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Beauty does not demand the victims, beauty demands efforts of

It is impossible to be more harmonous than Linda Evangelista, not movably sitting at office for 9 hours and chewing rolls. It is impossible to be podtyanuty Venis Williams if to move only fingers on the keyboard. It is impossible to look better than Jennifer Lopez if to watch themselves - not your main hobby, but sad need. To be beautiful - means, to move.

City life does not leave

to us the choice: it is possible to play sports in sports club and only because to breathe excellent exhaust gas at jog on the street or to get stuck in dirt in the thrown city park is not sport, it is torture. But occupation by does not mean at all that hour of training is pulled out from life: it is possible to come to sports club with girlfriends, and it is possible with the husband and children. Now - it is possible.

in the south of Moscow one more fitness - club of a world class - club on the Reebok system opens. In what a charm of emergence of the next building with exercise machines? The list is long: spacious halls, an opportunity to choose training for itself and the children, to get advice of sports doctors and to be engaged with the professional coach, to visit the pool, baths, saunas, beauty shop, a massage office, dances, boxing...

the Most pleasant part of training: you feel that care for you. The special children`s fitness coach works with the child: kids are engaged in aerobics, develop flexibility, force, coordination, besides, it is just excellent way to cheerfully spend time with peers and not to distract mother from self-improvement. Fitness has for children also other pluses: almost full disposal of typical children`s diseases, training and good mood. With mother experts are engaged too: at first - the sports doctor who will prompt what loadings are contraindicated and what are necessary at this moment. Self-training - all the same that self-treatment: to tighten a belt after the delivery or to clean excess centimeters from hips by some universal method advertized in the magazine it is impossible, and here to stretch on inability of a sheaf - easily. Therefore in sport - club professional coaches who will always prompt constantly work and will help. Not for nothing the Reebok University is considered the world leader in fitness: there not only special programs are developed, there train world-class specialists - coaches of club constantly participate in international fitness - conventions.

Besides, it is possible to find many original programs which or are not presented to others fitness at all - the centers only in Reebok clubs, or are adopted at Reebok. It is the step which already became popular, a harmonious slide, prompt saykl and superproductive box. And if not only aerobics interests? There is a boxing, Pilates, oriental martial arts, dance lessons. It is possible to be engaged with group, it is possible to order individual trainings - everything that is comfortable to you. The only pool around Varshavki with modern effective system of water purification also is in fitness - Reebok club. Swimming - an excellent combination of pleasure and sport, but in the pool it is possible not only to float, and to be engaged, for example, Akwa - aerobics. It is only one of a set of water programs which offer in Reebok club. And for relaxation and restoration of forces - a separate zone of a hydromassage.

the rule is applicable

To any sport center: the is newer - the better. Antiquarian cars are appreciated more, and to ancient exercise machines the place on a dump. The building of the Soviet construction is of little use for re-equipment to the gym too. Therefore in the svezhepostroyenny building fitness - Reebok club there are only newest exercise machines, an integral part modern fitness - the center is also the cardiohall made state-of-the-art.

I most important. All female editions repeat that it is impossible to save on what does us better. And Reebok knows what is possible, and it is necessary to do it already now: new fitness - club on Varshavka opens this fall, and it is possible to order a club card today by phone 633 - 03 - 03, at the same time the discount will make from 30 to 45 percent. The club card will allow to train in the most modern club of the South of the capital, and at the same time will provide a ten-percentage discount in company shops Reebok.