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The midwife, the girlfriend, the doctor of

“Was lucky us with the midwife“ - this competition so is called. And I would like to add that we were lucky not only with the midwife, but also with the girlfriend, the person, the doctor and mother of two boys, and all this was embodied in a face of one person: Pustotina Olga Anatolyevna, the candidate of medical sciences (future doctor of medical sciences) from the Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatalogiya of the Russian Academy of Medical Science.

our acquaintance with Olga took place not because of my pregnancy at all, and to it and absolutely on other soil. But when I had questions on the female line - Olga, minutes without fluctuating, suggested to come to it to survey. The matter is that my husband is much more senior than me, I did not give birth before, and we did not know whether we will be able to give birth to the child in general.

my sincere admiration of Olga began

when it, despite some problems of personal character, did not feel the ground slipping away from under the feet. I in this plan the person of no character and slightly that - at once in tears, life is finished and so on. And Olya, having clenched teeth, worked, advised people, was engaged in self-education and prepared (still only morally) for writing of the doctoral dissertation.

Having addressed Olga for council, I told it that I cannot become pregnant in any way what she answered me that I did not worry that impossible is in this world not so much, and it is necessary only to begin to take steps to the purpose. Complex inspection which there had to pass my husband was the first step. It was business heavy. He rested in every way and extremities, and with firmness sent away all my efforts to bring together him to the doctor. I was upset, but I was supported by Olga (again - so far only, morally).

Two months later I became pregnant. The first person to whom I called there was Olga. Also you know, she really sincerely was delighted when she learned that I will have a kid. Here many doctors lack this sincerity in the attitude towards themselves so in our country! As it would be desirable to see honest emotions at doctors on faces, but not masks which they put on themselves and behind them hide!

me was lucky

A with the person!

Olga me prescribed

owing to some features of my anatomic “organization“ the preparation “Utrozhestan“. (As subsequently it became clear, I drank it absolutely not for nothing: to it the woman on the 34th week of pregnancy with a similar problem arrived. Of which this the patient was not given progesterone, and she gave rise on the 34th week).

me was lucky

A with the doctor!

Pregnancy washing

flew smoothly, without any complications. I went at the sea, received necessary vitamins, including D. A in the fall we again closely were engaged in my health as the baby at me sat a bottom down, but not the head. But my numerous attempts to ask her to turn over did not lead to anything, and we agreed on Cesarean section especially as it seems as there were obvity necks an umbilical cord.

Olga me operated with

. You know, I not the first time was in hospital, but for the first time prepared for operation. The most important that I understood: it is necessary to trust very strongly the doctor - the surgeon! 30% of success are your positive attitude towards “Caesar“! I and myself and the baby calmed only the fact that the aunt Olya will cut us. And helped!

Me was lucky

with the midwife!

But the most important that my child weighing 2300 was not placed in PITAS as would make with another of the same weight, and put with all, only heated in addition. And I am very grateful for it both to Olga Anatolyevna, and her colleague - a neonatolog Vera Vladimirovna!

In a word, remembering my pregnancy, childbirth by means of Cesarean section and the restoration period, I am really grateful to Olga for the fact that at all many minuses which at me were observed and could lead to negative result, it the positive charge of energy, the cheerfulness, optimism, and, eventually, just the human relation did not leave the slightest chance to a negative or bad thoughts!

Me was lucky

with the person!

P. S. Now Olga Anatolyevna writes the doctoral dissertation for receiving an academic degree of the doctor of medical sciences. But in my soul and in my heart it is already a Doctor from capital letter!