally buy beer and a vobla) and to leave to friends of hours till eleven in the evening. It is periodically possible to call neighbors and to ask whether still the apartment burns.

- one-year-old and two-year-olds - too trouble have some

With absolutely small children: they usually come with the mothers and the food. For entertainment they quite will have a heap of toys on a floor, and in addition to process of eating of food of jars - elegant disposable bibs. (Happen also such. They are on sale usually in the same place where, actually, baby food.)

By the way

Experts removed a special formula on which it is possible to calculate how many guests should be invited to a holiday to avoid excesses. The required number turns out from addition to age of the child of unit. That is if the child is two years old, three visitors quite will be enough for him; if four - five. Otherwise children with guarantee will go out of the way, and parents - will fly into a rage and the holiday will be spoiled.

From the culinary point of view the celebration when you bring together the new children`s company is the most difficult to arrange

: for example, the child went to the first class or passed into new school and for the first time invites to himself schoolmates. What for children? What is loved? On what they have a diathesis?

Some children adore caviar sandwiches, and if not to expose them on a table, the holiday will be irrevocably spoiled. Another from a type of caviar becomes badly. (Very well I remember one boy who frankly admitted to me that caviar reminds him small insects.) One children dress all on light with mayonnaise with ketchup, others turn up the nose at “chemistry“. Someone absorbs chocolate cakes without restrictions, at someone on chocolate a desperate allergy … Generally, you will go crazy. It is possible to get out of the situation in the simple and well checked Russian way - to bake pancakes. To me personally children who would not love pancakes yet never met. And if you make a large number much - many different stuffings, and both sweet, and salty, do not progadat. The approximate set can be such: liver pate, mashed potatoes with fried onions, red caviar, sour cream, all range of jam from a case, condensed milk (more), honey, stewed apples with raisin, the cottage cheese which is shaken up with sugar and cream … Dream further.

One more principle of which I am more or less sure: children love “manual food“. They not came to sit at a table: to them all these forks, spoons - one trouble. It is necessary to them - the successful fellow! - to run further. However, for salads the exception usually becomes. But about some useful hot or (God forbid!) soup and forget to think. As a main course, in my opinion, pizza perfectly approaches. It is similar to pancakes: it is almost loved too by all, and efforts with pizza much less. It is practically possible to make everything in advance, and at the right time to thrust only into an oven. By the way

the Children`s holiday it is easy for p to make

less traumatic if to lay the table any unbreakable ware. In the majority of supermarkets there is quite wide choice of very nice plateaus, cups and glasses with sketches from animated films. The choice of napkins is unlimited at all.

the Adult guest loves

of the Menu with a surprise that the table was served beautifully and interestingly. However, if in sense of an esthetics owners did not go all out, but did not forget about alcoholic beverages, then it becomes interesting to the adult at once, and it is beautiful or not - any more has no value soon. So just you will not carry out children. These want not just food, and food entertaining. Let`s tell, some pigs from hard-boiled eggs or a fruit basket with fruit salad. Still there are dishes with which it is possible to play bravely. My gold parents arranged me the simplest option in the childhood on birthday - and it always had mad success. For its implementation cake, pie or, at the worst, pies are required house preparation. You take some jewelry from the children`s point of view - for example, a beautiful foreign coin, and in a stuffing mortgaging stage (or fillings of the test in a form) you put it there.

Indispensable condition: the jewelry has to be not too small and not family, and gluttonous baby birds an instant it will swallow that - look for then. The one to whom will have the luck to catch a coin and not to break tooth, becomes the king of a holiday and elects to himself the queen (or on the contrary). I was told recently how during the holiday at new Russians where invited the ten-year-old daughter of my foreign acquaintances, thus baked a diamond brooch in three-storyed cake. Oddly the brooch got to the hostess of a holiday … M - yes … Generally, for the king and the queen it is desirable to prepare crowns, scepters, powers, cloaks and other regal attributes in advance. And to them some to think up occupation - to direct a feast, to issue the decree or still something useful to make. For example, to declare a competition of jokes - children of school age adore telling jokes. If at you the chamber is available - remove! “Be Your Own Producer“ has a rest.

Maria Razbash, the children`s psychologist

- In our family children`s birthday begins

with the poster. In four years - the son then was fond of pirates - the congratulatory inscription appeared under a piracy flag.“ With“ turned into a sail, “d“ - into the ship, in “N“ was a pirate on a bone leg, well and so on. In five years cowboys were a hot topic, and we did not sleep all night long - drew cowboy`s letters. In six years - knightly. In seven to the agenda there was Harry Potter, and letters changed in fantastic heroes - in cloaks, with magic wands. The menu of a holiday also is connected with a subject of year. Except usual dishes we with the son surely think out the main thing - thematic. Let`s tell, on piracy birthday invented special sandwiches - ships with cheese sails. On cowboy`s - all invited “cowboys“ received “behind a bar rack“ cocktail - orange juice with an ice cream ball. In knightly year chicken whom guests ate with hands - as in the Middle Ages was a main course. Even I distributed bread to all big chunks, without cutting off, and breaking off them from a baguette. On the seventh anniversary we, as well as Harry Potter, drank pumpkin juice and regaled on chocolate bees, butterflies and frogs. Try something similar, it will be pleasant to your children.

One more remarkable entertainment, especially effective for the company of offsprings of four - seven years, - “fishing“. The most various candies - from a chup - chups to the kinder - surprises can be a subject of catching. The main thing - to pack them so that was what to cling a hook to. The rod is made of improvised materials of type of the sticks rolling in the yard. Tie ribbons with the hooks made of paper clips to them. It is better to do ribbons multi-colored - then rods become as if nominal. The reservoir is the part of the room which is fenced off by a low screen. Candies in an artistic mess are displayed on a floor - and forward! Only the adult has to be the judge of the championship surely, otherwise participants will fight from - for production.


: if the children`s holiday took place without fights, the injured noses, vases, the ruined houseplants, the torn-off curtains, the plasticine smeared on all floor mixed up with salad, tears and mutual insults moreover and all children by the evening sorted, having left yours, can safely put to yourself a monument. Where - nibud near the Canadian border.



  • “Fly agarics“
  • Pizzeta`s
  • Sandwiches - turrets
  • Cake from dried fruits
  • Apple dumplings
  • Mint cocktail with a water-melon
  • Cake - ice cream