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Whether free childbirth is so dangerous?

Ya long thought before writing on the competition “We Were Lucky with the Midwife“. Probably, many will write to you how they chose the midwife (and were not mistaken with the choice!), as called their midwife (remembered well!), what it had a face, hands, a voice...

I nothing it can write


when I gave birth to the first child, in that, already far, already from other era, 1988, the possibility of the choice was practically not - unless only “on protection“. Protection was not available for me therefore I went there where I was carried by “Ambulance“ (more true, transportation of women in labor) - to our nearest regional maternity hospital No. 3.

At all I then did not think that I was lucky with the midwife. I did not think at all that I though in something was lucky. Because second day of my stay in maternity boxing went already, and my child still was not born.“ Well you? - the nurse reproached me. - Already 20 people gave rise, 32 - x the summer woman gave rise, and you in 20 years cannot give rise!“

Yes, all these women, replacing each other, shouted in the neighboring boxes, and I... envied them. They will shout - will shout, the child shouts then... what happiness! And my poor child fought a head about a neck of a uterus which did not reveal in general. Nothing helped. To me ordered to rise and go on boxing, sent to take a contrast shower - without results...

my midwife went to other box and there, delivering other very young woman, repeated (to me then told): “My God, as I (me) feel sorry for her!“ And having returned, ordered: “Nippers in 9 - y boxing!“

“It is not necessary to

!“ - I cried, but to me covered the face with a narcotic mask. Where luck, you ask. As I was lucky with the midwife, I understood then.

In - the first when I realized that my child survived. It is live though - smaller determination from the midwife, an hour more - another delay - and would choke my sonny.

A secondly...

When there passed bruise in the place of imposing of nippers, and it became clear that the head of the kid of the correct form.

... When 5 - summer Zhora was handed an award at the competition “Gold Brush“ in Central House of Artists.

... When 10 - summer Zhora executed the I category on chess at chess school of TsGDTD and Yu (the former Palace of pioneers). Here then I understood up to the end as we were lucky with the midwife!

Really, imposing of nippers - difficult intervention, I in the textbook on obstetrics read. Also tarry the doctor though a little, press nippers slightly - slightly stronger, than it is necessary, slide off they at her... Then chess could remain forever for Zhora of nothing not meaning figures, and the brush would be held in the hand which is not submitting to mind.


only that I understood all this not at once, and I cannot thank the midwife - I do not know a surname.

But, by the way, me and for the second time was lucky


Fedya was born

on December 25, 1999. Since my first labor everything turned on 180?. In 1989 in the Rabotnitsa magazine there passed a series of publications devoted to problems of maternity hospitals. In a selection there were letters on terrible things: as nobody approached the woman in labor, and the child died of a rupture of a lung; as the child was dropped on a floor, a consequence - cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. There were letters on dedicated work of personnel, but at the same time awful conditions in maternity hospitals. There was a letter “on the other hand“ - from the midwife - that load of personnel falls huge, and at the same time “there is not enough everything“. There was a letter “from there“ - from Germany, then from GDR - how there everything is healthy. And the selection came to an end with very interesting letter signed “Ivanova from Tambov“. In it it was offered... yes, to make childbirth paid. “I am sure, - “Ivanova from Tambov“ wrote, - that any of us will agree to pay for childbirth if only everything was good“.

Yes, will agree - that, will agree... if money is. But this appeal, as we know, did not remain unaddressed. My many acquaintances already gave birth to the second children “for money“.“ What you pay for? - I was perplexed - If the doctor treats the free patient worse, than to paid, then this is not the doctor, but the grabber. It is impossible to address it it is free, especially for a fee - will extort. Conditions? But whether it is worth paying such not sickly money for conditions in which you will spend even 4 days?!“ “You do not understand - answered me. - For money will not depart from you! And it is free - you will persist in, nobody will even approach you“.

it is Well, possible, it was and so. But, as I had in a pocket “no spear“, I had “to give up“ to the same transportation of women in labor again and to go, besides, “where will carry“ - to the same nearest regional maternity hospital No. 3.

I what you think? Did not depart from me! Yes, it is absolutely free - did not depart. Or rather, very friendly and attentive doctor, the midwife and still the probationer did not sit in my boxing all the time, but approached so often that the full impression of their continuous presence was made. Since the beginning of attempts did not depart from me in the most literal sense of this word any more. At the time of delivery over me there were four persons - one more midwife came.

This time childbirth took place

like clockwork. Impressions remained only the most pleasant. Professionalism, attention, politeness - for everything the personnel of maternity hospital can put “perfectly“, and I did not pay for all this kopeks!

People just honestly performed the work... for the state salary.

I again I cannot call a surname. I did not choose the doctor, and she was not presented to me. I was not a “criminal“, “paid“ patient, there was a usual working day - obstetric days.

Then, walking with a carriage, I heard from the girlfriends too walking with carriages and horror stories - “threw me one, then slightly did not ruin the child“, - and recognitions - “I only gave $100 to the doctor...“

So me was lucky


Why? Probably, because I did not suspect all doctors of a korystnost and nonprofessionalism in advance, and just trusted of