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Young mothers me will understand easy rest of

. Sometimes so there is a wish to have a rest, change a situation and not to come across, at last, the cubes which are spread out on a floor and not to hear at least several days of sounds of this “most favourite“ computer game... There is a wish to leave, for a while, at least for a week. This thought stated aloud at once finds the answer - the beloved child, having come off for a second the occupations, says: “Mother, I is with you!“

Till three years

not all are ready to Travel with kids. Especially it is difficult to decide on it that who does not represent the life without the constant help “grandmothers - nannies“. But those who got used to spend the most part of time with the child independently easily go with it and to rest.“ It is necessary to collect“ only finance.

it is a lot of

of Boarding houses which do not limit age of the having a rest children in Moscow area. It, for example, “Christmas“, “Pokrovsk“, “Aksakovsky dawns“, “Forest glades“, “Geliopark“, “Bekasovo“, “Residents of Vyatka“, etc. However, if you became happy parents only few months ago and already aspire on rest, then it is better to stop the choice on sanatorium which specializes on vacation with small children and in which some conditions are created for this purpose though. For example, there are cribs, stools, walkers, carriages. Specify at once on what conditions this “equipment“ is provided. Sometimes (as in “Water colors“) it is free, and in other places hire of a bed will cost approximately 150 rubles.

If you want (what a sin to conceal) to have a rest a little without child, then select the boarding house offering services of the nurse, equipped with a nursery with the head. The nurse can look after the child in hours of a dream (usually it is paid in addition). However, a lot of things depend on character of the kid: one is ready to spend the whole day with foreign person, and another and a couple of minutes without mother will not stay.

Same treats game rooms. Someone can remain there “for ages“ (well you will not persuade to go to a lunch in any way), and the second will not give to parents and for a threshold to step. The game room can be also a small room with the Lego set, and the whole game lodge in which there is a pool with spheres, cheerful pillows, wheelchairs etc. Nurseries too sometimes happen free, but can cost from 30 to 100 rubles an hour. Sometimes in certain hours game rooms work for free, and further there comes “commercial time“.


If you the fan of “water procedures“, then choose boarding house with the pool and, it is desirable, with “splash pool“.

For secure it is better for p to inquire at once whether the children`s doctor or the nurse is on the staff.

By the way, happens and so that rest houses, it seems, do not accept small children what it is phoned to you about. And in practice it appears differently. For example, in one of rest houses (where children since three years officially are accepted) on a New Year`s holiday not only two-year-old peanuts had fun, but also... nine-months Vovka. Therefore at all not the fact that, going to “adult“ boarding house, you will not find adherents there. However, in that case all necessary for the child should be carried with itself and to entertain him independently.

children till three years free of charge Accommodate, food is, as a rule, paid separately - if it is necessary.

From three to seven

your child is already rather independent

and that is important, is inquisitive. The rest filled with interesting events and occupations will be ideally suited for the preschool child. Try to pick up boarding house where there are specially organized children`s circles - a molding, drawing, application, gymnastics, etc.

Age already allows to pass few times a day dream, having replaced it more interesting: a campaign in a sauna or driving on horses. Preschool children very much want to feel independent, adult, but at the same time do not separate from parents yet. And it means that optimum rest for them - that which they can divide with adults.

should choosing by

Depending on degree of independence of the child programs where it will be able to satisfy the curiosity, to occupy itself and at the same time “to have a rest as the adult“. Reconcile to the fact that he will ask with you on a disco and will observe with enthusiasm as you play billiards.

It is very good

if the company with children gathers. For example, recently we had a rest in boarding house six together - three mothers and three children. The pool was designed for six people therefore we received this water space in the full order. Kids tried to swim as adults, and we, young mothers, joyfully laughing, swam on a circle. And all went to a sauna together. And nanny-goats in “pass - a zoo“ fed with apples.


, with the preschool child (unlike the baby) it is possible to have a rest really. The main thing to offer it a maximum of various entertainments - from visit of the game room before driving from waterslides.

In some boarding houses accommodation of children is more senior than three years already is paid, however, for a reduced rate. Though more often to five children (sometimes to six) years place free of charge. Food is ordered and paid in addition. Also at additional expense it is possible to take a bed for the child.

Seven plus

to School students it will be interesting to


where life rages. For children cheerful games and competitions will be more senior than seven in pleasure: from habitual “Cowboys and Indians“ before mysterious searches of the hidden treasures. Everything depends on the imagination of animators, that is special employees whose task - to entertain young vacationers.


For example, in one popular country club the little guest is welcomed by cowboys and Indians who predlgat together to gambol outdoors, to walk to the ranch (zoo), to sweep about an akvagorok in the Valley of the Red River (pool). Besides - daily cowboy`s games, competitions and discos in country style. For similar entertainments usually there is a team under the name “animators“. As a rule, it is young people and girls, often students of creative higher education institutions.

to the School student already on forces to go together with parents to excursion to the nearby cities - it is interesting and informative.

For the child is more senior than seven years food and comfort are not so important, paramount value gets communication and a variety of entertainments. And it means that it is better to go there where children of the same age have for certain a rest.

It is important that in boarding house there was a hire of stock where it is possible to take skis, scooters, bicycles, skateboards (depending on a season and personal preferences).

In the majority of boarding houses for accommodation of the child is more senior than six years payment at a discount of 10 - 50% of an overall cost is raised. Children are more senior 12 (sometimes 11) years are already considered as adults with all that it implies: both accommodation, and food is paid for a usual tariff (discounts are sometimes provided).

What to take with itself

Going to travel with the child, prepare that your baggage will be much more, than at many vacationers. Especially it concerns to parents with children till three years. Not to take such necessary thing as, I`m sorry, a pot - to create to itself the mass of excess inconveniences.

For the child of any age surely take a favourite toy (the child is younger, the “favourites“ will turn out more) and pass - a set for creativity - colored pencils or felt-tip pens, plasticine, paper.

to the Child till five years surely take

habitual food - yogurts, cookies, juice (at least per day). To kids - pampers which you usually use. Even if nearby there are supermarkets, at all not the fact that you will find necessary and habitual there.

the Universal formula of baggage for the child is as follows: clothes and footwear on a season (calculated on difference of temperatures); toys, books and “occupations for the evening“ (molding, for example); baby food or sweets and snek for those who are more senior; habitual means of hygiene and medicine (from temperature, diarrhea, diarrhea, etc.) . Further - personal preferences. Someone is lucky with himself the bicycle, and someone a bed.


number to choose

Is unconditional, it depends on opportunities and readiness to spend the unlimited sum. If to your child till five years, then it is better to stop the choice on two-room number. At least to dare to esteem, watch the favourite movie or even to invite guests from the next number during a day dream and in the evening.

in the Summer when we spend on the street much time, can save and choose standard number (with a crib or without). If you have a rest in the fall or in the spring when on the street slyakotno, then it is important that in number it was cozy and spacious, and the nursery and the dining room, whenever possible, were in the same case, where do you live. Sometimes cases are connected by warm transition - it is very convenient too.

Why should choosing by

Moscow area for rest with children?