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The summer, holiday, health of

the First-aid kit of first aid

Holiday which you waited for the whole year promptly comes nearer, and you cannot think of anything the friend. But agree, there is nothing worse, than the whole year to dream of holiday and when it, at last, comes, to ache at the most inappropriate moment, especially if you are in the unfamiliar country. Here several councils how to try to avoid it. to It it is difficult for p to believe

, but to capture the first-aid kit of first aid more important - well, it is at least as important as new stylish sandals which you just bought. The simplest troubles with health can spoil completely holiday if you are not ready to them. Of course, theoretically any medicine can be bought on the place, but to have everything near at hand almost much more simply, than to spend time for search of a drugstore and medicine.

the Set is very simple

: surely plasters, a disinfectant (for example, iodine), means against diarrhea, and also at a trip to some countries of a tablet for sterilization of water and means against insects. If you go with the child, it makes sense to take with itself means against dehydration. Well and still, of course, some simple anesthetic and motion sickness medicine.

Councils that who already arrived to the vacation spot : whether
is Known by you about what the perfume aroma and toilet water can attract not only men, but also mosquitoes? So if where you have a rest, them much (I mean mosquitoes) better not to abuse perfumery.

How to pick up lipstick

When as not on holiday to experiment over color of lipstick. Even little change of color can lead to considerable and advantageous changes in appearance.

Can use

and in the ancient way of selection of color of lipstick to color of eyes

of Colour of eyes Colour of lipstick
Brown it is bright - red, brown, faintly - pink shades
Blue one-time - beige and cherry shades
Grey light-beige and plum shades
Green terracotta it is also red - orange shades

Are also some councils of selection of lipstick depending on a face type

Thin lips Light lipstick and a lip gloss
Full lips Avoid gloss and bright tones
Teeth of a yellowish ottven Refuse from brownish or zheltovato - red color. Swarty skin Dark lipstick
Light skin Light lipstick

is better to use very dark shades red of

do not forget about contraception

Memory of holiday - it is healthy, but you do not want that it remained with you in the form of undesirable pregnancy or some disease, sexually transmitted. There are several important points:

Have a good time, but be protected

the Only method protecting from the diseases, sexually transmitted (D,ST) is a condom therefore do not forget to put it in a handbag. Yes, yes, this council well is known to all and it seems banal - but all the same, every year in September when all come back from holidays, splash the address concerning STD is registered.

If you take a contraceptive pill

Poor memory

More than a half of the women taking a pill constantly forget to take at least one pill for a cycle. And it in usual conditions what to tell about holiday when so there is a wish to relax moreover and time difference often complicates business... And still try not to be among forgetful. But if you forgot to take a pill, it is worth meaning that if the admission of a tablet made more than 12 hours, the next 7 days it is necessary to use a condom in addition. If you forget tablets regularly, perhaps, there is a sense to think of a new method - an elastic ring. This contraceptive ring which, being in the woman`s vagina, allocates a constant dose of hormones. One ring provides protection against undesirable pregnancy for the whole month, so it is not necessary to remember it every day (or every time before sexual contact), and it is very convenient.

Other time

do not forget

about time difference and try to take a pill at the same time as earlier (that is if you took a pill in 16. 00, and local time for two hours ahead, take a pill in 18. 00). If it is not really convenient, then it is better to take the next pill slightly earlier, than usually, than a bit later.

Oh, this stomach

I still, during holiday at you can happen intestinal frustration. The reasons weight - the new food, the sun, is slightly more than alcohol, than usually... And nausea and diarrhea reduces contraceptive efficiency of tablets. Besides, for those who use an elastic ring (a contraceptive ring) this problem does not exist. As the ring is entered locally, there is no primary passing through a liver and zheludochno - an intestinal path, and, so nausea and intestinal frustration will not affect its efficiency in any way.

How to pass periods

to pass periods (and during holiday it can be useful very much) it is necessary for

after 3 - x weeks of use of a ring to remove it, and, without doing 7 - mi a day break, to enter a new ring. In that case the periods will not come. You continue application according to the usual scheme further - 21 days the second ring are in a vagina, then a break of 7 days. At the beginning of application of the second ring insignificant bloody allocations can appear. Be not frightened, it is not dangerous to your health.

Where to learn more

In more detail about a new contraceptive method you can learn

on the website www. novaring. ru or free phone line the Ring - Info 8 - 800 - 20 - 000 - 20 (a call free even with mobile)