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Cartoon - Movie! Movie! Movie! The Small report on visit of Soyuzmultfilm

I Write


almost close in the tracks - excursion took place last Saturday. There was a wish to show to little girls and boys as do animated cartoons which they so love. The idea of visit of the Film studio was born on the basis of responses with “7i. ru“.

of Impression turned out mixed. The exposition is good, the guide was benevolent, it was interesting. But the building in a deplorable state, full feeling of neglect, even a smell of such old dust, a bathroom, forgive for a detail, it is simply awful, rooms small, and we appeared a bit too much (it would be necessary within ten). Generally, the people spoiled by a civilization will need to be prepared:-).

Excursion lasts approximately for 1,5 hours and includes several stages.

  1. Visit of the small room with the exposition devoted to creation of animated films - fragments of scenery, heroes of doll animated films, a table with illumination behind which animators, sketches, drawings work at paper and celluloid. In principle it is healthy, it is a pity only that it is impossible to touch anything (rarities:-)).

the Guide tells

how do (or for drawn - did since now manually do not work any more, all on the computer) animated films, shows fragments of sketches, films, shows how doll heroes move.

  1. the Small stop at a show-window with prizes for last merits (not really this part is interesting to kids). Adults have a feeling “for the power offensively“.
  2. Visit of the film-making “drawn“ pavilion - i.e. where actually from separate drawings on celluloid the animated film is born. It was interesting to glance on “creative kitchen“, but it is not really convenient for kids. It appears, the camera for shootings is fixed very highly over a table which is raised too (it is necessary to climb to it steps).
  3. Visit of the film-making pavilion for doll movies with working scenery - is more successful
  4. since all scenery before you, spotlights, a chamber, all is well visible and it is clear.
  5. Viewing of two animated cartoons in a cinema hall (from new which were not in hire yet). The first was designed for kids, and the second - for children of years from 6 approximately, with elements of “children`s horror films“, two and three-year-olds started missing. And still for some reason the film flickred slightly: - (.
  6. Photography with heroes of the doll animated film. Photos promised to send by mail, but is possible also - to reach option in couple of days and to take away. Yes, still distributed to all children on the drawing applied on celluloid (for the drawn animated cartoon).

On the sum of feelings personally me it was pleasant to li rather, than on the contrary. However from the point of view of submission of information for children , (which we looked on the cartridge about Dunno on the Moon earlier (3ya at part - a karaoke)) gives more evident idea of creation of the drawn animated films. It seems to me, all children`s excursions have to be most interactive - just the story, even the talented guide, will not be compared to what it is possible to look at - to touch, and it is even better - to make most. There was a wish to see not only results or fragments of work, and work.

Though it is clear to

that it is much more difficult to organize it therefore we try to supplement excursions as far as possible still with information or house experiences. In particular, we in house plans had point - the doll animated film:-).

still a little grudged that did not show work on modern animated films by means of the computer in any way (though too with them work at Soyuzmultfilm).

the Separate note - strange (not really joyful, so to say) reaction to the permit from “A gold crane“, firm through which we organized this excursion. On the future suggested to address directly them, the price at the same time turns out lower. Here coordinates for persons interested:

Vyborgova Larisa Evgenyevna
(gen. director of LLC Vee`s Soyuzmultfilm. Dzhi. Vee.) of
of ph. 940 6960, 940 6980

I Wish all good luck:-)

P. S. By preparation of article of the photo were used from the website of Solar Wind private school as to us did not allow to photograph: - (