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Our dairy epic of

my kid was born in a new century. There passed that time when the child just perished without breast milk. Passed years when children were raised by cows. Now there are “fine“ substitutes of women`s milk - mix. It is easy to train them, can feed though the father though the nurse, mother quietly sleeps at night and champagne is not afraid to drink. Beauty!

But I all - fed with

. And not so just it was. Kiryusha was put to a breast at once, I do not argue. He did not suck, licked only. But in two hours gorged on in plenty. And through two, and through two... Well, for the third day I on a nipple had a healthy crack. Painfully - horror! The doctor on round be touched: “Ooh, nasosala crack!“ - went further.

What to do, fed with tears, greased “hickey“ with milk. The breast quickly enough healed, and more cracks were not. It surprised me inexpressibly, words from the imperishable opus “Mother and Child“ of 1952 “Cracks of a nipple were remembered cause to mother very severe pain of 6 - 7 times a day (well - well!). But what only tortures will not be born by mother!“ .

I began to drink, drink, drink

On pleasures... Well the truth, there was a strong wish. I stand, so I drink, and from a breast two streams run. Having come back home, I began to nastiryvat and smooth out diapers, to cook borsches and to direct purity. Was to me not before decantations at all, and milk arrived meanwhile. And here, morning of the tenth day I woke up from an excruciating pain even not in a breast - in a hand! Prokhodiv day in a semi-cadaveric state I measured - temperature and did not find mercury: it was near forty.

Ya undertook reference books (the benefit, my mother came to help), but was surprised to contradictory councils. “At mastitis it is impossible to feed categorically!“ and “That the formed lumps dispersed, give a breast more often“. To the husband I somehow did not risk to suggest to rassosat me therefore decanted and decanted. Day and night. It seemed to me that it will never come to an end. For luck, the doctor advised a cabbage leaf. Before reaching this doctor, we with mother rang round “Ambulance“, drugstores and children`s policlinic. Answers was two: “We even do not know...“ and “Only to cut it!“. Kiryusha sucked too, but that we want from the ten-day child!

I Remember

, during that time I met the girlfriend with the one-year-old daughter who was still sucking a breast. Became me badly at thought that it is SO possible to live year. “And how it - any more you are not decanted? So does not happen!“. But we adjusted inflow and otliva too. Also lived quietly in the bezrezhimny feeding about three months.

Kirill began to shout at a breast. I began to panic quietly, but behind shoulders there was already some experience. Councils from the series “can, will be enough?“ and “at you just the breast is not adapted“ I surely rejected and began to drink for prevention tea with condensed milk. Even at night the husband got up and gave tea feeding to me. Perhaps at the child there was an age crisis, or teeth began to be designated, or the truth there was not enough milk, but we made it! About five months Kirill saw only a breast.

Ya supported exactly a year and three months. I consider this age optimum for an excommunication. My pluses and minuses of feeding by a breast are that. We did not avoid gripes, suffered with them to three months. But there was no dysbacteriosis and in general any intestinal problems. At night I woke up much and variously, but did not run on kitchen behind mix.

Kiryushkin was not ill

, for the first year temperaturit exactly one day. Then he was 8 months old, and all of us fell down with cold at once. Descended in policlinic, is called. Development in us was not early, but as a result of all caught up. Almost it did not diatezitsya, inoculations were endured quietly.

Ya did not drink alcohol in total more than two years. Also could not return to it! And now on a question: “What will we drink?“ I answer: “To me - tomato juice!“. I consider that the most important for successful feeding by a breast - confidence that only this way and will be that it is necessary to feed, conveniently and is useful. Listen councils less!