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Bandage for you

how it is correct to pick up and carry a prenatal and postnatal bandage, we took an interest at obstetricians - gynecologists of the Moscow clinic “Medicine“ of Natalia Stepanovna Biryukova and Akhmedovna`s Yakhi of Temisheva.

For the pregnant woman the bandage is not luxury, but need. It carries out cosmetic function: protects stomach skin from extensions, and an abdominal tension - from flabbiness. The bandage is very important and from the medical point of view - it reduces load of a backbone. But the most important, a bandage fixes a fruit in a uterus cavity in longitudinal situation. It is especially important after 24 weeks of pregnancy when it can horizontally settle down. If the fruit is recorded in the wrong situation, - and it can occur at various obstetric pathologies, say, at uterus myoma, - that the child will not be able to be born without surgery.

needs to Move off in searches of a bandage on the fifth - the sixth month of pregnancy. It is necessary to select a bandage for the size which you easily determine, having measured the volume of the rounded waist at the level of a navel. Surely try on a bandage - put on it over underwear. Today there are many various models of prenatal bandages, and only fitting will help you to find out in what of them you will feel most comfortably.

should Put on a bandage, lying on a back. When the woman costs, the uterus falls under own weight, and, having recorded it in such situation, we will only aggravate problems against which the bandage is urged to fight. It is more convenient to remove it too lying. The prenatal bandage needs to be carried throughout the day, removing only for the night.


at the Russian market most widely presented Today prenatal bandages of foreign production. They are on sale in specialized shops for future mothers and in drugstores. The majority of foreign bandages are made in the form of high shorts which supporting lower part represents a wide elastic band, and top is made of elastic fabric. On various models the elastic band can be to a pouzha, more widely, can settle down below or above - having tried on, you will understand what option suits you more. If, having put on an elastic bandage of the necessary size, you noticed that it not too densely adjoins to a body, do not hurry to replace it with a product less. Small folds will be smoothed when your volumes increase.

the Advantage of such bandages - simplicity of operation: it is necessary to clasp or tie nothing. And the shortcoming is that they usually are in whole or in part made of synthetic materials - microfibers, an elastane. Such bandages will not suit women who have an allergic reaction to synthetic fabric. Besides, in the summer in them it is enough hot. There are bandages in the form of an elastic belt. Such model is good the fact that it can be carried both in prenatal, and during the postnatal period. Before childbirth the bandage is put on the wide party a back, and narrow - under a stomach; after appearance of the kid on light - on the contrary. This bandage of very strong support therefore it will suit future mothers whose stomach reached the impressive sizes, and also that who is disturbed by back pains. Such belt over underwear therefore its “the synthetic origin“ does not matter is put on. The cost of foreign bandages fluctuates from 800 to 1 700 rubles.

In drugstores can get prenatal bandages of a domestic production. They are executed in the form of corsets with numerous zavyazochka that, on the one hand, is not really convenient - independently it is difficult to dress such bandage, and with another - on the contrary, by means of shnurochok it is possible to regulate a corset styazheniye depending on the increasing forms. Domestic bandages are sewed from pure cotton. In them skin perfectly breathes, and the allergy cannot be afraid. Thin elastic levels - stones at the expense of which the uterus effectively keeps in the correct situation are inserted into seams of corsets. From 70 to 100 rubles cost an average of our bandages.

the Postnatal bandage helps to be reduced by

quicker to muscles of an abdominal tension. It is capable to relieve skin of extensions if those appeared during pregnancy. To begin to carry a bandage follows in 7 - 10 days after the delivery. Try to put on it every day for 6 weeks. The size of a postnatal bandage has to correspond to the size of your clothes before pregnancy. If, bearing the child, you recovered more than on 12 kilograms, then choose a product on 1 - 2 size more.

the Postnatal bandage, as well as prenatal, it is necessary to put on lying - in this position of a muscle of a stomach are weakened, and it is easier to record them in the correct situation. Foreign postnatal bandages cost about 1 500 rubles and are made generally of synthetic materials. The price domestic, made of cotton - about 150 rubles.