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For the second time it is easier than

So far this small miracle peacefully snuffles in a bed, also I decided to write the story about how IT occurred:-).

Everything began

a little more than a year ago when we with the husband rejoiced to these two treasured stripes on the test. I, future happy mother, ran to get registered in ZhK just at once, and then went proud because that already held the prenatal record and was considered as officially pregnant.

In 10 weeks flew to ultrasonography, hoping to hear a heart of our kid, but the doctor two words crossed out our hopes: the stood pregnancy: - (. I do not want to remember all this horror now and to anything as already exactly in 3 months after cleaning, despite our attempts to be protected (doctors advised standardly: not to become pregnant within 6 months), we became pregnant again:-).

This time I was cleverer than

, and, running forward, I will tell that I was registered after 20y weeks though from the first days of pregnancy I constantly was followed up by a doctor in private clinic. The first trimester did not do without constant fears for our, absolutely tiny child. Who endured ZB, knows what is it - to be in continuous nervousness, to be engaged in measurement of BT and to run to the doctor at the slightest pretext. it is honest to p to tell

, I then lived from ultrasonography to ultrasonography and calmed down only when I on the screen of the monitor saw this small fragile heart. Having stepped over a mark in 12 weeks, life began to be adjusted:-). It is necessary to tell that all 9 months I felt perfectly, apart from constant drowsiness and fatigue on the earliest terms. Toxicosis was not, there was only very strong sensitivity to smells. All analyses were normal, except for hemoglobin which managed to be lifted only by the end.

Considering experience of the first pregnancy when I strongly gained weight, doctors frightened me by the large child (that, eventually, and happened:-), the first synulya was born the real athlete, the weight of 4600 g), now tried to constrain the brutal appetite, sometimes arranging fasting days. Of course, did not do without failures when I as the zombie, stormed the refrigerator, but in general, I was satisfied with myself, by the end of pregnancy the general increase in weight made 13 kg.

Running forward, I will tell that at once 10 kg after the delivery were lost. The planned date of childbirth to me was put at the end of November, but there came December, and I everything waited for the hour of X which, unfortunately, for some reason did not come. Though according to forecasts of my doctor I was already completely ready to give birth, the neck was soft, the head of a fruit is already rather lowered, it was heavy to go since basin bones constantly ached, and the stomach fell in general in 37 weeks. I constantly had training fights which could last for 8 - 10 hours (!) but did not increase, and intervals between them were not reduced. They appeared generally at night, I went on the apartment since could not sleep from constant pain any more, accepted a bathroom, washed the head, had a shave, being already going to leave in maternity hospital, but “brekstona“ gradually passed, and again there occurred the disappointment.

the Doctor established to

term on March 28 if we do not give birth till Monday, then I give up in maternity hospital. And this day came, we with the husband since the morning, having taken packages, went to hand over me. For several days of stay in hospital I was investigated completely, I made tests, the molozivny test, ultrasonography, and all indicators said that my term of pregnancy of 39 - 40 weeks, a placenta 2 - 3 maturity, the child not perenoshenny, t. e it was possible to wait quietly for childbirth one more week. My mood at once deteriorated as the prospect to spend in maternity hospital so many time did not delight me. Every day I had same “brekstona“ to which I absolutely ceased to pay attention.

On the Sixth of April in the morning, as usual, ached a bit in the bottom of a stomach, in 10 - 00 my doctor came and wished to look at me on a chair:-). When she stated disclosure of 4 cm and told that I already in labor, my pleasure was not a limit, I jumped on an enema and in 10 - 30 I was already in the patrimonial block.

Further events developed even more promptly, at me waters departed at once and in 11 - 00 me put a dropper with enzoprosty. The doctor constantly asked whether pain increases during fights what I answered that in comparison with pain at my first labor, still very much it is even tolerant. In 11 - 30 disclosure of 8 cm, began to podtuzhivat. We were a little trained it to do on a bed and fast ran on a chair:-), 6 attempts during 2 - x fights, and mine masyu put to me on a tummy! Here it is happiness, our Mishutka who is poured out the daddy was born, mother`s there was only a nose:-).

the son was taken away Then, the placenta left almost at once without any efforts, me began to darn since there were ruptures of a neck, and the crotch tore on a seam which remained after an epiziotomiya, it was carried out at first labor. Here then - that I also came off, it is a little povopil:-), though I am very glad that to me did not make the general anesthesia, t. to there was a wish to feed at once after this unpleasant procedure the child.

35 minutes Sewed me, but then brought me the sonny, and we with it peacefully lay and got acquainted directly in the rodzal within half an hour. Then there was trouble, I lifted pressure, the beginning madly to shake, it turned out such postnatal otkhodnyak. To me something was pricked, muffled up blankets and fast brought to a normal state. Then I was given masyu at once, sent to separate chamber, and since then we did not leave:-).

Summing up of

the results: my childbirth lasted exactly 1 hour and I did not manage even to be frightened:-). Pain was tolerant and as all passed promptly quickly, I was not tired at all during fights therefore forces remained to make an effort well. It is a pity, of course, that there were gaps, but the doctor told not to forget what athlete I degenerated: 58 cm, 4400 g and tissues of a crotch, according to her, at me friable, and are just specific feature of an organism, here already there`s nothing to be done. Now the shovchik gradually begins to live, but I try not to sit down yet and if I sit down, then only sidewise, in this pose and I stay now, sitting in front of the computer:-).

Council that who expects the second child: girls, the second childbirth it is much easier than the first, at least, quite so happened to me though the interval between pregnancies made more than eight years. I am very glad that I came in advance to maternity hospital as would go from the house, and could give rise on the road.

I Want to express to

huge gratitude to the remarkable doctor, the manager. office of gynecology, to Kozyrenko Lyudmila Nikolaevna and the senior midwife Prokofieva Lyudmila Alekseevna, they helped my sonny to be born safely:-).