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Mineral cocktail of

Which year in a row all of us wait for a miracle. When scientists, at last, remove a universal formula of health, beauty and good health? Apparently, in our century of high technologies we have the right to count on it! But so far our expectations are ineffectual, and requests - are meek, let`s address the nature, it davny - keeps long ago this secret.

That from where follows?

“You want to keep youth and health - drink not less than two liters of water a day“ - an excellent formula, but if everything was so simple... The amount of liquid necessary for us is defined by a set of factors: build, level of physical activity, state of health, climate. Even if all of us will consider it and we will make the schedule of daily consumption of liquid “on science“, there will be a key question - and what we are going to drink?


Sad data on that how many dangers usual tap water stores in itself, already you will surprise nobody. Those who really want “all to be ruddier and are more white“, are suspicious even of the boiled and filtered in house conditions water, preferring it bottled water. However a bottle to a bottle discord - inhabitants of Foggy Albion where scandal with Dasani water burst (the producer of Coca - Cola) which in actual fact was ordinary water from - under the crane were convinced of it recently. Moreover, it became clear that containing Dasani carcinogens could provoke cancer.


In heritage from Soviet period to us got one more myth about “water of life“, this time - about mineral. Was considered that it - that also is panacea from all troubles and diseases, “one bottle suffices“. Today doctors unanimously declare: at such relation it is better not to drink mineral water at all, each grade has not only indications to application, but also contraindications.

So to drink that was not excruciatingly painful after aimlessly drunk? An optimal variant - the natural, environmentally friendly poorly mineralized Arkhyz water which suits everyone.

a life Source

Prepare - now we will make a virtual trip into the North Caucasus, to the region of the surprising nature where even air is impregnated with vivifying force. Connect your imagination. Here centuries-old glaciers of the North Caucasus, thawing and passing through thicknesses of mineral and salt breeds of the Sarmatian sea, streams direct down, in well-known “the Valley Narzanov“... Here the waters glorified worldwide thanks to the unique curative properties are extracted. But, as we know, silnomineralizirovanny waters are a serious remedy which is effective only at the competent and dosed application. For this reason will especially be distinguished “Arkhyz“ from two hundred mineral sources of the North Caucasus. It settled down not in the Valley, and on a mountain slope, in the territory of the Teberdinsky Biospheric reserve protected by the state. From this well which is at the height of 1507 meters above sea level extract drinking water with optimum (and not oversaturated) the structure suitable for the daily use. This water also passes a natural filtration in rock heart, however does not adjoin to ground waters therefore remains pure and does not lose unique taste of thawed snow.

That “Arkhyz“ did not lose the unique properties and fell to us into hands same useful what it was created by the nature, the line of pouring of water was organized directly in mountains, directly in the well-known well. As a result, choosing in Arkhyz shop, we become owners of unique “mineral cocktail“ - pure, saturated 18 - yu useful minerals and minerals which fluorine and iodine necessary for our organism are among.

Among the strongest

In the world a few mineral waters which could brag of such noble origin and curative structure. From all variety of bottled water it is possible to call unless such brands as “Vittel“, “Evian“ and “Perye“ which also spread in mountains. Whether it is worth saying about what in the Russian market on price policy they considerably lose to the domestic leader? From other representatives of the bottled industry “Arkhyz“ it is distinguished easily and easy: thanks to the numerous universal qualities.

So, the Moscow Institute of Food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science confirmed that “Arkhyz“ optimum is suitable both for the daily use, and for cooking (and especially baby food). The daily volume of this water cannot be limited - “Arkhyz“ is useful in any quantities. At the same time if you take for a habit to drink every day at least liter of this water, you will receive with guarantee a daily dose of iodine that under our conditions the general yododefitsit, you see, is very actual. Doctors unanimously advise to get such habit and as soon as possible and “to impart“ it house, “Arkhyz“ is suitable absolutely for people of any age, and it is recommended to newborns from first year of life. Reasons for such council a little.


Thawed snow on the molecular structure is almost identical to liquid which fills cages of our organism. For this reason it is so easily acquired both by adults, and children. The researches conducted on the basis of department of gastroenterology of Voyenno - medical academy of St. Petersburg, showed that “Arkhyz“ can be recommended for treatment and prevention of numerous diseases among which there are chronic diseases of digestive is warm - vascular, endocrine and nervous systems, chronic pancreatitis. “Arkhyz“ strengthens effect of medicines and does the main therapy by more effective. At regular application water “Arkhyz“ also reduces cholesterol level, so, prevents such diseases as a heart attack and a stroke, and improves the general health.

the Second reason for the daily use of Arkhyz water is an its rejuvenating properties. It is scientifically proved that thawed glacial snow best of all moistens proteinaceous fibers - kollagena which are responsible for a condition of our skin. “Arkhyz“ will become an irreplaceable element of your home cosmetic laboratory: washing by this water will give to the most whimsical skin smoothness, elasticity and a pleasant opaque shade. “Arkhyz“ will also serve as the excellent toning and refreshing means if you are not too lazy to make of it ice.

For those who care not only for the health and beauty of the person, but also for a figure doctors also advise

to pass from unsafe diets to a natural natural slimming aid. The warm “Arkhyz“ drunk before food considerably reduces appetite whereas cold, on the contrary, raises. So at competent approach it is possible to regulate the weight with taste. With taste of water “Arkhyz“ .

I, at last, information for men: it is clinically proved that “Arkhyz“ helps to increase testosterone level - male sex hormone. The simple rule to drink “ the Arkhyz“ will allow you to keep and increase every day man`s force.

the Guest from the Caucasus

At Arkhyz water - all qualities of the real mountaineer. Secrets of eternal youth, beauty, health and cheerfulness are known to it. Being the checked source of longevity, “Arkhyz“ supports immune system, struggles with chronic diseases, supports balance of substances necessary for an organism. This mineral water for a long time will load you with energy, will present excellent health and will reduce stress.

So “to drink or not to drink

“ is not a question any more. And if the person for 80% consists of water, let it will be “Arkhyz“. Water which is awarded by ten gold awards of the Russian and international competitions of quality and already several years in a row is entitled some “The best mineral water“.