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Fulfillment of desires of

Everything began on May 12. It was usual day of work: work, purchases, school and lessons with sons. Only one was unusual - very strong, piercing as a lightning, my consciousness desire to have the daughter. It prevented to concentrate at work, forced to examine braids and zakolochka at schoolmates of my boys, at last, it developed into delight from suspicion that no contraceptives will be able to resist to it.

Next day my desire seemed to me just temporary insanity. Having sensibly thought, I understood that in real life there are too much circumstances interfering my silly desire to have the daughter. In - the first, we already have two sons, senior 11, and younger 9 years, and all of us four together live in the small room where we should sleep with the husband on a floor because the place is not enough for a sofa or a bed. In - the second, by 35 years there were any problems with health and the previous pregnancies proceeded with threat. In - the third, we were going the second year to mountains in the summer, even promised them to take friends of the children. So I tried to forget about the desire.

A in 3 weeks the test for pregnancy showed that the desire all - was strongest than sensible reasonings, and I was immensely happy.

Unfortunately, this feeling lasted absolutely not for long. I was twisted by a spasm in the bottom of a stomach soon. Threat! It was necessary to call for work and to pass to a lying way of life. I sent boys to the grandmother for giving. The husband bought everything, prepared and joked that all bear children, and I stay in bed as a seal. Fortunately, my work allowed me to do nothing in the summer. So I also lay all summer: at first houses on a children`s sofa, then in the wood in tent, then on recreation facility. I came to the end of July in despair: to lie there was no patience any more, and till February was so far! I got used to very active lifestyle: campaigns to mountains, multikilometer trips by bicycles, alloys on kayaks - all this for me normal summer holiday. If the landscape before eyes does not change more than a day, then it is not life, but a souring any more. And here from each excess step the stomach bottom hurt, it was necessary to lie and lie. Swimming in the small river was the only opportunity to move in space without pain, but it was too cold. Children and the husband helped to have this hard time. My men did everything on economy and tried to grant all my desires. It was so healthy that I thought that if one more boy is born, I will not be upset at all.

In September should have come to work, but threat did not get to anywhere though I felt better, than in June. And I was let go on leave without contents. And at children academic year began: school, lessons, music school … I took care only of children when they were absolutely small. Since to younger 9 months were executed, at me was one, two, and even three works. So here my old desire was granted - simply to stay mother. It very much was pleasant to me, children, probably, too.

at the end of September everything is it was necessary to leave boys on care of grandmothers and to lay down on preservation in office of not incubation 3 maternity hospitals. On the one hand, it grieved me to leave children, but another, I well understood all need to spend few weeks in maternity hospital. Of course, when I got the first time there 12 years ago, to me it was very terrible, and now I already approximately represented what waits for me. Surgical correction of a neck of a uterus - tsirklyazh was coming me. In the same way to me kept both the first, and second pregnancy so I felt the skilled patient.

In maternity hospital in the first evening I saw the doctor. Olga Vasilyevna was my attending physician the first two pregnancies. To my astonishment, she recognized me at once though I was her patient last time 10 years ago. It was very pleasant to me and instilled confidence that everything will be good.

I was not afraid of

of the procedure of imposing of a tsirklyazh, I was frightened much more by an anesthesia because I have an allergy to a lot of things. Fortunately, the anesthesiologist picked up a good anesthesia, it did not cause any allergy in me. But the day before I was given laxative, on me it worked somehow very strongly: when next day to me allowed to rise, I felt terrible weakness and found out that the food very badly is digested. And so chronic was shown enterokolit. It was very quickly cured dogrose syrup, mezimy and baktisubtily. And in 10 days I was written out.

weather, magnificent for fall, so we went to the wood to spend the night in tent at once Stood. It was very healthy! We spent the whole of Sundays of October in the wood. Our most serious campaign took the whole day. We passed about 30 kilometers and were even transported through a bog. And on weekdays I was full-fledged mother, and it very much was pleasant to me. Tsirklyazh allowed me to move much without any problems. Only in five weeks threat began to be shown in the evenings though in the afternoon everything was normal.

Olga Vasilyevna recommended to me to lay down for preventive treatment in 28 weeks. So I also made. Except threat I was concerned also that the child spins, will lay down headfirst, across, up the head. It was FPN sign. So 3 weeks in maternity hospital treated us already both for threat, and for FPN. But houses threat returned to the first evening. And I so did not want back in maternity hospital that I decided to lie at home and to swallow of tablets.

Of course to be full-fledged mother lying it is impossible, and children spent at the grandmother much time, but all - we managed to communicate and be glad with them each other. Though I regularly swallowed of tablets, every night I was tormented by a tone, and I thought that it will be necessary to go to be treated in maternity hospital in the morning, but in the morning I fell asleep, then communicated with boys, and stayed at home. And one week prior to New year, I did not manage to fall asleep, besides lyalya began to somersault again. Probably, the tone both tortured her, and I went to maternity hospital.

Week about New year I carried out

on the fallen in love bed in favourite chamber. Droppers, pricks, tablets … Probably, without them it would be even worse, but the first five days I did not feel serious improvement, only at the time of round of the doctor just seeing our doctor at all chamber the tone disappeared somewhere, and when it a magic hand on a stomach drove, the stomach so relaxed that it was difficult to believe that he in general is in a tone. It began to torment us as soon as the door was closed behind the doctor. We joked that if on a wall of chamber to hang up Olga Vasilyevna`s photo, then pricks and droppers will not be necessary. At last, night for December 30 I quietly overslept without any pains and spasms. On December 31 I was written out.

New year we met

at friends. And it was wonderful New year because I cleaned nothing, did not buy, did not prepare and did not bake but only celebrated, received and gave gifts. And further I had to lie, drink tablets again and to ask the husband to prick to me pricks. Every day children with the husband went to ride mountain skiing, and I asked them to drive also for me because it with anything incomparable pleasure, and I did not hope to drive itself in this season.

On the eve of Christmas my men returned from mountain skis ready to grant all my desires. Unfortunately, among other there was also a request to give to me an injection because I was already tired of pain, and tablets did not help. Only this time and the prick did not help me. And late at night I began some bleeding. It was necessary to call the ambulance and to go to maternity hospital. With a sinking heart I waited that the doctor on duty will tell. I was sent to office of not incubation from where I left less, than a week ago, but last year.

On holidays in office was to very few people which half very much wanted home and lived expectation of an extract and meetings with relatives. Other half to which the bed rest was ordered was more occupied with experiences concerning the state whether the question will possible to inform of the child till 38 weeks and expectation of visit of the doctor on duty. I, of course, treated the second part especially as though bleeding quickly stopped, me periodically fights stopped, and till February 9 (estimated term of childbirth) there was even the whole month.

When holidays came to an end in

, I became Olga Vasilyevna`s patient again. As always, at the time of round there was neither tone, nor fights, only heartbeat of a lyala was not “as at all“. The written-down cardiogram confirmed existence of signs of FPN. To me appointed droppers with aktoveginy, and in the evenings the doctor on duty lyalino came to listen to heart. So, in 2 weeks I got acquainted with many doctors.

the Most concerning for me. My bleeding as it became clear, was caused by the fact that the thread cut slightly - slightly a uterus neck. Nobody knew where it will be better for the child - inside or outside. Eventually, tsirklyazh to me removed on Tuesday in 3 weeks prior to the estimated term of childbirth. Without it mine already the constant feeling of alarm only amplified though the physical state became better. The husband, having come to visit me, reported that we change with his relatives apartments, we will have 2 rooms, only he started in that apartment repair, and earlier, than in the 2nd weeks asked not to come home. This message, though was joyful news, but as any prospect of serious change, slightly added concern.

I very much wanted to give birth to the child on Friday because the husband was born on Friday. So when on Friday after a half of the sixth morning fights began, I suddenly calmed down, the alarm disappeared somewhere. I quietly waited for round and told Olga Vasilyevna that I, apparently, give birth. She looked at me on a chair and confirmed that so it also is. I called the husband on cellular. He went on the market and bought stuff which I ordered the day before. I told that nothing is necessary to me because I give birth.

Was on January 21, on the street brought down snow. I gave birth to all children in snowfall so it is such personal sign that it is time to give birth. After an enema and shaving I was sent to prenatal. There was already one woman in labor who strongly suffered from fights, but between them willingly supported conversation. I had not really painful contractions therefore I somehow did not know, than to be engaged. There was a strong wish to eat, but Olga Vasilyevna told that it is better not to eat, just in case, the anesthesia suddenly will be required.

decided to tie

Ya. For me needlework is means which helps to relax, and then to gather and be adjusted on any business. But I did not manage it too. I on cellular was called by the husband to tell that it came to a table of references, and suggested to give it excess things. I gave knitting together with other entertainments. Olga Vasilyevna came, listened lyalino to heartbeat and again told that she “not as at all“, advised to drink more and allowed to suck honey. I had honey with myself because I smeared with it for night of the place of pricks that cones from magnesia quickly resolved.

Time went, but fights amplified and did not become frequent. Through a couple of hours on a chair Olga Vasilyevna punctured to me a bubble and a little porastyagival a uterus neck with hands. It is quite painful because becomes at the time of a svatka, but it is possible to suffer. After these manipulations of fight became much more painful and frequent, and I waited them standing.

the midwife came Then and asked to lay down to give an injection. She warned that after a prick it is necessary to lie because the head will begin to spin. Actually, to rise after this prick I had no chances because at me not just the head began to spin, at me everything rushed with such speed somewhere that I could not understand where top and where a bottom. Here and fights reached morbidity top.


I was only consoled by thought that very long so badly does not happen, and the fact that to a lyala, probably, it is even worse, than me disturbed. Gradually the head ceased to be turned so desperately, and right there was a wish to make an effort. Olga Vasilyevna came and looked at me on beds, as on a chair. Told that everything is remarkable, the neck smoothed out, and now we will go to patrimonial. Right there was strong absolutely me an uncontrollable attempt. It seemed that for long months of a vylezhivaniye of a muscle of an abdominal tension have to weaken, but they literally twisted me in half though I tried to breathe often - often very much. As soon as released me, we went to patrimonial.

There me was piled up on a table and at once allowed to make an effort, only smoothly that I also made. As a result the girl was born. It was small and bluish because got confused in an umbilical cord, having twisted two times. She cried, to me put her on a stomach and asked to hold with a hand. Such lump, live, a little sticky from first-born greasing. She did not shout any more, and somehow groaned.

it was incurred Then to weigh and measure. It weighed 2600, and growth was 50 cm - the smallest of my children. It was swaddled and put near me. And me Olga Vasilyevna decided to sew up a gap on a uterus neck. This was unexpectedly very sick. I even shouted though from it easier well did not become at all. However, sewed up me quickly.

Then gave the girl to feed with

. She so fine stuck to me that we with Olga Vasilyevna in four hands could not tear off it, and then lay nearby and looked for a mouth of pacifiers, sometimes began to complain, but persistently continued to look for. I called the husband and congratulated on the daughter`s birth. It had terribly tired voice, he made labor feats on a field of repair of our apartment and, of course, worried for us.


Here so granted my desires. Now we have a daughter Tatyana who was born as I also wanted, on Friday, and two rooms in which there is so much the place that we sleep on a huge bed, but not on a floor, and I became house mother. One more my, seeming unrealizable, the desire was granted in a month: we went to ride mountain skiing, and I was absolutely happy.