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Eyes of your apartment or how to reanimate old windows

Plastic windows - pleasure expensive, not all it on a pocket. And the old wooden frames covered with several paint coats look far not festively and are closed already hardly. It is possible to put quickly enough and cheap them in order, it is worth attaching a little imagination only. There are several ways of reduction of old windows in an acceptable look.

Cardinal methods

Cleaning to zero and staining - for this purpose needs to buy

a remover for old paint (it and is called), it is desirable a domestic production. It costs little, on one three-leaved window it will be required from 3 to 6 bottles, depending on quantity of paint coats. We apply with a wide brush liquid on frames and we leave for about 30 minutes then we clean off the softened paint the pallet. It is necessary to repeat until wood is bared. Let`s emphasize that it is a way for patient as full cleaning only of one shutter of a window takes about 8 hours. If you have enough patience, you will be rewarded with interest. Frames will begin to look just as new, it will only be necessary to walk on them a skin No. 1 or even No. 0, and then carefully to wipe “uayt - a spiritist“. After drying to cover with any wood stain for wood in two layers and, at will, for completeness of effect to replace old handles with new.

If you do not want to potter long or you are afraid that in the apartment as a result of application of the first way all will die out live (and the remover for old paint really has an unpleasant smell), it is possible to work differently. To buy a marbled self-adhesive film or a tree from calculation: the window height increased by quantity of shutters. Remove from frames shtapik which glass fastens. Frames should be zashpatlevat carefully and after drying of filling to walk on them a skin. You cut out the strips corresponding to width of a frame plus 2 cm on podgiba from a film. For durability it is better to put a film not on the gluing basis, and on glue of the PVA type. To level the dry roller for paint. After full drying it is possible to beat new shtapik. It is possible to cover it with wood stain under color of a film or to wrap up the same film and to put on small carnations.

Attention: slopes!

Can reanimate also an old colourful covering if the first two ways seem too troublesome, and frames did not crack and closed freely. For this purpose it is necessary to buy the special grinding nozzle on the electric drill and several times to process frames. By means of filling carefully to close up all defects and after that to cover with a layer of new paint.

Should not ignore also slopes as appearance of a window generally depends on them. It is possible to manage, of course, usual oil paint in one - two layers, but there are ways better. For example, thin linoleum. In some shops of building materials the linoleum remains at very low prices, however, better all are on sale - to be ruined and buy two running meters of good linoleum, it will be repaid.

After processing of slopes (lateral and top) them should be notched by means of a chisel or the pallet and to apply with a thick layer on them the glue for a tile mixed with PVA in a proportion 1:1. In advance cut out pieces of linoleum keep within so: at first top, then lateral. Pay special attention to edges and joints, after drying it is better to process their once again PVA glue to prevent moisture penetration. Glue after drying forms a transparent film. Some masters prefer to use a tile instead of linoleum, but it is repaid only in brick houses where window slopes have sufficient width.

the Support for a window

Now about a window sill. It is the most difficult part of a window, considering that the window sill most often takes a worn-out form and most difficultly gives in to restoration. In new buildings window sills are made of concrete and, in principle, they can be remade to the basis. For this purpose it is necessary to clear completely a window sill plate of paint and old filling, to retouch chips cement mortar (cement + sand + PVA glue in a proportion 1:1:0,5), to allow to dry, grind then again to zashpatlevat and paint.

In brick houses for production of a window sill were often used by either a tree, or concrete of poor quality therefore full cleaning of such window sill of an old covering without serious damages is impossible. Besides window sills in such houses are much wider, than in panel, and fuss with them is much bigger. Therefore it is possible to apply other ways.

For example, full replacement of a board of a window sill. It is not as difficult as it seems. It is necessary to remove window shutters from loops, by means of the puncher to beat out the lower part of a frame from nests and to accurately take out it. After extraction of a board the old window sill or falls out itself, or it is necessary to loosen it a little. Well, and it is elementary - to get a new wooden window sill in the market of building materials further, to strengthen it to the place of old by means of cement mortar and a two-three of screws, to establish a board of a frame and window shutters and to paint.

If an old window sill - concrete to break out it independently at you hardly it will turn out. Here purely cosmetic restoration is necessary. Several times walk on a window sill surface the grinder so that to remove the maximum quantity of old paint. Part 1 part of alabaster, 1 part of cement, 0,5 parts of small sand and 1 part of PVA glue to a condition of dense sour cream. The turned-out mix close up defects, cracks, chips and leave to dry for 6 hours. After the end of all works walk small “skin“, cover a window sill with filling, in a day you can paint. It is better to buy import alkyd enamel it is poisonous - white color of very dense consistence which gives specularly brilliant surface and masks small defects.