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Decorative tattoo. The safety measures at the choice of figure

With approach of spring youth seek to bare as much as possible parts of a body. Many wish naked places also to decorate. Here - that is used also baud - an art, both piercing, and tattoos. Long ago passed times when the tattoo was something extraordinary. Eventually a lot of things change. If still at the beginning of 90 - x to schoolgirls of elementary grades forbade to carry ear rings in ears, then now teachers should be reconciled also with earrings in ears at boys, and with the pierced noses. It is known that the mass deviation from any norm leads to creation of norm new.

should make a reservation Here that not all esthetic canons can be remade here so easily. First of all it concerns tattoos. We will not speak about medical aspects of this type of ornament; the sense of the signs represented on a body will be a subject of our conversation.

the Term “tattoo“ comes from Tahiti “tatu“ - “sign“. The tattoo arose during a primitive era and is widespread widely in the world. At the people with dark skin it has an appearance of hems, the people with light skin have a type of color drawing. Drawing is applied on various parts of a body, sometimes covering it entirely. On the Marquesas Islands it is applied even on language. At Polynesians, Japanese and some other ethnoses the tattoo reached big art height.

In general the tattoo was extremely seldom used by

for ornament. At the people of the Central Africa hems in the form of crocodile skin were applied on bodies of young men during initiation and were a peculiar test for sensitivity to pain. Sometimes images carried out function of a mascot, charm; most often it were images of a totem of the tribe. The totem is a sacred animal who the tribe will read the ancestor. With disintegration obshchinno - a patrimonial system and emergence of a social inequality the tattoo began to mean social standing of the carrier. Especially plentiful and qualitatively executed tattoo became destiny of leaders and priests. The tattoo did not lose the social value and today. No, it is not about the tribes forgotten by a civilization to this day leading a primitive life somewhere on the islands of Polynesia. It is about a special social group - about underworld.

U of many of us idea of underworld as about something far, strange where if you do not want to get, then you will not get develops. However going to a tattoo - the salon is not suspected that can easily become object of encroachment from uninvited members of some criminal crew. A few years ago I happened to see in crowd the girl on who shoulder had a washing-away transfer in the form of a rose. My interlocutor noticed:“ You remember the milady from “Three musketeers“? It had a brand in the form of a flower on a shoulder …“. Though at Dumas the speech, certainly, could go only about the stylized lily, associations sometimes work against common sense.

Of course, the vast majority of visitors of a tattoo - salons is guided only by the esthetic party of this or that drawing, without attaching significance to its semantic contents. And the sense of many images in certain parts of society remains invariable for 250 years.


For example, to women it is worth choosing with care to himself drawings of butterflies, dragonflies, moths and to that similar flying creations. I think, there is no need to explain to readers what they mean. The similar tattoo made on ignorance can provoke undesirable attention to her hostess.

to the Readers having even a remote idea of a criminal tattoo drawings in the form of rings on fingers which kinds there is a great variety have to be familiar to

. Each pattern has the value, but now these drawings almost disappeared from the circle of prisoners. However the spider clasping a finger, and therefore my insistent advice to fans of tattoos can seem to someone nice: do not choose it at all, it is a sign of opium dependence, and a sign quite modern. Otherwise the skilled drug dealer far off will define in you the potential client.

the Tattooed spiders and a web say

that the person is cannot live without drugs - got confused in networks. Tell about a drug addiction also roses - simple and twined thorns or a barbed wire, a skull which of eye-socket the snake, the thorns clasping a hand gets out (by the way, a pattern very popular now). The literal sense their approximately is as follows: carrier is in captivity which besides inflicts suffering (prickles). Asterisks and the gnome showing to the viewer some number of fingers are signs of the drug dealers who were imprisoned. On number of fingers or asterisks it is possible to guess number of the years spent in prison.

the Tattoo of criminals - separate conversation. Despite some decrease in its popularity in the criminal environment, many symbols still did not lose the value. The tattoo gives a lot of information on the owner. The criminal tattoo is divided into three look: rangovy (designating position of the owner in underworld), memorable (dates, places of serving sentence) and the tattoo designating human feelings and expressing the vital principles of the owner. Rings about which it was told above can belong both to the first, and to the third group and have values which are transferred by set expressions it seems “dark life“, “is expensive through a zone“, “to half-life here, to half-life there“. Began to refuse rings as, being on that part of a body which is always open, they can give the owner in an improper situation.

In general can guess position of the person in underworld on quality of images: accurate lines, a treatment of light and shade mean that before you “authority“. On the contrary, careless, poor quality drawings are characteristic of criminals of the lowest rank. Crowns, shoulder straps and stars on shoulders are attribute of “code-bound criminal“ - the most dear member of criminal community. Tattoos of religious contents - church, angels, a crucifixion - belong to also dear criminals, and churches gave information on places and on serving sentence term earlier. Someone from experts said that religious tattoos can speak about repentance, but, in my opinion, similar drawings bear in themselves function of a mascot.

of People, having five points, most likely, spent three years located an envelope on a wrist in a solitary confinement. Figures “13“ characterize the carrier as loser, and are usually violently put to the guilty criminals. They are also distinguished by a spot under an eye and images of devils. The last play a role of the negative mascot urged to bring misfortune to the carrier. The rat on a back designates “krysyatnik“ - stealing from ““ (on concepts of criminals it is impossible to steal from the, to steal from the simple inhabitant - a point of honor). The most despised caste - “roosters“, at them it is possible to meet also compositions with devils and a boot print on buttocks.

to Prisoners of a tattoo is done by “a kolshchik of a zone“, and he has no right to make any image upon the demand of the client. And a penalty for the tattoo of higher rank executed independently, than it is necessary to the specific person, the death is. So made in a tattoo - salon the angel can be not such and harmless as it seems at first sight.

Should be

also careful with stars: in a criminal tattoo they are many options, but all of them designate belonging to underworld. Stars on a lap usually mean unwillingness carrying them “to kneel“, that is to submit to the law and the prison mode.

Now among youth the Celtic patterns are popular

. They are different, and before choosing similar drawing, it is necessary to take an interest that means each of them. For this purpose it is necessary to consult with the Tat - the master. As a rule, various animals fit into the Celtic patterns. The dragon, a wolf, a raven and a dog are the most traditional. Now it is possible to meet also other animals.

of the Image of flowers - a thing ambiguous as many of them are used as a female criminal tattoo. So, the rose on a shoulder in certain circles means that the bearer met the majority in places of confinement (we will remember the girl about whom it was told at the beginning of article), a tulip - 16 years were executed in colonies, a hand bell - departure of term of punishment completely, and condemned did not count on amnesty.

Recently the Chinese hieroglyphs entered fashion. They are mascots, and therefore consult with the master about their value before putting such tattoo. The matter is that mascots, not separable from the carrier what tattoos are, are considered as the strongest, and by mistake it is possible “to tell himself“ not that quality on which you initially counted.

Popularity images of mythical animals enjoy

. At the same time the griffin means force, vigilance and eagerness to fight, a unicorn - purity and wisdom, Pegasus - inspiration and eloquence, a phoenix - revival, a salamander - cunning and chastity. It is necessary to remember that the same symbols in the European tradition and tradition of the East can have not only different, but also opposite values.

Fans of a tattoo often prefer to do to

the image with sense. But at the same time it is necessary not to forget that over time character of the person, and also some of his vital principles and installations changes. And therefore to the Tat - masters advise to do the tattoos which are not bearing in themselves any semantic loading.

In this regard would like to give values of some most ambiguous images. So, the cat symbolizes cunning, deception, darkness, however in England is a good luck sign. In Ancient Rome the cat because of the independent character symbolized freedom. In Ancient Egypt cats were idolized and considered as an embodiment of female beauty and grace; their pupils changing a form were associated with moon phases. In China the cat symbolizes longevity. In a criminal tattoo of the image of a cat`s head and the word CAT are translated as “the radical inhabitant of prison“.

the Rat is a symbol of disaster and failure, but also and wisdom; in China it is a charm symbol. In Ancient Rome the white rat was used as a good luck sign.

of the Dragon - one of the most difficult symbols. In the western culture this embodiment of the evil, cunning, destruction, a sin, and also healing (we will remember the Greek god Asclepius) and wisdom.

the Owl designates wisdom, and also angrily. As the bird who is well seeing in the dark she designates good sight and often decorates signs of opticians. In Europe the owl is also a symbol of sorcerers; in Iyeronim Bosch`s picture “Conjurer“ the owl is represented in the basket attached to a belt of the vagrant conjurer.

of Crows - the symbol of the evil in the western art, but also designates wisdom and anticipation (especially in Scandinavia).

the Dragon in the West is a symbol of death and evil, and also invincibility. In the east it is a sign of life and light; year of the Dragon is considered the happiest in east calendar.

the Rose in the western culture designates love, and also, strangely enough, silence. Therefore on ceilings of halls often represented a rose: it meant that everything told here is confidential. At Arabs it is a symbol of man`s beauty. In Christian art the scarlet rose symbolizes a martyrdom, and white - innocence and purity.

the choice of the place of drawing drawing is Very important

. Of course, your friends can find a multi-colored dragon on a cheek very much even stylish, but think: you will study somewhere, to work? If you in the future are going to become performers or the professional athlete, drawing will not damage to your image at all. However if you see yourself working at office or state bodies, do not hurry with the final choice. Recently at employment some employers specially stipulate presence of tattoos at the applicant. Drawing on the open place (that is on a hand, on a face or on a neck) looks unpresentably, such employee hardly anyone - nibud will venture to send, say, for negotiations with partners in business.


Of course, the fan to decorate itself, having read my article, can skeptically shrug shoulders and tell: to me - that? I use a tattoo only for the sake of beauty, and I do not have business to its value. On one Internet - a forum the girl shared the plan to tattoo to herself a cross with a chain on a neck with virtual companions. Interlocutors insistently did not advise the girl of it to do: according to many of them, it is a criminal tattoo. The adventurer explained that she - that means absolutely another, the cross is necessary to her for appearance. Someone answered it: you will not be able to explain it to each passer, and to pay for it it is possible too expensive.

you Carry a tattoo - be able for it and to answer. The people who met on your way can be perfect other opinion into the account of sense which you enclosed in the chosen drawing. Think: whether you want to accept their signs of attention? I hope that, having read this article, you will feel more surely before the choice.