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Dangerous addictions of

it is difficult to be the teenager. Youth - time of physical, emotional, intellectual and social changes connecting the childhood and a maturity. And changes always create tension and bring concern. Many teenagers feel fear of death, loneliness, unwillingness to take the responsibility for the life and for relatives. Simple decisions - usually the worst of the evils. Alcohol, drugs, nicotine is a typical simple answer to difficult questions.

Drug addiction

Drug addiction - a problem of people of all countries. Nobody is able to be unaffected by it, to be silent or pretend that nothing occurs. The UN Secretary General Kofi Annan told:“ Drug addiction destroys society, generating crimes, extending diseases, such as AIDS, and killing our youth, and with it and our future“.

the Official statistics of Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation says

that in Russia by the beginning of 2005 4 million people regularly used drugs. Illicit trafficking in narcotic substances reaches 10 billion dollars. Over the last ten years the number of addicts in Russia increased by nine times, and annually in the country from the use of drugs about 70 thousand people perish.

according to 2002, in the USA decrease in efficiency of work on a workplace, medical programs, the lost earnings and the crime connected with drug addiction annually cost the state approximately 100 billion dollars. But most of all children suffer from drug addiction. More than thirty five percent of children of graduation classes of high school at least once tried marijuana. Every fifth smoked it within the last month, every tenth tried “ecstasy“. More than six percent tried an acid.

according to the research published in the Jornal Da Tardi newspaper in 2002, 24. 7 percent of young Brazilians aged from 10 till 17 years already tried any of drugs.

According to the research conducted by the Milan San institute - to Rafaela, 42 percent of the interrogated Italian pupils aged from 14 till 19 years admitted that they do drugs. However, according to the Italian Ministry of Education, the real figure is much higher. According to data of poll, the most popular drugs are a marijuana and hashish. Thirty four percent doing drugs admitted that they accept them at school, 27 percent - in discos, and 17 percent - houses. Poll also showed that 82 percent of pupils take alcoholic beverages.

the World Health Organization allocates to

five main reasons explaining interest of youth in drugs:

  1. desire to feel adults and to make decisions;
  2. desire to be similar to others;
  3. desire to relax and have a rest;
  4. desire to risk and revolt;
  5. desire to satisfy the curiosity.
These desires are quite natural

to the growing-up person. Trouble, if parents did not teach children to satisfy these requirements with harmless methods in advance. We advise those to whom this problem is not indifferent to address A. Danilin and I. Danilina`s book “How to rescue children from drugs“.


Besides drugs, addiction to alcohol is also big

at teenagers, and it becomes more and more everyday occurrence. According to Rospotrebnadzor, in Russia average age of the beginning of consumption of alcoholic beverages - generally beer - makes 12 - 13 years. The advertizing which is busily showing groups of the teenagers who are walking about with beer bottles in hands does the part - statistically for the last 2 years consumption of alcoholic beverages by teenagers increased by 3 times.

Teenagers suffer from alcoholic dependence twice more often than a drug addiction. Consequences also dreadfully: cases of the death which are directly connected with abuse of alcoholic drinks including from diseases of heart, cirrhosis and an alcoholic poisoning; accidents, accidents, hooligan tricks, crimes with application of violence, suicide.

When the person drinks though a small amount of alcohol, very quickly it feels. Through ten - fifteen minutes alcohol from a stomach gets to blood system. After that it begins to circulate on all organism. There comes intoxication - impact of alcohol on the central nervous system of the person. Alcohol destroys a liver, the brain and nervous system suffer from it. Alcohol is directly connected with violence. The great number of teenagers participates in drunk fights or scandals. Alcoholism generates vandalism, theft and other crimes.

Young girls lose over themselves control much quicker than young men since alcohol renders stronger and long action on the woman. This results from the fact that woman there are less men, and in a female organism less water, than in man`s there is more fat. Under the influence of alcohol she does not think that, meeting the peer and making love to it, it is possible to become pregnant or catch diseases, sexually transmitted.

the Industry of advertizing of alcohol uses more and more modern methods of attraction of youth. Now the majority of the companies trading in alcoholic beverages have Web - the websites on the Internet aimed at young audience. On these websites tickets for fashionable concerts are offered, reviews of new movies and, of course, information on goods are located. According to statements of World Health Organization, all this has the obvious purpose to make alcohol something very important in youth life.

Also as well as drug addiction, alcoholism is treated by

very difficult. And the huge role is played in this case by will power which often and helps to get rid of any dependence. There are special clinics for treatment of alcoholism, the organizations dealing with this problem. The most known of them - Association of anonymous alcoholics. If the trouble already came to your house - do not try to cope with it alone, you can make many mistakes. Ask for the help those who already have experience of fight against alcoholism.


Tobacco annually carries away about 1,2 million. human lives, is also a murderer number one both in Europe, and in Russia, advancing drugs. In our country percent of smokers - one of the highest in the world: here smokes about 70 percent of man`s and 30 percent of the female population WHO data. And the number of smokers grows at the expense of teenagers as they become the first victims of the advertizing presenting smoking in romantic light by means of colourful boards and posters.

the Cigarette smoke contains more than 400 various toxic agents. All these substances become the reason of many serious diseases. The most active components of a tobacco smoke are nicotine, carbon monoxide and pitches.

When the smoker drags on, his lungs are filled with a smoke. Nicotine which contains in a tobacco smoke comes to blood. As a result load of heart increases, the number of warm reductions in days are 15 - 20 thousand more, than at non-smoking, and heart “drives“ in addition 1,5 t of blood in a day.

Blood of the person is oxygenated by

. In blood of the smoker the part of oxygen is forced out by carbon monoxide. It, naturally, worsens composition of blood and can lead to obstruction of arteries - vessels on which blood circulates. The smallest drops of pitch are in a smoke which is inhaled by the smoker, and settle in pulmonary fabrics. The more the person smokes, the his lungs become soiled stronger.

Smokers not just risk the health, and often sign to themselves the death sentence. Smoking is the reason more than 75 percent of death from lung cancer. Doctors believe that lung cancer is caused by pitches. Also smoking is the reason of 75 percent of deaths at bronchitis and emphysema of lungs.


At young smokers of a problem with health soon enough. Smoking causes chest cough which is called sometimes “cough of smokers“. They become more passive, sports for them not in pleasure any more, at the slightest loadings the otdyshka appears. It is necessary to pay attention to such person, usually about it say that it “is smoked through“: at it badly smells from a mouth, his hands, hair, clothes are impregnated with a tobacco smell.

Many of those who began to smoke with one cigarette a week noticed that they very quickly get used to nicotine and the quantity of the smoked cigarettes reaches several pieces a day. It is considered that children can conceive a liking for tobacco for only several days of smoking and even after the first smoked cigarette. And smoking “for the sake of interest“ even one cigarette can develop into a habit of which it will be very difficult to get rid. The biggest victory over smoking and over itself is not to begin to smoke at all.

What to oppose to drugs and alcohol?

Parents as nobody else, have to protect the children from a drinking habit, to smoking and drugs. They have to be an example and a source of information for the children. It is necessary to try to tell about what is drugs etc. and to what consequences leads their use, to children before they learn about it in the distorted look from peers. Authors of the book “How to Rescue Children from Drugs“ consider that the best age for conversation with children - about 10 years.

to Parents needs to be watched attentively behavior of the child, to be interested with whom he communicates with whom he is on friendly terms. To be able to send his mind to the necessary course. To communicate more with the child, to play together sports, to leave on the nature. Parents have to feel its inner world and help it to cope with its difficulties.

Be interested in

in what literature is read by the child what movies and programs he watches, in time protect it excessive negative information. Try to be the friend for the child, do not condemn him ahead of time, do not criticize, do not offend and do not humiliate. Always you remember morals and morality, take care of the spiritual growth of the child. All family has to have general values and interests differing from especially material. It is important that at the child the understanding of sense and mission of life was created. Here in the best situation there are children from believers of families.

Game by rules

Prevention of dangerous addictions is in what parents of teenagers should be engaged already today. Below we will talk about one of practical sides of such work - about establishment of system of house rules and restrictions.


of the Rule are necessary for creation of a normal working situation both for adults, and teenagers. In their absence there is a chaos and confusion. Rules help to understand what from you people around, whether it be fellow workers, a class or a family wait for. If in a class no rules work, hardly school students will be able to learn something. The same and in a family - if you want to maintain harmony, you have to have a set of rules, installations and expectations based on your family values.

If your maturing child - the personality conscious and responsible, is probably required to it a few such rules. However if it is about the difficult teenager, there is a need for more developed system of restrictions. Authors of the American brochure “Difficult teenagers“ offer such council. Establishing bans, you have to support them by precautionary rules. For example, if you imposed a global ban, it seems: “It is impossible to do drugs“, establish several small rules (not prohibitive in a form, but allowing):“ With WHOM it is possible to communicate WHAT it is possible to be engaged in WHERE it is possible to happen “and“ WHEN it is necessary to come back home“. It would be silly to expect that the teenager who is in doubtful places or spends time in the company of the friends using drugs will not try them.

When you establish to

precautionary rules in parallel with global bans, you create rather high degree of protection of the teenager. Along with it you have an opportunity at early stages to trace the arising problems until they took roots yet, and they can be solved with a minimum of the victims.

Still happens it is useful to check plans of your teenager. If your daughter says that she will stay overnight at the girlfriend, learn her phone number and call the girl`s parents to be convinced that they it is aware and do not object. It is surprising how there are a lot of schoolgirls, going beyond a door with words:“ So far, I to Masha, will also remain with her till the morning“, go straight to “party“ with drugs or alcohol, or to night club because their parents do not trouble themselves reverification of their plans.

If you call parents of friends - it is good also because you show them the interest in a condition of the child, and also establish such relations which will allow you to help each other if necessary. Several parents ready to safeguard and wellbeing of the children, can be the significant force resisting dangerous addictions of teenagers.

If you are not sure by

that you tell by phone with parents to whom you wanted to call (it happens that on other end of a wire the phone is picked up by “figurehead“), then it is better for you to go to this house and to talk directly to them, or in general to forbid the doubtful project of the teenager. Most likely, at the child the desire from now on to violate the rules established in a family will be reduced.

the Same principle (one global rule + several precautionary) can be extended also to study. For example, if you formulate to the child a task to receive good marks, precautionary rules will be quite obvious: to go to school every day, to do all homeworks, etc. You have to create such system which would help the school student to move forward daily, step by step, to increase his chances of success.

By the way, it is better not to ask the child daily a question: “How are you at school?“. The one and only word will be the answer, most likely: “Normally“. If you indeed want to begin conversation, ask something less formal, it seems: “To help you with the report on history?“ .

Communicating with the teenager, especially “difficult“, parents will not manage to avoid the conflicts. If you learn to resolve quietly and deliberately with the child controversial issues concerning his clothes, a hairdress and homework, it will help to avoid the solution of such problems as early pregnancy, dependence on these or those substances or bad progress at school. As Americans speak, “take care of trifles, and serious things will take care of themselves“.

in conclusion we will repeat

: it is always necessary to remember the children, to pay them as much as possible attention, to fill their life with sense, to love them and not to hesitate to speak to them about the love aloud, to care and think of the future of the children. And then at your children will be more than forces to resist temptations of the modern world.

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