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Work as rescue...

Not so long ago psychologists began to practice a new way of treatment of stresses - shopping - therapy. Go to yourself shopping, admire beautiful things, shop. As for the first two actions - there are no problems. And here about the third - a controversial issue. Much have nothing to buy even necessary things what to speak about expenses on psychological shopping! How then to get rid of loneliness, depressions, disorder, a dissatisfaction and even diseases? The poet Heinrich Heine wrote:“ To win against the heaviest sufferings, there are two means - opium and work“.

Of course, opium is a good anesthetic, but - at the level of physiology. And here sincere problems, I dare to assure you, will cure only work. Who? that will begin to make jokes: a pier, fools work loves. But, to a great regret, many fools like to work too. You can remember a monkey which, showing on the person, speaks to other monkey: “Here into whom you will turn if you excessively work“. And all? business saves literally from any adversities, sometimes even from death! So, the case when the theater director ground the composer Gioachino Rossini in day of a premiere of the opera “Forty - the Thief“ in the empty room in order that that finished the overture is known to history. He had to throw out the composed musical sheets through a window - to copyists. “In case of lack of notes, - the art director disposed, - you will throw out from Rossini`s window!“

Work can become also expression of your attitude towards reality, even a protest. Let`s give one more example from history. During war in a workshop officers of Wehrmacht dropped in on Pablo Picasso. The artist gave to each such uninvited guest a reproduction of the picture devoted to the Spanish city of Guernica destroyed by fascist aircraft. How? that to the artist the agent of secret police was and, showing on the next reproduction, cried: “It is your work?“ The artist answered: “No, it is your work!“

If financial affairs, then nearly only exit from the situation - besides work reeled. Other ways of increase of material well-being are quite accurately stated in the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. You remember that bearded joke when the person was asked why he works very much.“ I have too weak nerves to steal“, - he answered. Though it is not obligatory to work very hard - think, maybe, it is worth replacing the duty station. For example, you are the senior accountant, prospects any long ago, and here suddenly find vacancy of the chief accountant in the new company. The salary and the status are higher and the collective is created, one may say, from scratch. The last is important: it is not necessary to you under whom? that to adapt. Than not option? Risk, you know: the one who does not risk - does not drink some champagne.

Otherwise to you and shopingovy therapy is not necessary to

, you just do not carry out procedure of purchase (which is the major medical factor of this method). I do not understand those wives who from morning to the night saw husbands that those receive a little (the phenomenon, by the way, very widespread not only in Russia, but also in general in the world). Whom ask - all are dissatisfied with a salary of the blessed. And there is a wish to tell:“ If you are so clever - find to yourself good work, bring in a family at least five hundred dollars... “It is necessary to become an example, it is not necessary to blame destiny, the husband and the mechanic uncle Vasya. Material welfare in your hands!

A if you are pursued by continuous failures on the love front, and you still did not meet the soulmate... In this case you should not lower hands too. Work will surely rescue you, besides experiences can become fine incentive for career progress. So, the French superstar Juliette Binoche told that love defeats very well influenced its work of the drama actress:“ If there were no these personal scrapes, I so also remained “a greyish mouse“. Life as if specially, presented me valuable psychological material which I always used as a stuffing for my heroines in cinema and theater“. To lose emotional dependence on darling who threw you, to feel self-confidence after you were suppressed, for example, by the identity of your former second half, only work will help to find meaning of life, eventually. No psychologists, clairvoyants and the more so the latest therapy will cope with similar problems.

Let`s say you are lonely, and this terrible, even wild feeling literally dements you... You want that you had everything “as at others“, but why? that is impossible in any way. Perhaps, you work in purely women`s (men`s) collective and the destiny waits in other place, and there you are still not here. One my acquaintance married, having replaced the place of work. She was a teacher of English at teacher training college, passed to work in technical, and the offer of a hand and heart did not keep itself waiting. Moreover what: nice and not so old professor admitted that such woman as he she, waited for all life! Can who? that waits also for you, and you do not want to make at least a step towads to the destiny, having found more suitable duty station. It is quite probable that you Einstein not only at work, but also in love as one lady spoke to Stierlitz in the well-known movie... If you do not seek to make a family, then to you and cards, as they say, in hands. It is possible to make just meteoric career especially as nobody will interfere with the reproaches.

fast advance on an office ladder, especially women Is frequent

, becomes the gap reason in a family. “To me bothered to be Alphonse!“ - the husband shouts and instead of support tries to put sticks in career wheels of the spouse. And at most it is impossible to adjust business in any way, to get decent job. He cannot understand that today the wife was lucky with work, and tomorrow will carry to him. But where there to understand - ambitions smother! And here Paloma Picasso, little, but very business woman when her career went uphill, offered washed down was to the husband to become the manager and to help it with the administrative plan because she (allegedly) does not cope. Show stars - business enough too often practice family business (and arrive wisely). In any case celebrities! On my eyes one lady held the presentations - sales of kitchen utensils, and it was always accompanied by the husband - the former high-ranking official. It was not a shame to it to help the wife with work at all, even to wash the dishes after the presentation! And what result! Now they together opened grocery store. Family business - well than not idyll?

So work can not only solve your material problems, but also adjust affairs family. The most interesting, as people financially secure have problems. And situations happen stronger, than in the Brazilian series “The Rich Cry Too“. Laughter laughter, and such husbands often complain of the darlings: “That still it is necessary for it, I gave everything to it!.“ And it lacks business, communication, the most elementary work. Often the impossibility to train constantly the head turns the staying at home wives of rich people into a piece of furniture. The man in this case perceives the marriage certficate as one more confirmation of acquisition of “movable“ property... And the woman, lovely, clever to a wedding, turns into the real shrew or the neurasthenic. Many years ago the author of these lines was struck by one quite wealthy lady who constantly sobbed after classes aerobics in a locker room of sports club. She was calmed and felt sorry literally for everything, and only one woman (nowadays, by the way, the deputy of the State Duma) did not sustain and told the crybaby: “There would be you, Verochka, for work. Will cry there once!“ The lady followed her advice and now hardly remembers about what she so sobbed before.

Some rich husbands consider that their wives have no need to work supposedly in their circle it is not accepted, not lordly this business. Especially often similar happens when we deal with a situation “from dirt and in princes“. Still Alexander of Macedon noticed that “there is nothing more slavish, than luxury and luxury, and anything more regal, than work“. How to be? I dare to assure you: shopping - therapy begins not to help over time any more but only to irritate... To hang out? But there is no such profession - the celebutante! Moreover, in any society you can be asked: “And in what you, actually, are engaged who you are?“ Answer: “Yes generally? that anybody - the ordinary party-goer!“ - will be though the truth, but bitter. Therefore advice to wealthy people only one, but for all times: do charity work. Believe - it is the most real and very worthy business. Even queens did not shun to sponsor shelters and boarding schools. Read history, for example Smolny of institution for young ladies. My well wealthy friend, promuchivshis from inaction, having bothered all for whom it is only possible, decided to look after orphanage. Now she is constantly busy: tries to solve problems of these kids, much for them does not only in the material plan, but also in spiritual. Generally, found itself, and her husband who at first was looking sideways at an invention of the unruly wife began it to be proud. It is impossible to do much good for the whole world - you will tell. Really, too there are a lot of sufferers, but if each man of means takes care though of one child? to the orphan, unfortunate on Earth will become much less...

I Will give other example. My relative long time gave financial support of the acquaintance for health reasons forced to stay at home. Unfortunately, money was not capable to put it on legs. And once found the patient suitable work: head? that at it was light and language “is suspended“. So, having received the first salary, she felt the full-fledged personality. The person began to complain of the illnesses less, and then stopped at all. Still Mark Tully Cicero told:“ Work as if creates a certain calloused barrier against pain“. I will afford one more example. In the company one of partners unexpectedly died, and colleagues decided to help his young wife who stayed at home. Time helped, two, three, and then decided what so indefinitely cannot proceed, all have families. They collected kons - lium and decided that the wife of the companion should be employed to them, and then the problem of its material security will be solved.

Work will surely rescue

and in case you are not satisfied by yourself. Sometimes how many say that it is necessary to love himself, does not help. Understand in what a problem. You are not appreciated by colleagues, you do not like collective or in what you are engaged, does not coincide at all with what you want to do (as in the animated film about Water: “And me to fly hunting!“ ). Find out the reason - and safely change work, and with it and life. Naturally, to the best. I assure you if, for example, colleagues got used that you on yourself pull a cart, and do not pay attention to this labor feat any more - go there where your workaholism will be appreciated not only approving exclamations, but quite real bank notes. And in general, as Robert Orben wrote: “If you are tormented by a depression, find the copy of the last letter in which you offered yourself as the candidate for vacant post and you will see what you the remarkable person“.