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Under constellation of Twins

Frolicing in a warm dark whirlpool of life, among the deaf hooting blows something big and comprehensive, bearing life and love under which it was so with pleasure fallen down and it was serenely played, I felt the frequent ringing percussion which is scattered in rhythmical fraction. And once, resting the palm in a strong cover surrounding my Universe I felt light touches to it from there, on the other hand. Something slipped by, having lifted the elastic wave which struck in the barrier dividing us. Sucking a thumb, I reflected on this event when the weighty kick in a shoulder did not leave more doubts: I not one in this world.

the Being it artfully gurgled and kicked then when I wanted rest. I already then did not love the conflicts and contracted in a lump, trying not to concern elastic borders. Sometimes it, at last, faded, reminding of itself only silent splashes. Enjoying desired rest, I suddenly began to miss it. Somehow imperceptibly, it something, the space which is taking away from me and oxygen, became necessary for me, part me without which I did not imagine the existence any more.

For our parents the birth of two daughters was at once the joyful, slightly dumbfounding surprise. Then, there are a lot of years back, such incidents in medicine happened quite often.

Among our ancestors on mother also northern nationalities are. Possibly, their genes became the matter is that in infancy our cheeks were so round, and eyes so narrow that the elder brother somehow dumbfounded parents, having asked when we open eyes as it happens to kutyata and kittens. Still he assures that we did not differ from two bald Chinese bobbleheads.

over time Turkic blood of mother was dissolved by

in Slavic blood of the father, having left about itself for memory only high cheekbones and slightly slanting section of eyes. Similar externally, we found a dissimilarity of characters at once. If one after feeding right there fell asleep, another not only that itself did not sleep, but also haunted another, trying to thrust it a finger into an eye or into a nose. And we did not want to sleep separately, lifted shout and calmed down only, put in one bed.

we began to Tell

early, but for communication among themselves words were not necessary to us. Long enough we were content with society of each other. We had peculiar games. For example, absolutely small liked to play teapots. Gold and silver. Creeping in a blanket cover, getting over from one its corner in another, we represented a campaign of teapots on a visit. Why teapots we wanted to stay - now secret for both.

Gradually the circle of our communication joined the girl from the neighboring apartment, an angelic look the child with huge blue eyes and a magnificent fair-haired braid. The braid was a subject of our envy. She envied our courage and a frank huliganistost in which we differed nearly since childhood. However, we seldom shkodnichat, realizing crime of the activity. Much more often and did not come to our mind that for some things will not pat on the back.

So, years in three we decided to find out whether chickens are able to float. Without having been confused at all the fact that chickens were strangers, we with great feeling got down to business. In the middle of the yard there was a big rusty basin with water from which hens drank. Having caught one chicken, we threw him into water, with interest observing as it starts up bubbles. To our big chagrin, there is a little potrepykhavshis, it fell by a bottom. The chickabiddy, obviously, was not able to float. We caught the following, in hope nevertheless to see how it will float. But also this down the lump refused to float. When at the bottom of a basin there were already five or six, the chicken children who are not able to swim, we were caught behind this occupation by the mistress of chickens. It considerably filled up our stock of abusive words. In perplexity, without feeling for itself any guilty, we dangled at it under mice when it at a trot rushed to us home, ready to burst for rage.

that day to us once again properly was explained that to take others badly and the fact that chickens are not able to float. I do not know how parents managed to smooth down the conflict, but in the evening we already let out to walk. Having found on a garbage can corpses murdered us birdies, we organized them a magnificent funeral on a sand heap, behind a gate.


Another time, is already more adult, we caused a stir in the fact that zapinat the teacher in kindergarten! In a sickly court yard, among bare wooden machines and boats, there was brand new metal swing, sparkling white paint. Shook on them in turn under control of the tutor. We looked forward to this desired moment, but under the very nose sisters on the varnished seat fat Irochka Rakina was put. Seeing such injustice, the sister burst in desperate crying.

Already then I was ready to gnaw through for it a throat and therefore, without reflecting, approached the teacher and, without words, kicked it on an ankle. So far that amazement opened and closed a mouth as if the fish who is thrown out from water the little sister, without ceasing to roar, kicked it on the other hand. Having joined hands, with feeling of the fulfilled duty, we departed from a swing. At the teacher the voice was cut through. Children crowded near it, pointing a finger at us and showing languages. To everyone`s surprise, on our party there was a neighbour`s blue-eyed girl who was afraid, apparently, of everything on light.


after that, to us finally consolidated reputation of desperate hooligans. Mother began to send for us to a garden of the elder brother not to listen to infinite complaints to our behavior, and the neighbour`s girl whom we called by the Skin became us a girlfriend for many years.

How many myself I remember, I always was senior. And not only upon the birth. A sense of responsibility for the sister, desire to protect her from any misfortune, whether it be the vicious dog or the director of studies at school, never abandoned me. Think of the Homeland earlier, and then of yourself! You remember words of this song? Paraphrasing them, one may say, that the most part of my life was held under the motto: “Think of the sister earlier, and then of yourself!“


She was very glad to the part of the sponsored crumb assigned to it, having imperceptibly added to it fair portions of egoism and cunning, so inherent in the only children in a family. In such situation she also liked to put herself, without being confused the fact that us at parents three! I forgave all to it, without assuming also thought that something can be in a different way.

our father, typical Scales on a horoscope, differed in irascibility, but quickly departed, sharply changing the mood. Pedantically accurate, but not deprived of boyish mischief, it was indulgent to our pranks. He called us the Copy and the Favourite, and, having been fond of amateur filmings - the Shots. Indulging us, it, without suspecting that, compensated our jealousy of mother from - for the brother for which her firstborn and now the best child in the world. Then we wildly took offense, but, having given birth to the children, could understand and forgive her. As opposed to the father, mother who was born under the sign of the Maiden differed in indestructible prudence, and iron will. It never changed the decisions, we never heard from it shouts or swear words. Punished by it, we submissively stayed at home, with a sigh glancing in a window at the children running on the yard, knowing that there is nothing to hope for amnesty.

Together they, first of all, tried to cultivate in us independence and ability to defend own opinion. They right there also reaped fruits of the works, listening to arguments in protection of our musical addictions, or reddening at cool meetings, told off for the fact that their children confuse the issue eternally the unwillingness to accept all “unanimously“. It is clear, that the five for behavior in our sheets even did not spend the night.

I studied At school for two. While I pored over textbooks, my little sister perfectly spent time, running on appointments nearly from kindergarten. In the evening it with quiet conscience blew off all from my notebooks, a little concerned in the afternoon, knowing that I will always help out it, using our similarity. We sat together therefore the problem of oral objects was solved easily. And here with the exact sciences I had to sweat fine. Still I am tormented by dreadful dreams in which the call rings, and I do not manage to solve a problem of geometry from its option!

in process of a growing, our characters finally dispersed to opposite poles. It, differing since the birth in improbable charm, became the feminity embodiment. Besides, perfectly sewed, prepared and knitted. Me, frankly speaking, it was possible to write down in blue stockings. I adored sport and showed dense stupidity in attempts to acquaint me with needlework or cookery. Nothing, however, prevented us to love gently each other. If we quarreled in the morning, then could not fall asleep in the evening before we do not reconcile. She carefully watched my appearance, educating in fashion. I was not lazy to tell on a recorder tape answers of examination cards on literature that it could listen to them via earphones. From my expressive reading she safely fell asleep, without paying attention to my indignation.

U of each of us, but not one of them could not replace to me it. Only I could entrust it the secrets, without being afraid that in case of quarrel, they will become property of the people as it often happens even to intimate girlfriends. We, as always, perfectly understood each other without wasting words. Slightly absent look, the frowned eyebrow, the movement of hands during washing of ware, or the pose accepted before going to bed could tell about much. We felt especially sharp unification in a graduation class, having a presentiment that it is the last year of our cohabitation. At that time we were especially gentle and attentive among themselves, more tolerantly as if the spouses who noted a golden wedding.


So it happened that we studied in the different cities and received different professions. The first months of separation were intolerable as though snatched part of soul, pulled out half-hearts. The melancholy smothered cold fingers of loneliness, deafened by the incalculable number of days till vacation. The fear and alarm the friend for the friend poisoned a charm of student`s life. Letters were written in detail and had smack of bitterness of thousands of kilometers lying between us. Feelings became aggravated to a limit: we approached phone one minute prior to a call, began to have prophetic dreams, to great horror, the pleasure and wellbeing not always predicting.


Once, having handed over summer session, I gathered home. As a result of any malfunctions at the airport I did not get on the plane flight. On stupidity of years, I did not guess to call and warn that I will cure other, transit flight. Present that my family tested, without having found me among the arrived passengers! The whole day they drank soothing and tore off phones, begging the sister to concentrate to try to feel whether there was to me no something awful. She honestly listened to the heart, and steadily answered that there is no basis for panic. When I, at last, arrived to one o`clock in the morning, having taken a taxi (one more foolish act) home, I was met by a dense cloud of a valerian and valocordin in which lightnings parents and the granny rushed about. The smile of the sister was a sun ray in the middle of this storm. She - that for a minute did not doubt that is with me everything is all right.

Only when we povykhodit

in marriage, gave birth each other to nephews, our passions settled a little, having had an opportunity to switch to husbands and children. Now we live in the different ends of the country, we see each other once a year, living this year in an anticipation of a long-awaited meeting and being depressed after parting. E-mail is a small miracle of a civilization - daily carries our small stories about the day lived by us. Phone calls are learned from thousands of others. We suddenly at the same time feel passion to marinated herring or we have one dream for two, finding it, when reading the e-mail. Sometimes we sink into dotage and we quarrel from - behind everyone nonsense then we deeply regret and we cannot remember without laughter it. She still gives to me advice in fashion, and I entirely defer to its perfect taste, regretting that now I do not have need to solve for it a heap of tasks in geometry.

Somehow imperceptibly now I fell into a state youngest behind which an eye yes of eyes is necessary, and now I am indulged special attention and care. Children grow, and we, happens, we represent ourselves two comely old women what were seen on walk in park once. Grandmothers were identical as peas from a pod. Their grandsons, or perhaps great-grandsons, cheerfully froliced in a sandbox, and grannies spoke, spoke and could not have a good long talk in any way.

We were born

in one year and hour, between us only five minutes of time, the whole 300 seconds of eternity. We are ready for one invisible wave radiated by constellation of Twins though were born under other sign. We far apart, but we together. We are two, but we a single whole.