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As I won war with a small bottle of

To the birth of the baby I was firmly sure that I will nurse it only, and I with it will have no problems. But as I was mistaken! And all-...

the Daughter was born

on the 35th week premature, though in all respects as doctors told, normal and healthy, even in an extract put 36/37 weeks the term of childbirth. But, despite it, we from it were separated more than for days, appropriated it for supervision.

For these days she was fed with mix from a small bottle, mixing there colostrum which I gradually decanted. When to me it was brought, warned that it most likely will not take a breast and if takes, then will not be able to suck that all - it is rather weak from - for prematurity. I am young mother, and for the first time then took such baby on hands not that to feed, and the doctor for me was a final authority.

the First time the nurse with the doctor helped

, prompted and at the same time decided to look what my baby will begin to do. On their surprise it well took at once a breast and became, very lovely smacking the lips the small chubby sponges, to suck a milk. But it lasted not for long, having a little sated, she fell asleep. The doctor explained it with what it is difficult for it to suck, and it is necessary to finish feeding it from a small bottle mix that she grew fat quicker.

Ya, naturally, decided to trust in the skilled doctor, and received: the daughter who understood at once that at mother it is necessary to work to eat and from a small bottle and so flows, in itself; and milk which flew the river and which it was necessary to decant and feed from a small bottle (as well as the doctor advised).

So far I was in maternity hospital, I tried to replace on the advice of one nurse a small bottle with a spoon or the disposable syringe, nothing at me left acceptable, washing hitryulya took a breast, few times gave smacking kiss and filled up, and I by the inexperience and for fear that my treasure sleeps hungry and will not put from it on weight and grow, finished feeding it from a small bottle (either the milk, or mix if she shouted, and at me was not the decanted milk).

happened so Next that us with Asya at once from maternity hospital put in hospital on an additional examination with suspicion on heart disease. Again I did not see the whole days the daughter (she was translated earlier, and me later to days). I have a nervous tension, failures, tears constantly a hail, and, as a result, milk became much less. And though suspicions were absolutely unjustified, and in hospital all right there disproved, with Asya left us there, to remove “the physiological alfalfa butterfly“.

Should note

that kids lay separately from mothers in boxes on 1 - 3 person, and mothers in separate chamber, and we went to them only to feed every 3 hour, except night feeding. It was one more psychological shock for me, generally, all one to one, and milk began to vanish absolutely, and here still the doctor appointed as a remedy, 3 days without maternal milk, only mix in food.

Here so I would also lose the precious milk if not the help of the chief nurse of office. I also want to share its councils with you now.

the Most important - tranquility of mother, and a spirit by all means to nurse the kid. There are her words: “Everything goes from here, from our brain!“ also showed on the head. And such councils are already farther (can, having read, someone will tell that some of them do not maintain any criticism, but all this very much helped me).

  1. to Drink more warm tea with milk (usual or melted, it is fatter, but not condensed), but not with a great effort, and in the pleasure.
  2. Can drink herbal teas for increase of a lactation, I for myself discovered the packaged Be-be tea, at us was on sale at one time in drugstores, the truth now something was gone. It is good also for improve a digestion niya at children and decrease in gas generation and gripes.
  3. If need is, it is possible to poprinimat some time such preparations Mlekoin (homeopathic granules on the basis of a uterine milk) or Apilak (on the basis of a uterine milk too) and if there is an allergy to beekeeping products - nicotinic acid promotes a lactation too.
  4. to Feed with
  5. the child on demand, but not on coercion and the schedule.
  6. I surely night feedings.
  7. to handle a breast very carefully and loving if there are consolidations, stagnation of milk, it is necessary to make warm kompresik, to massage a breast under a warm shower or to lie down in a heat bath (that is good also for a lactation too).

I once again - tranquility and confidence in the forces and correctness of actions of mother.

I here, by our first month since birth we arrived with the baby home. At first it was very difficult: it was difficult to resist to all good advice and cares of grandmothers of aunts and t of, it was difficult to get it together, to have patience and to believe in itself and the forces. But I overcame everything as it appeared then, everything is not so difficult, especially with support of the husband.

we Slept with the daughter together and day and night. Do not think that we have a big apartment and a heap of opportunities and assistants, no, the usual small one-room apartment, to one parents I consciously did not go to listen less to councils and memoirs as raised us. At night all of us slept together, three together on the usual sofa - the book, in the afternoon who could, that came and helped me about the house, and is not present - and itself coped.

At first was afraid of

very much that in a dream I can crush the treasure if not I, so the husband, then got used also I and the husband. Fed her when she asked, happened, as half an hour sat down to feed everyone. In the summer, walking, were fed also on the street where - nibud in a secluded corner on a shop, being covered with a diaper. Constantly persuaded the daughter during feedings that my milk is more useful and more tasty, than some mix in a small bottle, and it always with itself and lukewarm.

At first was rather afraid of

that it lacks milk, and finished feeding mix, gradually diminishing amount of mix and number of dokarmlivaniye in days. Then began to give mix in dokorm only for the night, and at night if saw that she does not gorge on in any way. And yes so we forgot about mixes in a small bottle by 2,5 - 3 months, surprisingly our local patronage nurse though it also supported us, but as it became clear then, did not believe that it will be possible to pass from almost artificial feeding to chest.

to my daughter 1 years and 2 months, and still at it “titya“ (she says it with delight and pleasure, and in too time it is very tender) is a favourite delicacy, and she is not going to refuse it, seemingly, yet.

A I always, hearing treasured “titya“ and pressing the treasure to a breast, I remember the kind word Nina Nikolaevna, thanks to it huge for such invaluable help.

I Hope that my personal experience and councils will inspire somebody on fight with mix and a small bottle. Good luck to all of you, dear mummies, patience and health to your kids.