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Problems on the person

This only it seems that your child still absolutely small and to the scary word “teenager“ - as to the Moon. Only - only you exhaled after infancy, dealt with problems of the first class, in Barbie`s course and the toy railroad as suddenly someone from people around says “awkward age“, thoughtfully looking at your child. And, having laughed, all of you think of speed of time and the fact that you are expected by absolutely new and very difficult problems...

Today`s physicians and psychologists claim that modern children enter teenage age in 10 years. And by 12 - 14 years have a complete set of typical problems of the pubertatny period. And if parents persistently deny the fact of a growing of the child, then they only aggravate this difficult period of life.

One of the most serious problems of teenagers are an appearance. It concerns most of all and therefore any deviations from “norm“ and “ideal“ can turn into the present tragedy.

I it that at this vulnerable age appearance undergoes the most serious changes should happen. From the first skin, as a rule, suffers. On it there are disgusting rashes which are contemptuously called by “spots“ and they “jump“ in the most improper time, forcing the child to suffer. According to dermatologists, 80% of all teenagers face this problem.

I there comes the truth moment for parents here. If they wave away and will not help the teenager to struggle with acne rash, then mutual understanding can be lost forever.

Who is guilty


hormones Are guilty

, certainly, first of all. Spots (they are eels, they are acnes) develop from - for violations of work of sebaceous glands which is regulated by hormones. During puberty in blood both boys, and girls the level of male sex hormone (testosterone) sharply increases. He is responsible for sexual desire and, besides, stimulates work of sebaceous glands. The last begin to produce much more skin fat, than earlier, skin becomes fat. Sometimes canals of sebaceous glands do not cope with loading - and are corked with the traffic jams consisting of fat mixed up with the died-off cages of the top layer of skin. Under skin hillocks (comedones) in which the salutary environment for a different species of microbes is formed are formed. There is suppuration - the red painful spot develops.

of Most of all sebaceous glands it is located in so-called T - a zone (a forehead, a nose, a chin), and also on shoulders, a breast and a back. These places also become most often victims of rashes.

Spots, by the way, are not always connected by

with teenage age. They can be caused by any change of hormonal balance. So, can be the cause: pregnancy, feeding by a breast, inflammatory diseases of genitals, reception or replacement of reception of contraceptives and other hormonal preparations, tumors of adrenal glands, polikistoz ovaries, stresses, injuries and so on.

Krom of artful hormones, genetic predisposition to emergence of eels exists. Some dermatologists adhere to that point of view that for this reason to cure acne rash once and for all is impossible. But on condition of the correct treatment and observance of doctor`s instructions it is possible to keep process under control, to quickly remove aggravations and not to allow emergence of cosmetic defects.

the Theory that spots arise from the use of any food product (chocolate, oil, etc.) it is not confirmed today. But nevertheless most of doctors advise to limit smoked products, sharp, fried, salty, carbonated drinks and chocolate for the reason that they lead to violations in work zheludochno - an intestinal path and can provoke allergic reactions (which are reflected in skin too and interfere with treatment). It is the best of all if the teenager some time keeps the so-called “food diary“ - in detail to write down everything that he ate. If communication between any product and quantity of eels is found, it means individual intolerance.

What to do

Treatment of acne rash has to happen at the same time at the “internal“ and “external“ level.


First of all, it is necessary to allocate the grown-up child to the dermatologist, and then - to the endocrinologist. Visit to the dermatologist is necessary to exclude serious skin diseases. Rashes on skin can be caused, for example, by a microscopic tick, and in this case the doctor registers a course of special preparations. The endocrinologist will check the level of hormones, if necessary will direct to additional inspections. Girls should visit the gynecologist who will check whether there are no diseases of ovaries.

Sometimes, at severe forms of an acne the doctor registers reception of antibiotics, the tetratsiklina is more often. And the course can be rather big - from 25 days to three months. It is normal practice of treatment of similar problems, in the USA this course can proceed year and even more.

Treatment of acne rash - business not fast. Do not trust advertizing of preparations which will promise to cure of rashes in two days. Experts assure that really treatment comes not earlier, than in four months. And in the first months exacerbations of a disease are possible.

cannot allow the child to be squeezed out eels At all (it is even desirable not to touch them). All dermatologists speak about it. The matter is that at expression the infection can extend deep into skin. And it will lead to the fact that then there are deep hems, sometimes for the rest of life. Face peels in beauty shops can be carried out only in extreme cases and it is obligatory in a complex with treatment.

Certainly, the acne demands the special address with skin. What does it mean?

In - the first, clarification. The main goal of treatment of acne rash - to normalize release of skin fat and process of peeling of the died-off cells of skin, they, mixing up, form themselves traffic jams in sebaceous glands. Thus, skin should be cleared properly. There is a set of cosmetics which are created especially for problem (or sensitive) skin. As a rule, add to them antiseptic and tannins (for example, salicylic acid, sulfuric preparations, oak bark, alder bark, etc.) . Antiseptics destroys bacteria in places of a congestion of skin fat.

Many producers use alcohol in the preparations. The opinion of doctors about it disperses. On the one hand, spirit additives disinfect the inflammation centers, with another - too tan skin that leads to obstruction of sebaceous glands. It is better if natural extracts of herbs act as antiseptic components: oil of a tea tree, an aloe - belief, extract of a nettle, an eucalyptus and others.


Clarification is necessary for any skin, not only teenage. But teenagers should do it most delicately. You should not use the means containing rigid particles (srubs, peelings), they only injure gentle skin.

Sometimes the teenagers concerned by the person begin to wash antiseptics three - four times a day. It is harmful too, frequent washing off of skin fat overdries skin and provokes sebaceous glands to more active work.

If skin is overdried by

, humidifiers are necessary for it. For these purposes it is necessary to choose such means on which it is specified “does not contain fats“ and “does not cause obstruction of a time“. Best of all teenagers suit the easy, gel preparations intended especially for young skin.

the person not a towel, but disposable napkins Is desirable to wipe

after washing not to make multiple copies a bacterium. Girls are recommended to use decorative cosmetics which is intended for young skin.

If cosmetics do not help

, dermatologists advise to use local medicines - such as Skinoren gel. It contains 15% of azeloinovy acid which dissolves “traffic jams“ and suppresses reproduction of bacteria.

And still...


Strangely enough, sometimes are helped by very simple things. Change of the mode (to go to bed not later 22. 00), walks in the fresh air, a daily contrast shower and physical activities - normalize vegetative nervous system, blood circulation and promote alignment of endocrine balance. And it gives the chance if not to avoid, then to considerably soften displays of acne rash.

In general, according to the doctors adhering to the integrative medicine (considering the person as a uniform organism, and an illness as violation of communications between various systems and bodies), rashes on a face are only a symptom of the general trouble. And hormonal reorganization only provokes manifestation of these symptoms. Therefore the teenager should be convinced to be engaged in the general improvement of an organism, but not face skin separately. Especially as it will be useful anyway.

Natural components which use in cosmetology for problem skin