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Warm May days so not work wants to carry out May Day procession (the American, Spanish, Armenian and Russian picnics) of

, and on the street or in park. It is even better to go where - nibud to the country, having taken all necessary for picnic.

of the Barbecue on - it is American

in the homeland of the first strike, in Chicago, picnic is called a barbecue. I was invited somehow. Action happened on a back court yard of the house. There were sausages, chicken wings and stakes fried on a lattice. It is a lot of beer and chips, naturally. Potato salad and cheesecake from a supermarket. I remembered one recipe. The sausages which are in advance cooked and peeled of a thin skin are made an incision lengthways, prunes - on three pieces in everyone are inside put. All this is wrapped in thin slices of bacon and is fastened with a wooden skewer.

Of course, such preparation is very convenient: several minutes on a lattice - and a dish with a golden crust are ready. But in principle in own kitchen it was possible to prepare and something is more interesting. Let`s tell, meat roll. To take very thin piece of cutting, to stuff it with an asparagus, herbs, green onions, Dijon mustard - everything that will be prompted by the imagination. To curtail into roll, to slice, string them on skewers or skewers - and on a barbecue. And if chikagets were not too lazy and removed from ribs meat - together with a fatty layer, crushed it in the combine, added salt and pepper, slightly - slightly crushed coriander seeds, a pinch of a kumin, and also a yolk, small polished parmesan and there are a little mustard, at them forcemeat for cutlets which are excellent for frying on a lattice would turn out.

of the Barbecue is opened in general by a scope for creativity: the dish can be extinguished, steamed... Especially dexterous barbekyuer do even a dessert! You should not forget also about fruit - the thick slices of pineapple cut lengthways bananas in a peel, thick “cheeks“ of mango, a half of firm peaches and nectarines. They are powdered with sugar and fried for 4 - 5 minutes from each party while they do not caramelize.

Councils of an epicure

Packing a bag or a backpack for picnic, on a bottom put products in hermetically closed containers, and from above - wrapped in a foil.

Vegetable oil and vinegar pour

in well closed plastic bottles. In a bag put them vertically between containers with products.

Fruit juice can be frozen previously, and then they will not need to be put in a cooler bag. Moreover, they will create a necessary cool in a bag.


with yourself plates, tableware, glasses (it is possible plastic), napkins and paper towels, and also a can opener, a bottle opener, a corkscrew.

do not forget packages for garbage.

By the way, darling all who suit a breakfast on a grass a way of cooking has one more indisputable advantage. That the food was filled with aroma of a smoke, it is not obligatory to have the special device for a barbecue at all. It is enough to dig out several poles, to fill up in them coals. And then to string on skewers, let us assume, the trout stuffed with herbs - and let each participant of picnic himself fry the small fish on coals.

But we will return to conversation on meat. It seems, I ate the most tasty on picnic in Armenia. Mountain sharp air, the stones heated by the sun, the temple cut in the rock Gekhard in half an hour of walking... And still cognac - oh, what was “Erebuni“ 25 there - summer endurance! Snack on a table - the simply and traditional: stewed beet tops of vegetable, cheese, greens. And, of course, shish kebab. The main thing, I acquired, mutton has to be with a fat and fresh, marinade - with onions, pepper, lemon juice and cognac (not “Erebuni“). However, some do not pickle mutton: they just suggest it to strew with rosemary or to make “whisk“ of herbs, for example a thyme and besides rosemary, to dunk it into vegetable oil and before frying to grease the seasoned meat.



Fast snack from tomatoes with a salmon
of Crostino with “black caviar“ on - Sicilian

By the way

On a visit at ladybugs (advice to piknikmeyker)

Sandwich on - Danish

On the same Armenian picnic I tried one simple dish. You take a thin Armenian unleavened wheat cake, two bunches of an estragon and some Caucasian cheese like suluguni, it is desirable not really salty. You put cheese on an unleavened wheat cake, nearby - an estragon, it is possible to add a slice of tomato or paprika still. You turn, you tie with an estragon blade - and the spicy tubule, or if you want, sandwich is ready.

Should be told

, sandwich is the main food on picnic, especially if you just are going to the nearest park and decided to do without car, a brazier and a cooler bag. Prepare a club sandwich with ham, salad and cheese. Italian - with mozzarelly, tomatoes and a basil. Or perhaps you will like English - with a fresh cucumber, bacon and cheddar. Or French - in the crackling baguette with gherkins, onions, anchovies and a tuna. The hot panin expiring the melted Roquefort cheese? Zvezdno - a striped hamburger? And how about the Arab pita which with what is only not filled? Or the Mexican burrito with the haricot flavored with sharp Chile? At last, remember the Danish smerrebrod - a sweet marinated seledochka, green onions and boiled potato in a uniform on rye bread. (However, it is not absolutely clear why sandwich from such ingredients is considered truly Danish, but anyway the lesson of regional geography will be quite tasty.) If you do the last, do not forget to deprive of it some part of a national originality - to cover from above with a bread slice as in due time lord Sendvich ordered: for picnic it, believe, more conveniently. Wrap sandwiches separately and put in a box - all - will be quite good if they keep the form.


as “garnish“ for sandwiches perfectly will suit the crackling green salad. For this purpose it is necessary to mix only in a big bowl several kinds of sheet salad, for example Korn, lettuce and a frieze. To add thinly cut cucumber and to tighten a bowl food wrap. Then to shake up 8 spoons of olive oil, 2 spoons of white wine vinegar, 2 spoons of Dijon mustard, salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar. And directly on picnic to pour this dressing over salad.

Councils of an epicure

Products needs to be taken out from the refrigerator for an hour before preparation on a barbecue.

Meat or a bird you salt

just before frying. If to make it in advance, meat will be left by all juice, and it will become dry.

Hot coals arrange a hill: from one edge is lower, from another - is higher. Begin to fry meat on “high“ coals that it was baked, and then move on “low“ that it was well fried thoroughly.

do not puncture meat during frying.

do not fry together crude and ready-made products.

Advantage in Spanish

In Spain we with friends often took

with ourselves on the beach tortilla. This dish quite deserves export on May picnic. The fried ringlets of onions and slightly half-cooked potato cut with thin circles should be laid out in the oiled form and to fill in with the eggs which are shaken up with salt, pepper and a garlic glove. To bake in an oven on slow fire to a golden crust, to cool and cut chunks. Tortilla in combination with sangria is especially good. If wine was not really qualitative or you bought it too little, add some orange juice, sugar, cinnamon, a lemon and apples - and the shortcoming will turn into advantage in Spanish.

... Fill in with water coals, collect garbage in packages and more deeply inhale - a smell of sticky kidneys, a shashlik smoke, the evening dew gleaming in the sunset sun... Let they forever will remain in your archive of good memories in the section “Picnic“.