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We nurse. Considered

Ya twice that with breastfeeding I never had problems. And time so what sense to write:“ I had a lot of milk, and I long nursed“? However having remembered as everything began, I understood that successful feeding by a breast is a fruit of my work.

the correct installation is Very important

. It was created when I was a little girl. There was it thanks to stories of my grandmothers. One told that she fed my father somewhere till 3 years, and there was a lot of milk that some time she “fed up“ one more child of the woman who had no milk. Other grandmother told how it is necessary to look after a breast that there was no stagnation of milk and cracks on nipples. So I created strong belief that milk at me will be much, and all difficulties can be overcome.

that my mother practically could not feed me I learned

A when I already gave rise and with might and main fed the daughter.

First labor at me was long and difficult. Though the baby was put at once to a breast, further 2 days we lay separately from each other. Children were finished feeding, and it happened, brought full and with pleasure sleeping. Therefore when me put together with the daughter, milk was not yet. The child shouted night without a break and for calm she had to be fed up mix. To stimulate production of milk, in the afternoon I put it near myself and gave a breast. Ditenysh very much wanted to eat, and strenuously sucked. The daughter was persistent, and sucked five (!!!) hours in a row, from time to time failing in a dream.

were rewarded by

of its effort, and milk came towards evening, and the breast became similar to well mumpish ball. But it was already our small victory, milk already was, and to get it remained a trick. I did not decant a breast and did not use a milk pump, using instead small nasosik under Sonk`s name.

of Milk at me it was p indeed much. For the sake of a trick we measured flying range of a stream. (It when from one breast you feed, and from another beats). 1,5 meters were a record.

Probably from - for difficult childbirth (doctors went too far in drugs) the first months the daughter was very nervous, cried much. From - for it the increase in weight was very insignificant, for 300 - 400 a month. And I had to assert our “right for a breast“. I repeatedly went to control weighings to prove that it is enough milk. Turned a deaf ear to lamentations concerning the small weight of the child. It was not tempted with free mixes. Also there were rights! The girl remarkably developed, often being ahead of the age-mates, weight is not still a health indicator.

So turned out that I early had to come to work. The situation allowed, and I carried the child with myself, it was not necessary to interrupt feeding. My work is accompanied by business trips. We went to the first when Sonke was not also half a year yet. Here when I estimated breastfeeding! Any problems with cultivation, mix warming up, washing of small bottles! And we went in places not civilized at all - availability of hot water was perceived as happiness, and happened infrequently.

Needed to add

that I fed the child of 10 months, and at this time we were relieved of allergies and diseases.

did not assume

Ya in any way that this experience still is useful to me as the first child I waited for more than 7 years, and in the diagnosis I had an infertility. However, once having dispersed, the organism did not begin to brake. This violence of flesh terminated in the birth of the sonny. The second childbirth was joint and proceeded much easier. When the kid was born, he first of all spread on me, having amazed to impossibility of doctors. Put us together at once. Remembering first labor, I expected arrival of milk for 3 - 4 days and stocked up with a small bottle with mix. In the first night I fed up a cub purely symbolically more likely for own calm. And next day there was already enough milk, and mixes were not necessary any more.

Everything went remarkably until me managed to catch a cold. Having been frightened of the very tall temperature and breast pain, I called the doctor. With suspicion to mastitis I was sent to a maternity welfare unit. Thanks to quickly taken measures (antibiotics, warming up, a honey compress) for the second day temperature, pain and reddening were gone. And on the third on procedures the doctor was already interested what breast we treat.

Me it seems to

, from diseases nobody is insured, but the treatment in time begun and strong belief that everything will be good, will help to cope with everything. Probably, on it I consider what I did not have and there are no problems with breastfeeding. Everything about what I wrote - so, problems, but not problems. Especially as all of them were quickly and are successfully resolved.