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- as it to do feeding in public places?

At last came true! This little man was born. You are ready to be with it day and night. You give all the most necessary to the baby. But nevertheless there is a wish to get out more often of the house, without being separated at the same time from the kid. How to be with feeding? To feed directly on the street?

many mummies face this question. The fact of feeding in the public place can confuse and seem in general unacceptable. Mother with horror represents curious passersby and reproaches of strangers. It is a pity that in our society the wrong relation to feeding was created by a breast. Many consider process of feeding very intimate and inadmissible in public. But it only beliefs of the people who are not understanding the essence of feeding by a breast. And if you do not want to run home with the kid shouting for hunger - let`s together try to adapt to feeding a breast on the street.

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First of all needs to be forgotten that you are on the street. The most important - your kid wants to be put to a breast. If you only begin to feed - constraint is quite natural to you. Over time there will be more self-confidence and correctness of the actions.

First that should be made - to get baby - a baby sling - a special sling for carrying babies. This thing will be irreplaceable for you where you would not be. Pay attention to baby sling model. If it is equipped with a long rag - you will be able to cover with it the kid and the breast. In general when feeding in a baby sling any passerby will not guess that you do, especially if you directly behave and will be completely relaxed. Aspiration to hide in the remote place, to be bent, bend only strengthen attention of strangers!

Before an exit to the street put on so that it was most convenient to feed the kid. It is possible to consider several options:

Where to you will be able always to be helped?


If on the street it is cold, the rain went or there was any other undesirable atmospheric trouble - look round around. Nearby can appear:

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of What?

All know that the feeding mother has to feel most comfortably. Therefore where you would not be, try not to make the following mistakes:

you have to understand

that you do not make anything immoral! To strengthen the confidence - you leave the house with the person close to you who will be able always to encourage you.

Try to communicate with the feeding mothers, together with them to walk. When you do everything together - the confidence in correctness of your actions will increase.


to future mothers about feeding by a breast, you impart experience with them. Perhaps, your council of skilled mother very much will help someone in the future.

Remember the known pictures of the feeding mothers - Madonna and child, Madonna Lita (Leonardo da Vinci). Feeding by a breast in those far times found reflection in art. Today we can admire this spirituality with which they are impregnated.

do not hesitate to represent breastfeeding by natural process, not demanding any serious preparation. The you will be simpler to treat it - the it will be easier for you to seize skills imperceptibly to feed the kid in any place.

If we are able to convince ourselves of it, then over time we will be able to create the healthy relation of society to feeding by a breast in the public place.

consultant for breastfeeding
Center of Support of Natural Feeding, Dnipropetrovsk