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Instead of a traditional chandelier and a white ceiling over your head every evening “live“ stars can flicker. You will tell: fantasy! No. It is modern technology of creation of a false stretch ceiling which gains the increasing popularity not only in inhabited, but also in public places.

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- we will pull...

the Stretch ceiling is the ideally plain surface received by a tension of a film of PVC of special structure and having such advantages as speed of installation, durability, convenience in operation. According to the name the cloth of a ceiling stretches, that is is fixed on perimeter of walls. This way is ideally suited to hide shortcomings of a basic ceiling, and also the engineering communications laid on it, the built-in lamps, air ducts.

Stretch ceilings serve not less than ten years and, having established them, for many years it is possible to forget about repair, the showered plaster and cracks from shrinkage of the house. Besides, to change color and the invoice if the same ceiling bothered, it is very easy: the framework already is and enough only to extend old and to fix new. And still stretch ceilings will allow to install easily and quickly any illuminants, systems of ventilation, alarm systems and protection. They will provide reliable a sound - and heat insulation, with their help it is possible to create volume designs, to visually increase the room.

Thickness of a film of which the cloth, 0,17 - 0,22 mm is made. The ceiling is the cloth sewed from separate strips of a film of PVC found precisely by the room sizes taking into account all its features. After a pattern the cloth is processed on perimeter by a flexible plate - “garpon“ which is necessary at installation, that is when fastening to a wall.

Small cunnings

Visually can increase room height by means of various architecturally - the constructive methods, for example, which are built in a false ceiling of lamps. Contrast of the invoice, color and lighting makes strong illusory impact. Separate color spots or impregnations of the decorative invoice of the panel become beacons thanks to which the space while its true borders are broken off is read.

Knows that the light ceiling imitates lighting in the open air and as if deprives the room of the top overlapping. To avoid effect of the underestimated space and to cause illusion of the light spacious hall, over the central part, it makes sense to build in a light plafond and to surround it with ledges of lateral terraces.

Now mirror streams enjoy wide popularity. They give illusion of increase in space, “destroying“ it and depriving of limitation. However care and sense of proportion as the full irreality causes concern are necessary here. When mirrors establish on all plane, for example, walls, it is recommended to build in additional elements - a shelf for ornamental plants etc. that will define the provision of mirrors.

Visually can expand space also by means of sublight - the hidden illumination of walls with the light sources hidden behind the plane of a false ceiling. At the same time walls, reflecting light, as if begin to be dissolved. The same reception at an impressive surface will emphasize materiality of walls, that is to increase their protecting properties. Sometimes light-emitting walls pack from blocks - lamps from white opaque glass.

Crystal stars

Both beautiful clothes supplement with

jewelry, and the stretch ceiling is supplemented by systems of lighting. These are three essentially various like “star sky“: SWAROVSKI (crystal lenses of various facet create multibeam stars on an equal smooth surface of a ceiling), SUPERVISION (optics - fiber threads of a face luminescence create scatterings of stars, and it is possible to recreate any site of the star sky according to the astronomical atlas), SOLVER (constellations are created by light-emitting diodes, and “Milky Way“ and a star background - threads of a face luminescence). And the star sky can refresh and long ago the established stretch ceiling. For this purpose it is necessary that between basic and tension ceilings there were 5 cm of space for embedding of the star sky. Novelties of decorative lighting - effects a ceiling from light and optical patterns. In this case the stretch ceiling opaque glass of four color shades and optics - fiber threads of different section is used.

in the market of Russia can get Today stretch ceilings of various firms among which BARRISOL and CARRE - NOIR. Thanks to these systems it is possible to reach the most refined design and high level of an esthetics. In their nomenclature - more than 90 flowers and shades, including a metallic. Invoices of ceilings can be the smooth, opaque, velvet, translucent and punched surfaces. Stretch ceilings have unlimited opportunities in the solution of svetotsvetovy tasks for each concrete room. And the prices of their steel are more available - from 11 dollars for square meter.