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My unexpected pleasure of

was very lucky Me with the midwife and in general it was lucky. And business was so.

we with the husband planned

of the Kid to summer of this year, and it turned out so that it appeared at us last spring. According to forecasts of doctors childbirth at me had to begin at the end of April therefore I with a clear conscience and fine health, the truth unknown to the gynecologist, worked to the middle of March and counted, at least, on a month of preparation for appearance of the princess. (From the moment of conception I was sure that I have a girl that and confirmed then the last ultrasonography on the 30th week.)

on March 16 I handed over to

all documents on work, went, signed up for courses in ZhK on pregnancy and childbirth, and began to enjoy the pregnancy in full on vacation. On March 18, on 3 - y day of visit of courses, our group of beautiful “fatties“ was led on excursion in maternity hospital No. 1 of our Veliky Novgorod (we have their of everything 2) that on the place to show and tell where and as, actually, there is a birth of new life. It should be noted that I - that long before it decided to give birth in maternity hospital No. 2, there kids after the delivery are with mother in chamber, and in the first at us everything as earlier, in the old manner: will bring, you will feed and right there will take away your treasure before the following feeding.

we Came there, and it was lucky us directly from a threshold to hear shouts of one of the giving birth girls, all sighed a little, moaned, and to my new friend Lena nothing became slightly absolutely bad not from heard, but, calmed them and persuaded her baby in a tummy to sit few months. We found out with Lena at the doctor conducting tour as it is possible to descend in the second maternity hospital for acquaintance. And with the decision not to shelve everything and to go there every other day, 20 - go, went home.

On the road, in the bus at me (forgive for such details) all began to become wet between legs. Pregnant women had the first flashed thought of bladder incontience cases what learned on courses recently about, Lena was other opinion that it waters, but as both have all this for the first time depart, we did not agree on anything and therefore came on the market, resembled, and then already went on houses. At parting I to it for fun shouted that if tomorrow I do not come to courses, means gave rise.

When I came home, to me was not to laughter any more, I had wet all trousers, and water did not stop flowing from me. I nearly fell into a hysterics, there is no house anybody and to consult to me there is nobody. Nevertheless, I do not know as, but I got up courage, called the husband for work, and reported that I, seemingly, already give birth. What was told me by him and I answered, I do not know, it he told already then me that he asked whether I called an Ambulance what I persistently answered that it is not necessary to me, and in general, why the Ambulance?

Actually, I then, after conversation with it, called the Ambulance, and began to pack things according to the list received on courses. The ambulance, naturally, took away me in maternity hospital. Of course, I efficiently reported that I wish to go to the second maternity hospital, but not in the first what I was there, and me was not pleasant there, and doctors of the ambulance could not understand in any way how I was there, and did not leave me there, it with the departed waters - that? So, finding out all this, we also arrived to maternity hospital No. 2.

should note

A that I in some unclear to me still to nonsense calmed the husband in the Ambulance that now the doctor will look at me and we will go with it home what to give birth - that to me in April, and just the middle of March and that before childbirth still far, and it will be able to be defined, it will be present at childbirth or not (he very much was afraid to see all this and I did not want to let it at the time of attempts).

Nobody, of course, was going to allow to go home me and though fights still any were not, waters departed and my baby was going to be born. As usual, while changed clothes of me, weighed, examined etc., sent the husband behind pampers and the other things forgotten in a hurry. Then, when the come doctor dealt with all my confused explanations about excursion in maternity hospital and the departed waters, the nice young girl, my midwife as it became clear a bit later, and which - that explaining to me on the road, took away in patrimonial chamber came. I, according to some stories of already giving birth, expected anything, but only not a quiet voice and a lovely smile.

She left to

me one in chamber, brought a big rubber ball and told to settle down as it will be convenient to me. Having remained one, I did not know what to do to me, pains were not and to be engaged was not what. I already decided that all threw me, but she glanced to me again, asked how are you, told about fights and what to make to reduce pain. Then brought my suitable husband, and subsequently, before childbirth, already communicated with him as I understood nothing any more, what is the time at the moment as it is frequent at me fight and as they last long.

After the next inquiries it descended for the doctor, and I was told to change to a chair. The husband she asked to sit behind a door for the period of attempts. In some way she understood that I wanted it though the doctor was for that it remained and helped me. And further I remember only blackness and a heavy, heavy rain behind a window, her words that she likes to work in such weather and manuals to me. Then, as she told that someone black at me hurries to be born, and I, without having managed to answer that it is my daughter, saw that it already holds it, and my Nastyunya shouts with all the might.

Then, as usual, called the happy father: “You come at you was born...“ (at the same time everything, both doctors and the midwife forgot to look who was born, so quickly everything occurred). To Nastenk she put to me on a stomach to a breast, and we with the husband listened to its silent lovely posapyvaniye. And my lovely midwife it is very accurate at this time, imperceptibly and almost without serious consequences for me made everything that it was necessary, stopped the beginning bleeding, something a prizhgl, “hemmed“ something, at the same time worrying as I transfer everything.

Here so all also occurred at me, very quickly (about 6 - 7 hours from the moment of an otkhozhdeniye of waters), quietly and joyfully.

Unfortunately, I did not learn how call my fairy godmother - the midwife, thanks it huge for me and my baby. It is more such as it!

I had

of Impression of childbirth the most pleasant and joyful, there is a wish to advise all future mummies: sweep aside from yourself all bad, all the terrible thoughts and not really joyful stories of well-wishers, and everything will be good!

And so also turned out that my daughter is an unexpected pleasure for us, and the conception - my pregnancy, and the birth - my childbirth.