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Dairy fights of

to my baby now 8 months, and she safely eats a chest milk (and not only it), but there was time when it seemed unreal. But all one after another.

After Cesarean section of milk was not very long. As I was not absolutely an ignoramus in this question, and knew that milk after Caesarian comes for 4 - 5 days, not especially I and worried. Fed the daughter from a small bottle with mix and periodically put to a breast which, however, did not cause in it enthusiasm. The second night together with the baby was awful - she shouted for hunger, milk was not, nurses did not agree to give me an additional portion of mix (from 0 to 6 o`clock it is not necessary to feed children). At last, having conceded to my persistent requests, gave a small bottle with sweet water. The child calmed down for some time. And milk everything was not.

the Next days and nights were even worse than

- the child constantly shouted for hunger even in the afternoon, I jockeyed out additional small bottles at nurses. Only having drunk a double portion, the daughter fell asleep, full. Business, probably, was that she was born very large - 4350gr., and food it was required to it more, than to children with a normal weight.

generally, having hungered 4 days, we with the daughter arrived home. Also my fights for milk which did not come also for the 5th day were started. On the advice of mother I began to drink in liters tea with milk. Without results. I nursed the daughter, and then finished feeding mix, then nursed again, and so for hours. When in the evening she fell asleep, I decanted several drops. What stagnation! I dreamed of them and wildly envied such women.


Laktatsionny teas, massage of a breast, hot compresses - everything was tried. From - for shortages of milk I was nervous that not in the best way affected a lactation. To my pleasure, the daughter was a slogger, and preferred to pore over my breast, than to suck a bottle. Day when she ate less mix and, respectively, more milk, was for me a holiday. From - what the child constantly sucked a pacifier supported, but pain was not a burden on me, so I wanted to adjust feeding by a breast.

I, at last, such day when mix was not necessary came. For this purpose we needed two months, but what it was happiness! Then was and the leaking milk, and the crowded breast, I, at last, felt what it, when milk flows to a breast. Now process of breastfeeding was completely normalized - milk comes only when it is necessary and so much how many it is necessary, there is no dribble zastoyev. The daughter obviously prefers a breast to other types of food, and sometimes just gently strokes a breast, than gives me extraordinary pleasure.

my council to you, young mummies - do not despair who wants, that will achieve!