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To Gelendzhik on rest by “savages“ of

Some nuances of “hunting“ of locals on “tourists - savages“.
(Explanation: “savages“ are tourists the unorganized, looking for housing and other adventures independently.)


the City lives only at the expense of vacationers. Actually, the season proceeds two months (July - August). For this short time locals also try to earn, many due to housing commissioning, and it is even more on handing over (intermediaries). It is difficult to find the house which does not surrender for vacationers in Gelendzhik. Lack of the corresponding plate speaks only about that, something owners disappear from the taxation, or there are no empty seats. As the owner of the private house, I recommend to remove housing in the private sector, but not in high-rise buildings. One of the reasons is a giving in many districts of the city of water according to the schedule. Many owners of private houses, the charter to wait decades for the solution of this problem, solved it at themselves individually (wells, wells or accumulative capacities). By the way, the simplest summer shower with the water heated by the sun, believe, it is better than a bathroom with a tile, but without water!

Should pay only attention at installation, on how many person the shower, a toilet, kitchen is necessary. Many kvartirosdatchik in a pursuit of profit build very close rooms with thin interroom partitions (through which it is badly visible, but everything is excellent it is heard). Too close arrangement to the embankment has also negative side: loud music till the morning from vacation spots and entertainments (the majority densely settles down on the embankment) - double-glazed windows do not save.

Conditional classification of housing

Nizhny Novgorod price range is rooms in apartments and private houses together with owners. General conveniences (and inconveniences) such as entrance, kitchen, bathroom and all rest. Your rest, except household conveniences and other distance to the sea, will strongly depend on character of owners. Further, the most popular type of housing, is the certain capital buildings which are specially built for delivery by the vacationer for the summer. In recent years, as a rule, multystoried. Differ in the general not with owners, and with other vacationers, household conveniences (kitchen, a bathroom in a corridor or in the yard).

the Top price range is apartments. Ready apartments are leased without any owners. If in the leased apartment there is a dirty trick - water according to the schedule or still that, then you will see owners two times: at installation to give them money, and before departure - to lease the apartment. During rest you can not like a large number of neighbors - vacationers, and the inconveniences connected with it. Naturally, there is also real luxury - separate cottages, however, it is heavy to find such option directly in the city. As a rule, such offers are suburbs of the city.

the Sea

If is short

, then than farther from the downtown, it is even better from the city, water is purer than subjects. Special claims can be heard in August, during season peak. The central city beach sandy, approximately from Grinchenko Street to Sadovaya Street, on other beaches of the city and in all resort settlements pebble. On the central beach free entrance.


It agrees socialist - to the Soviet laws and traditions, any deficiency inevitably generates specific services and offers! Imagine: in comparison with quantity of the housing constructed for vacationers - there are not enough vacationers, deficiency! And here intermediaries come to the rescue. This most of the people standing on the central streets with plates, authors of offers on the Internet:“ let`s meet - we will place, we will pick up housing“, all taxi drivers, and even so-called room bureaus. Quotations here considerable - from 10 percent and above from total amount for accommodation (an example: two persons on 200 rubles. In 10 days = 4000r * 30% = 1200 rubles! and any taxes and “pressures“ with keeping of vacationers). You will be sweet-talked to go (to go) absolutely free of charge to look on housing (what healthy person will strain free of charge presently? Or you want to deal with unhealthy people?) .

taxi drivers differ in

in Special “politeness“, they will tell you that pay only for the road, and they will roll you, will not lodge yet - still for such “grandmas“. And you try to go out only of the car then - a minimum, obscene scandal will be the overture to your rest. The owner of housing (your money) pays the intermediary, of course, he will not see the taxi driver or the intermediary soon, and he will watch all your holiday at you as though it is not the taxi driver or the intermediary it gathered, and you!

Here still nuance if you came to a kvartirosdatchik from the street, and to you he, or something at it was not pleasant, or you just found the best option, money comes back without problems. And here if someone “brought“ you - with big scandal, and even do not come back (it is already paid to the intermediary)! If all of you “made a blunder“ and somewhere brought you - the owner for anything will not bargain with the price, the taxi driver or the intermediary therefore council solves: you pay only for the road, and politely or not really (depends on your education and physical data) send all “intermediaries“ where you will be able. You say what here suits nothing you. And when “intermediary“ will leave for “other suckers“, can look for housing (here already the bargaining is pertinent!) .

the Request not to set up owners - talk to them without “strangers“, directly. I assure: there is a lot of housing and if you which - as you express in Russian and not the visually impaired person, then foreign “help“ to you to anything! Think also that the resort exists not the first year, and “the normal housing“ is leased without intermediaries. By the way, one of signs of the intermediary, for example on the Internet - addresses - phone of the owner of housing will not give you, it that you directly did not contact owners.


It is expensive

better to drive the car. If you reach by train, then it is necessary to reach Novorossiysk. Choose an arrival time not at night - local taxi drivers quote the initial price literally from a lamp, really the road to Gelendzhik stands 10 liters of gasoline (here and consider, how many to give). On a meeting: many private kvartirosdatchik whenever possible meet ““, but it is unprofitable to us. Simple arithmetics is guilty again. Example: Novorossiysk - Gelendzhik - 10 liters of gasoline plus one hundred - two “wooden“ for the car and one hundred more the taxi driver will tear off quotations from owners in the form of percent for your accommodation. Total: expenses of 10 liters of gasoline, an hour and a half time, the income from 1500 rubles, depending on the term of your rest. How you think, at such deals Novorossiysk taxi drivers strongly want that you were met? Reaction as you guess, predictable here!

And the authorities of Gelendzhik with an ulterior motive “conveniently“ placed long-distance bus station almost in the country. And at representatives of local and not local “power“ of problems with occupancy of the personal hotels not yet. However, it is a separate subject about prospects of resorts. And still: be ready if you go by a Novorossiysk taxi to the concrete address, to hear from them, “news“, type, there is no such street or on it it became impossible to live: just they very strongly want to bring you “free of charge“ to other address to “the“ kvartirosdatchik.


I Ask all aforesaid not to consider

as crime (these are our features, connected, including, with a short resort season (July - August) and concern they generally here living, but not vacationers). In the city it is rather quiet. My personal unsubstantiated explanation: representatives of power and criminal structures of all levels have interests of business and real estate here, none of them are interested in falling of the prices of the same real estate and other financial losses - from here and stability. However, small theft was, is and will be! On the beach even the clothes left unguarded quickly find new “owner“, from any numbers, happen, bank notes, jewelry, video photo, etc.


A if without humour are withdrawn, on streets I did not hear about cases of attack and a robbery (a rarity extreme). What for? Daily revenue during the high season the waiter of an average tavern - from 1000 rubles. There is a mass of “civilized“ ways of withdrawal of your money! And small and not small thefts are connected most often with carelessness of vacationers and owners of the leased housing. I made lyrical digression on careless vacationers because, as well as many drivers, I suffer in the summer from Burnt by the Sun and production of local winery of the tourists who are too slowly crossing the road. Many drivers (but not all) give way (vacationers bring money to the resort, and to press them therefore it is not favorable, but understand it, unfortunately, not everything). Generally, if you and on vacation - on the parties everything are look more attentively.



observes obvious excess of the offer of housing for vacationers over demand. In the city in the summer an unattractive picture: the locals who are importunately sticking to vacationers with offers on letting. In some countries it is possible to be engaged in prostitution, and here it is impossible to stick with offers to clients! It is good to extend it at us and to all other services, but so far we have that we have … On arrival pretend what you know where you go - you go. Even if it is not so extreme option: at the actual price you reach the pleasant district of Gelendzhik (recognize by the card or from acquaintances), do not allow any taxi drivers or intermediaries to you to impose something. One of the company you leave (it is possible directly on the street) with things (to it it is necessary grow most heavy, it should beat off the mass of offers of housing), the others choose housing.

the Signs of newcomers causing special attention of greedy kvartirosdatchik and intermediaries: “excess“ clothes, pale suntan and suitcases, loaded (things) car with “not our“ numbers 23 of the region.“ Frighten off“ a kvartirosdatchik mumpish circles, mattresses in hands and on luggage carriers, happy and suntanned faces! Instead of “fumigant injector“ from the attacking kvartirosdatchik, taxi drivers and intermediaries, say that you already leave or in the city in transit!