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Chest feeding. I will tell simple decisions

At once that and I will not begin to convince anybody of anything. I will tell only about those things which helped me to live the first year of motherhood and, contrary to all fears, to nurse the kid. I learned about something from experts, found some information itself, and something came only with experience. Once again I will repeat, I will not begin to claim that it surely will suit all and everyone, in the same degree it will be important, it is useful or it is just interesting. I hope only that my story will help someone to find own answers and solutions. Having only become mother, you learn what is not present on light of bigger pleasure and bigger work, than to raise the little native man. And feeding by a breast - only one of the parties of this absolutely new life.

As I prepared

slyshav More than once about problems with nipples which quite often happen at the “beginning“ mothers, I was full of determination to prepare a breast for the forthcoming responsible process. You for certain will find the mass of councils for this occasion, but for myself I excluded both pieces of ice, and various grindings, having given preference to more sparing procedures. Quite so advised also on training courses which we with the husband regularly attended two times a week, since fourth month of pregnancy. And so, in three months prior to childbirth I began to do the following:

the breast did not wipe
  1. After each reception of a shower, and went on the apartment until it dries naturally. Or quickly set up her under cold water, and then the same. At the people which are not recognizing clothes, the breast quite so also prepares for feeding - influence of the sun, a rain and just fresh air.
  2. Used vodka for preparation. Procedure is following. Two small capacities with lids are necessary (for example, boxes from a film or a jar from - under folic acid). In them vodka is poured, and then put to nipples for 10 - 15 minutes few times in a week. It is possible to do it, having taken seat in front of the TV, in a pose of a lotus or a butterfly (too it is very useful in respect of preparation for childbirth). Upon termination of a box - jars are densely closed also to the following time.

Still I stocked up with sea-buckthorn oil in advance - say, at cracks of nipples helps, but it was not succeeded to check, - it was not useful.

the First feelings to

Me was lucky

, - conditions for establishing breastfeeding were almost ideal. I gave rise, as well as wanted, without medicamentous anesthesia and stimulation. In it too courses, the skilled midwife who risked to believe in me (all - 30 years and the first child), and very much helped with huge degree the husband. Timurka was born, surprisingly, large - 4. 200 (and ultrasonography and four gynecologists who happened to watch me unanimously went on - 3. 500 at most!) .

Childbirth was remembered not by fear and not pain but only very hard work and, in the end, limit fatigue. Also Timurka was tired, and therefore at once did not take a breast. Very quickly fell asleep and soon in a dream began to smack the lips. Here then - that also received the first portion of colostrum: I lay on a back; on the right, closely to me, - the big pillow put sideways; a stomach on a pillow - Timur who is diligently sucking my breast.

the First test. In sucking my son was tireless, and for some reason decided to show special eagerness at night. He sucked and sucked practically without breaks, and I only also managed to change a breast when became absolutely unbearable. Whether it is worth saying that the only thing what I then dreamed of, is though a little to have a sleep. But as I persuaded the baby to take rest, Timurka was in a forceful mood to hasten milk arrival. Still I am surprised also to the enormous force of natural instincts of the newborn baby, and the fact that, despite all discomfortable feelings, my nipples did not suffer at all.

A here when for the third day milk appeared, there is no unpleasant feeling left from sucking also in mention. Incredibly, but soon I could even fall asleep during night feedings. It is necessary was to think up small cunning only. The matter is that when I feed lying on one side, I should lean back slightly back. Saving such provision demands tension of many muscles, including, and backs therefore it is almost impossible to fall asleep. But if behind under a back to tuck in edge of a blanket, then situation remains without any efforts and it is possible to relax absolutely. So still also I do.

our educational program

In the first days after the delivery the husband ordered several books including “The encyclopedia of breastfeeding“ of Eleonora Groysman on the Internet. Despite the loud name, this absolutely small edition which contained, however, the mass of useful information - from the principles of ecological breastfeeding to which we also followed further, to quite concrete recommendations.

For example as it is worth feeding the child if at mother laktostaz - painful hardening of one or several segments of a breast. I had it several times, however, without temperature and other complications. Without any compresses, decantation and massages passed in few days. But there is such nuance: that part of a breast from which when sucking there is the lower jaw of the kid is best of all exempted from milk. I.e., if hardening in the top part of a breast, it is necessary to organize feeding so that the lower jaw of the child turned out over this zone. For this purpose the author advises the kid to put, and to mother to go down over him on all fours from the necessary party. Not super - it is comfortable, but is effective, - it is checked! to

One more big test for me the diet became p>

. I - that, naive, thought that as soon as I give rise then my brutal appetite when, having hardly managed to have breakfast, right there you begin to think feverishly will be gone, than to have a bite.

Not here - that was! From the first days of motherhood appetite only amplified. In general, it is unsurprising: and the organism needs to restore forces, and milk from where - that has to undertake, but the main complexity in what is - that practically nothing is impossible! Especially in the first days getting wildly hungry when almost nothing is allowed... This paradox does not have no logical decision. Only constantly to repeat to itself: it is temporary, in a week it will become easier, in a month it is even easier, and through three it is absolutely good. For the sake of health of the kid and it (so, and own) a quiet dream it is possible and to suffer especially as... it is temporary, in a week it will become easier, in a month it is even easier, and through three it is absolutely good.

In food I adhered to the scheme checked to me more than once and as a result did not regret - I can count sleepless nights on fingers of one hand. For the very first time this scheme is as follows:

C 1 - y weeks it is possible: all porridges, except rice; bread black, with bran or a rough grinding (it is better dried); rich rolls in the form of croutons; apples baked (it was my biggest consolation and a delicacy); 1 walnut a day; an egg floor in two days; dried apricots - to 5 pieces a day; low-fat cottage cheese with a small amount of sour cream; butter, is better melted; potatoes; juice apple and birch; dogrose broth, green tea, fresh kefir. Certainly, anything fat, sweet, fried and, except salt, any seasonings. And whole milk, by the way, too is not recommended but only fermented milk products so, with milk I did in some way without notorious tea.

With 2 - y weeks: boiled carrots and beet (in small amounts), all types of cabbage (except white); pumpkin; boiled fish and fish soup; cocktail - banana with kefir; firm and home-made jam - to taste cheese.

I Repent, on the second week did not keep and drank - a cup of the second (!) domestic chicken broth. It was very happy, but just dreadful night followed, and I finally understood that the quiet dream all - is more expensive me than a full stomach.

Scheme, of course, not dogma. But principle one: each new product is entered carefully that it was possible to understand that, got to your milk, the kid is not ready to digest yet.

gave rise to

Ya in the spring when full-fledged fresh vegetables were not, but I was very much helped out by vegetables frozen, Polish, in packages. Having a microwave, they can be prepared in only a few minutes, - having slightly salted and having added oil, - and in the first months it oh as important!


A bit later I also thought out simple and very much even tasty dietary dishes. For example, from fresh vegetable marrows. You clean, you cut in traditional cubes, you prisalivat, you allow to flow down, you merge juice. In a glass saucepan with a cover you put in a microwave for 7 - 10 minutes at the maximum power, again you merge juice. Then 7 - 10 more minutes on a minimum, you merge excess liquid last time and if vegetable marrows are ready to this moment, you add butter, cut in cubes (same by the size, as well as vegetable marrows) firm cheese, carefully you mix also for 5 minutes in the furnace!

Unreliable head. Absolutely unexpected test

After a year seemed to me that no problems with feeding or a breast can be just any more. At least, until I do not decide that it is time to separate the kid from a breast. But also it not earlier, than in a year. During the day Timurka almost already did without my milk, remembering it only in the evening, at night and early in the morning. Therefore when to it passed in a year and month, I decided to afford a long-awaited trip to the neighboring city, to mother: to leave morning and to return to evening, having left the little son with the father.

Periodically calling

home, I knew that men wonderfully cope, and did not refuse to itself pleasure to visit all local relatives at whom I was not so long ago. I only lost sight of the fact that numerous tea drinking will be absolutely misinterpreted by my breast. Left - that nothing, and here right decided to stock up with milk urgently. And when I, at last, was going to come back, was already fairly crowded, - directly, as in the first weeks of a lactation. I mentally persuaded her to suffer a couple of hours, - at home the kid who with pleasure will devour all this before going to bed. But in front of the house felt that painful feelings do not allow to raise to me the right hand any more. Nothing, I calmed myself, also the end to this discomfort is a little more.

the Son, having seen me, for pleasure nearly jumped out of a bathtub, but here refused to take a breast, firm and hilly from abundance of milk, flatly! Both in 9, and in 10, and at 11 in the evening... And to the second breast, usual, did not show interest too. Besides that was eaten by him at 5 in the evening, and in 8 has only a bite it.


Ya how at two-month age he for the first time refused my breast when I tried to feed him outdoors. All attempts and arrangements were vain, - they only upset the peanut, and he heart-rendingly shouted to the house (the benefit put 15 minutes of walking) until I settled with it in our habitual chair. Only then it as on wave of a magic wand, greedy zachmokat.

After half a year. Quite often it happened after a dream in cold weather on the street. Perhaps, it just needed some time to recover. I every time was nervous a little, but everything stanovit on the places within an hour, at most through two.

A here such as now, was never before. Every evening Timurka traditionally fell asleep with mother`s sisy. Now instead he just put a finger in a mouth and, complaining, settled at me on a lap. And fell asleep hungry and unfortunate. And I remained with the holding apart pain and hope for what at night, can still be adjusted. Absolutely it so easily was operated by the baby with similar problems!

laying down on one side, also. I was so tired in a day that it was given without effort...

But contrary to expectations, the kid also did not think me to awake. In 4 mornings I woke up itself under weight of the round, convex, pulled hard from above pain, (quite so it was felt in the sleep). I heard how in the neighboring room Timur sucks a finger, and decided to try the luck again. He always, at least once, eats at night. And even if (that is extremely rare) forgets me to call, I am permanently glad to accurate replacement of a finger by what is more tasty.... But only not this time. He even made a sluggish attempt to take a nipple, but right there began to whimper and again was accepted to a finger. Nothing remained to me how to allow it to sleep farther. Here only what to do most, remained a big question.

The matter is that I was never decanted. Also I do not know how to do it, and I consider what is not necessary... though now it would be useful, probably. There is still council: in such cases to sprinkle a little milk, only to clean unpleasant feelings. But also nothing left this invention. I.e. grams 20 left, but over a nipple the redness appeared, and easier did not become at all. I remembered that information on decantation by means of a bottle somehow came across to me, and decided to look on the Internet. It was impossible to sleep all the same already and to call someone rather early. Right there on kitchen the sleepy and worrying husband prishlepat, and we together took seat for the laptop.

to us only did not get to

of What! And information on hire of milk pumps - well, of course, but all the same not in our city; and that there is “a target refusal“ when children suddenly decide to stop eating mother`s milk; and here it, at last, - required “small bottle“!

Everything is simple

, especially, if is to whom to help. The liter glass bottle with a neck in the diameter of centimeter of 3 - 3,5 is necessary. It should be washed up and poured in a little hot water, - that got warm. Then to turn in a towel, to fill in with hot water to top, to merge water and something cold to cool a neck. Immediately we cover with a neck of pacifiers (densely, without gaps) and absolutely not for long we wait. Effect same, as with banks. As soon as the bottle begins to cool down, in it the nipple and, “oh, a miracle is slightly pulled in!“ milk absolutely without serious consequences begins to run! The method is good just to clean surplus. Grams 50 fast descended, and then hardly drips. But that it was also necessary for us.

could lie down Now and to quietly wait for morning. I worried that there were no complications in the form of a laktostaz, and therefore it was just necessary to relax for prevention of spasms. I know from the experience, most often painful obstruction of some part of a breast comes from tension, both physical, and nervous. For example, friends or relatives come to stay for a while for day - another, - it seems and pleasant efforts, and look, already the breast also reacted.

I Lie and I try to remember states when it was most weakened: heat bath... the warming sauna... hot day on the sea coast. With each exhalation mentally I repeat: bathtub... sauna... beach... I begin to fail somewhere... and suddenly I hear invocatory Timurkin peep!

Half-asleep I run to it. The 7th mornings, the kid, as usual, without opening eyes, sits on the bed and calls mother. We keep within nearby, he right there takes a breast, fast devastates it and sleeps farther, indifferently! And I, without trusting the happiness, I come back to the husband. With a breast the order, aches a bit a little, but there are no consolidations. Mood at anybody not sleepy. Husband: “What here dream! Here it is necessary to jump, to rejoice, note!“ And with the affected anger hiding improbable simplification adds: “... Zaaaaraza is small!“ In an hour “the small infection“ requested the second breast...

A I from all this history drew one conclusion: if I am going to continue to feed, then it is impossible to leave the kid so for a long time. And you should not forget about a breast, especially in any non-standard circumstances. It is necessary to drink less!

Thanks to all who read up!


Dear mummies, sincerely I wish that for all our tests and difficulties simple and organic solutions were always found, and nothing could sadden the most important - pleasures of motherhood!