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The main thing - the corresponding spirit of

Ya - the doctor, the local therapist, my husband is a neurologist. In 2002 when I have to give birth to Aleksandra, I was 30 years old.

I know

Ya that the most important in life is the corresponding spirit. We live in 7 km from the city, at that time we had no car, but all pregnancy I worked: reception, calls on foot and on “UAZ“ on bad roads.

my husband then seriously was ill

and did not think to live up to the daughter`s birth (as admitted later). I had to feel well and felt!


When at me began fights, the husband who joked that I “will give rise in a furrow“ decided to send me to maternity hospital though I understood that else early - fights were rare. The maternity hospital accepted me. Despite my some knowledge of obstetrics, I completely trust personnel. If on me the girl - the probationer wants to practice, please.

After several hours of supervision over me, I was told that I “do not give birth“ and if I want to sleep, then, please, it happens. I was brought to huge postnatal chamber where gradually began to bring already given rise women. As I envied them!

In 24 hours me was sent to regional hospital where I was watched several times and said that today I will not give rise. But here I was visited by the husband, the girlfriend and the sister, and I ate delicacies! At 18 o`clock I began regular contractions, and at 22 o`clock - fights in 3 minutes and then brought back to maternity hospital. It is so easy to give rise I and did not dream! The most painful contractions proceeded no more than an hour. At 00:40 I already gave birth to the baby as the doctor was expressed, “for three attempts“.

In labor, probably, there comes euphoria and encephalopathy since I asked a surname of the doctor several times, but did not remember though my husband came later, thanked her. The girl was born 8 - 9 points on a scale Apgar, height of 50 cm, weight 3. 140.

Ya lay in ten-local chamber, but felt comfortable. To nurse I was ready, but it was difficult for child to take a nipple of one mammary gland, and both of us cried. To me advised to decant milk from this breast before feeding, but it was all the same difficult for the baby. Already at home gradually all it was adjusted, then I was helped by my husband. There were neither nurses, nor grandmothers, unfortunately.

Now my Sashenke 2 years 10 months, but I still nurse. By 3 years I plan “to separate“ the treasure from a breast.

my baby - the clever and cheerful girl. All of us still live in the village, we have 3 dogs and a cat. I dream to give birth to one more, and it is better than two (here at once twins!) kids. But even it we should move closer to a civilization and to find good work.