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We were born! So long it waited for

Ya! And here, on the 42nd week, to be exact, on Sunday April 17, anything without suspecting, I began the day without visible signs of approach of this event. Since morning and with the husband managed to swear, and to go to shops, and, walking with the senior synuly (about 2 hours of standing and circulation), it is suddenly sharply tired and went home “to have a rest“.

here something began to draw in

I, I also could not think that it it. First labor was “oksitotsinovy“, and fights were such pain that there was a wish and to live nothing too, and here everything is so tolerant. The husband with the son came home, and here at me waters departed. With pleasure I cried: “Today there will be a girl!“ Everything at me is ready and here only laziness was to wash the head since morning, well I think is more useless that the daughter saw mother in such look. Also I began to wash the head, and fights in increasing frequency. The husband, when saw, decided that I have an insanity, but it I also about myself thought then.

here still the senior child has nobody to leave to

A. When it is necessary - both the nurse, and the grandfather with the woman, and the godmother, and here all parted. We began to wait for return though somebody, and fight each 2 - 3 minutes. Generally, arrived to maternity hospital with full opening, the husband so drove that thought with fear an ugly face in the car.

Arrived to maternity hospital (by the way, the midwife with whom agreed, I did not phone too), and I speak, to an idemta to give birth, already presses on a bottom. They, of course, did not believe, laid on a couch and began to look, call all Man, Wan and Gal to look that the head is already visible, we still laughed (if for my part it was possible to call it laughter), and went to give birth.

the Husband was made out by

at this time, and came when process already began, in rodzat asked it not to enter as any there prostynochek do not put that the father did not see an exit of the baby, and I did not want it. But he saw appearance of our daughter from distance and was very touched. Though, of course, did not feel all sharpness of the moments.

our daughter was born

very quickly and easily. Everything described above kept within at 2,5 - 3 o`clock as exactly in 20. 00 we already ironed and kissed our crumb at me on a breast. It to me seemed such tiny, tiny, fragile that when told weight - 3. 750, I was very surprised. Synulya was born on 100 gr. it is more, and seemed to me huge, the athlete!

I what all - good fellows of the midwife from maternity hospital, after my first internal and external gaps, cracks, accepted my sweetheart with obvitiy, but without my and daughter`s injuries. Valentina Ivanovna was on duty, I do not know a surname, but a hand at it gold, made everything accurately and well. While we were in the rodzal, constantly carried my Ulyanochka to me, sometimes under a lamp.

generally, our happiness consisted also in fast labor, and in good crew, and, the most important, in the birth of the healthy beauty - daughters.

All of easy childbirth and good impressions!