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From the family diary of Alekseenko - Sokolovsky of

our daughter Anechka was born in the fine solar morning spring of 2005. After a difficult and tiresome way to this big and very fascinating world she at last met mother and the father face to face, felt gentle touches of their warm hands and heard such acquaintance and a native voice who sang all 9 months it lullabies, told about miracles. Anechka became the most expensive being on light for two lovers, mother and the father. We did not want that the precious moments of our life were forgotten and decided to imprint the birth and how our daughter in the family diary develops.

the Family diary (and a night lamp) Alekseenko`s families - Sokolovsky

Is begun with

(is not present more likely it is continued) on April 11, 2005, at 00 hours 25 minutes 32 seconds on - to Moscow time and exactly at 3 o`clock across Greenwich (Semyon Semenych Greenwich lives under us and three hours with pleasure sleeps, pokhrapyvy at in a bed.“ This snore at us is called groan“, on it we measure the accuracy of the hours, the benefit, sound insulation of our walls, to be exact, its absence, allows).

Well and if it is serious, then an occasion to get (to continue) our family diary - the most remarkable: birth of our charming, long-awaited, pretty, clever, healthy daughter, daughter, daughter Anechka, Anyutki. Annushka, Anyusha, Anyusik, Anna Dmitriyevna Alekseenko.

Yes, native, the darling, our tiny Anyusha, now you at us are!

the Tale of a big and round tummy
(for my most favourite and most wonderful wife Lenochka, my Chuchuni Kurnosyatkova, Hryun Raspunyavy)

Who it hid inside,
In a tummy is scraped? Quietly a thin skin rub
, Whisper
on an ear to me: “Look,
As puzik mine laughs!“

As the sun round this laughter
I warm as if summer, It is inflated by
as fur,
I we through laughter,
observe That someone...

the Stomach shivers and mutters,
Growls it as if the young lion,
Only sometimes, having fallen asleep, is silent,
I dreams us, he speaks:
“I am only your child?
Me you will love
For wet diapers,
In nights what it was necessary to feed with
of the Shouting child?

how tormently I will appear,
As your time I will eat, to you I will for the first time smile to
I, As gently I will touch with
you, to
I I will be glad to all?!

Me you will love
For how I shout? that I cannot appreciate
of Togo that so I want

I will tell

As the word first,
I, having taken the first step, your life I will change
Ya -
Differently in any way?“ .

Such here dream, such here son,
A, maybe, and daughter. “Believe
, the kid, you is not one!
Will come that day, that night -

will come

When we give birth to you, we will give
I to nobody -
you are our son,
You are our daughter“.

I we gently iron a stomach:
“Lives here! Grows here!
As though from nowhere!

there Lives the stomach, the stomach,
A grows in it -
the Big miracle!“

I one more poem for our Lenochka (it is written to time of a trip to the subway for few months before childbirth):

You will be beautiful mother,
As became the beautiful wife,
You will be always desired,
You will be for us - One,

Only, Unique,
As is unique this world!
You became such Darling! there is no
More wonderfully than the woman!

You will be for us the Loveliest -
is not necessary for us a piece of chalk of others! You all will strike
with the force,
C which love the family.

In soul you immense
Contain the whole world of beauty,
I the caress, madly pleasant,
YOU Always recover us!

the Ninth month, 36 - 37 weeks

A now, dear ladies and gentlemen, you can take part in a sure-fire lottery:“ Guess - day - hour-! When the carriage is loaded? When our wonderful boy is born? Or not? Let`s not hurry to put an end, and to us mother suddenly will give birth to the daughter?“ And the doctor decided to confirm: “Hurry to give birth to the daughter to us!“ .

the Uncle and the aunt by the name of ultrasonography did not agree in opinion: the uncle told that our girl will be born on March 26, and the aunt - on March 17. Mummy Lenochka put on the tenth of March. But closest there was a daddy Dimochka - he called on March 15. Also would become the winner, but Anechka solved in own way, decided to break the bank: took - and was born on March 14, on Monday, in 03. 15!

as a result - all were the winner! Someone had a daughter, at someone - the granddaughter, at someone - the niece, and at someone - just the girlfriend. There is such lottery...

By the way, our family history nevertheless is connected with some of the numbers mentioned above. So, on March 15, 2003 our father made mother the proposal (and she agreed to marry it). On March 17, 2005 you, the daughter, for the first time crossed a threshold of our apartment. March 13, 2005. (Sunday) the father descended on the market, bought products, returned, welded kartoshechka, telyatinka, made to coffee in a thermos (the first and last cup during pregnancy) and went to visit mother in maternity hospital. Managed to film it and the building with the camera. Mother to coffee managed to drink. And... began!

Mother suffered from fights. And the father prayed all evening, cried and apologized at everyone. It was Forgiveness Sunday. The father took the telephone book and began to keep ringing to everyone, according to the list:“ Forgive me, people kind if is for what! I repent! I promise to improve. And to return 3 rubles that I owe Leshke Novikov“.

A if it is serious, then the mood and feelings at the father changed constantly: rolled some nervous, panic tension, intercepted breath, everything distorted it, there was a wish to shout and cry, in the head also terrible thoughts climbed strange, and sometimes. There came some inexplicable tranquility, even indifference, and he stupidly looked in one point, thinking of some trifles. He went up and down on the apartment, sat on a sofa and tried to watch TV, took the prayer book and with a lump in a throat and tears in the eyes said the first prayers.

It was terrible and quiet, it was lonely and unusually joyful. He hoped. He hoped and trusted. He knew. Knew that everything will be good. Somewhere deeply the inexplicable confidence sat inside that everything was, is and it will be good that everything is made correctly that Lena will cope - she is such strong, such resourceful and such darling!

These differences of mood and feelings continued several hours.


and released, rolled and released. As if at the father strong and indissoluble connection, communication at distance, through time was established with mother. As if he felt her pain, tension, fights and the periods of slackness.

was Released by about about 2 - 3 o`clock in the morning. Probably, he understood that everything is all right. Probably, felt that became the father, both with the child, and with mother - everything is excellent. He went to sleep and was almost instantly chopped off.

A its phone call woke. Lenochka, Kurnosyatka beloved - so, called at 8:35. On March 14 he learned precisely:“ I congratulate, the father... daughter... everything is all right“.

It. The whole world rejoiced to birth of our daughter!

So far the father went to maternity hospital with transfer and a big flowers basket, he wrote the new poem - now knew for Whom he writes.

All smile to You,
Hurry to share heat.
to You as to a small star, God Allowed to be born

With fear is watched by You from heaven,
Having nestled by dark night, Sozvezdye`s
of Mother`s miracles
wants to console You:

“Be not afraid of

, the dear child,
We here, with You nearby. your shine having found
We everything are madly glad.

mummy will not throw You,
Will cover with a shawl of a night,
I a cradle - fingering month,
Will sing for the strange daughter.

the Comet a tail
to us heels will tickle

I the father that now one,
wants to embrace us Rather.

the Milky Way to us for lunch
will substitute

A an udder
I will embroider with beads of planets
your native name - Annushka“.

How many still pet names and nicknames we can think up for You?

Ania, Anechka, Anyuta, Dear An, Annush, Anyusha, Anyusik, Nyusha, Nyutik, Anchik, Annick, Anenok, Anenochek, Pansies, Anadimka (in sense - Anna Dmitriyevna), Anukevich, Anny, Ann, Anabel, Chudnoglazik, Kurnosenok, Hryukotushka, Aleksenok, Aleksenochek, - and it only the beginning!


on April 14, 2005

A today to us executed 1 month. Hurrah!

Us were congratulated by grandmothers Liouba and Valya, aunts Lena and Natasha, the cousin brother Gerochka and the father`s friends with mother.

We became such puzatenky, grew by couple of centimeters, recovered grams so on eight hundred. Yes, now we 4032 gr. and 54 cm. A head of 34 cm, and a circle of a breast of 37,5 cm

we Will sum up of

the results of month.

What is pleasant to us?

And what is not pleasant to us?

the First campaign in a poliniklinik... How many there all was! Both therapist, and neuropathologist, and orthopedist, and inoculations, and massage (oh! We flew with mother into a passion! We bypassed all hospital - we write the daughter the reporting! What passage!).

All doctors our daughter praise

: “Pretty healthy supposedly! We too such want!“ (Who will give them! Ourselves have not enough!).

A now - the last reports with pelenalno - the washing front.


For expired (in diapers) washed and stroked month more than 600 units of fire of linen (armor-piercing diapers, explosive baby`s undershirts): “All for the front! In total for Anyutki!“.

For the same period our indescribably beautiful mother was described by

... (um! At all not artists and poets!) more than 10 times. The mummy came under heavy mortar attack not less than 5 times. Under fire of the antiaircraft guns vomiting fire (and something else white), it appeared not less than 15 times. The wise father escaped by miracle, having dug round in kitchen at the refrigerator and shooting back sausage and pelmeni.

But day when did not rescue also papashka bullet-proof vests came, - it was covered with a shock wave of the gushing forth explosion. This splash (fighting activity of the daughter) fell on an evening of days when the tired fighter - the father came from work (in sense - returned from developing attack). Bleeding profusely also something yellow and opposite, it crawled to a bed and there... (but we will not describe what recently mother does only 4 - 5 hours a day, it is sweet at the same time pokhrapyvy, talking in a dream and hallucinating, waking up:“ I already fed her! Just! Unless is not present? And changed diapers! Or it dreamed me? Here put! I do not remember anything any more. It was chopped off - and all“).

the Father composed

for the daughter stishochek:

the Song about a favourite pacifier

our Ania loudly cries, -
of the Nipple dropped out and jumps
On a bed - pryg - skok!
Ania sponges: “Tsok - a kiss!
Well - Sosa! Come back!
to Run away and do not try!
You return rather, the girlfriend, Without you to me it is bad
, hardly! I with you gentle Will be
You remain former -
Soft, sweet and obedient!
Come back!
is so boring for me!“.


of the Nipple important so it was inflated!
looked back To Anyuta:
“If you offend,
to Rumple, be spat and bite,
I Will escape then absolutely - a grief you Will grieve
!“ .

Anyusha Answered with

to it: “You rather me listen to
Sosa, a nipple washing,
is Promised firmly by me: I Will care and caress
to Kiss and pardon,
I you, my friend,
Ya I will not offend!“.

of the Nipple to Ania - pryg - skok!
I jumped in a rotok!
as is glad our Ania,
That the friend returned to it!
the Kiss - a kiss - a kiss...

our kind and careful mummy drew

for Anechka of a butterfly. Beautiful, color and big. Now they fly - on a wall near a bed. Fly over an engine that appeared here slightly earlier.

Engine: “Chukh - chukh - chukh!“

of the Butterfly: “Ah! Ooh! As it is beautiful - takes the breath away!“

the father on a sofa snores

A and catches flies...

He drew nothing with

to the girl. Only it was drawn from work - and at once to sleep. Here such here idler! And here mummy at us - Big Talent: both is able to draw and to sing and to compose. It at us the clear head! The father and her Anyushechka very much - very much love mummy! Yes.


, the daddy our great well done! Washes, irons, washes away and consoles the daughter. Father! You are our great “soskoderzhatel“! To us without you anywhere, neither there and nor here. And still, great “vodypodnositel“ and “chayanalivatel“ for mummy, the sleeping princess. And still - dostavlenets of kefirs, fermented baked milks, oatmeal cookies, cottage cheese and a heap of any yum-yum.

the Song about mother`s a milk

the Milk at mother is tasty

Ya I suck it skillfully.
I Will drink everything to a drop,
But I will gorge on hardly.

I Open a mouth of
For the friend, for a tummy... I Eat
and I eat - to it all a little...
Ya was already tired to suck:

“You, a tummy, have a rest
I with me is sensitive have a sleep,
A when we will wake up -
we will return To a milk!“

Today, on April 21 our Anechka for the first time smiled to our mummy. Smiled, welcoming it, eye to eye. Yes, now we can focus a look and fixedly consider our parents. And to do at the same time the huge, surprised eyes: oh! What you ridiculous and huge, mother and folder!

we Began to watch

so, without looking away, and without askancing on the parties, on April 19.

On the same day we began to shout. To shout more loudly than usual. Probably, from what was seen (what big and terrible people around! unshaven a papashka with some strange glass circles in the eyes and the ruffled hair, the sleepy mummy with the rumpled person and bags under eyes - yes, is from what to be amazed also horror!) .

The fact remains - the loudness of our loudspeakers increased on several decibel. The Anneriki`s Voice radio station began to broadcast on all space of our apartment now (and to neighbors too!) . If similar shout is heard, then it can mean the following:

  • mamkin the finger got stuck at us in a nostril, trying to get a harmful kozyulka!
  • the silly aunt Sisya refuses to give to
  • a milk just like that, and to us it to exhaust laziness!
  • of a nipple went to walk in the unknown direction (probably, on a siskoteka)!
  • from a situation “chilly and comfortably“ remained one continuous wet place, and on a surface of a bed several new salty lakes and new fields of a mineral of Kakanit were formed!
  • we just brutally got hungry and are ready to eat a diaper together with a baby`s undershirt, a toy - a lyagushonka, trousers and a shapchonka!
  • to us it is boring for
  • one in a bed, and these parents gad it is unknown where!
  • we put on a hat for bathing with the polyfoam sewed in it is ours with mother to no - Hau (it is a pity, but it awfully was not pleasant to the daughter!).

New stishochek (from Anechki)


“I lie on a paunch
At my girlfriend -
the Soft and warm
Paunch at a pillow.

ourselves Will come crawling
On a tummy to mother -
Us will be stroked by mummy
Warm hands.

A in a stomach at the father
Hrapy Hid,
will get out at Night to growl,
of Zaskrebut of their paw.

Hrapushek I am not afraid of

I will nestle On the father sleeping.
I Will wake and I will tell:
“I came for a song,
the Song - Chudesenkoy, the Lullaby to me sing
, my
the daddy the road“.

the Father on hands will take

Will shake and will sing:
“Sleep, fall asleep! Sleep, fall asleep!
Here came to us on a visit dreams. to them quietly touch with
K with
I in a dream to them smile...“

... With pleasure Anechka yawned
I skorekhonko fell asleep.

Dear mummies and daddies! Compose, write, you create for your children. As it will be pleasant to them to read how they grew, developed what ridiculous moments were in their life. Time so quickly passes, children grow, and a lot of things are forgotten, and the family diary will forever leave pleasant trifles and vanity of ordinary life in memory.