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Feeding by a breast from beginning to end of

Even during pregnancy I made the decision that I will surely nurse. Did not miss any issue of magazines like “Lisa. My child“. It is a lot of interesting from there learned. Attended in a maternity welfare unit lectures about breastfeeding and preparation for it. I was “pleased“ with an unprepared breast and told what needs to be done (to pound nipples a wet towel). It was terribly opposite, and I safely threw this business. But then it became clear that it in general put dangerous - childbirth can come ahead of time.

When Nikitka was born

, it was put to my breast at once. If it is honest, to me not really - that was believed that he sucked something there, the doctor moaned concerning my unprepared breast (very gentle an aura and the pulled-in nipples). Nikita sucked actively and long (there could be the whole hour at a breast), slept well (almost all night long). Said to me that it is a long break and it is necessary to awake, but I did not touch it. For the third day colostrum was replaced by milk, the nipple on the right breast burst, Nikita even a small piece “otgryz“, the breast became about Nikitkina the head (at the husband were very ridiculously stared when he saw my breast). Nikita could not take it. Full nightmare.

Doctors frightened

an electric milk pump, but I asked the husband to bring usual. The whole day lay having gritted teeth, decanted. For the fourth day it became easier, milk arrived, but Nikitka “worked“ wonderfully well. Wrote out us for the sixth day. Milk came, but did not overflow. Week I lay with a temperature of 39,5, but then somehow by itself passed. Milk became less. Nikita sucked on an hour, and even it is more. The pediatrician said that it is wrong, it is necessary to feed often and on slightly - slightly (it is better on time) and to weigh (well and we namuchatsya with this weighing!) . Still told to write down feeding time, and before and after to determine by weighing how many ate. But at me very seldom it turned out because Nikitka ate hour, then usually filled up, and we did not torment him with scales.


of Milk less and less. I began to panic. Nikita is 2 weeks old, he a breast empty mumbles. I so dreamed to nurse, and here it! I sometimes just fell into despair. May holidays began, and the pediatrician in the next 1,5 weeks was not expected. And therefore the doctor to me did not order to enter additional food (and that you never know, all have a rest). Still the grandfather with the grandmother came every day and set on:“ It is necessary to finish feeding“. Even food was bought. Called the consultant for breastfeeding, that calmed me, told that it is necessary to sleep with the child at night together and not to release from a breast. So I both arrived, and there was a miracle! Milk came, and during feeding.

Ya weighed the child before feeding, he at me sucked minutes five and refused. I weighed it and was stunned: he ate 100 grams. I was in the seventh heaven. The lactation was adjusted (the truth, the first two - three months milk “too much“ flew, especially during walks). The first month suffered nipples: the left breast normal, and right - all completely. Smeared with sea-buckthorn oil (Aktovegin - gel tried, but it was very difficult washed away before feeding, and I moved away him in a box). Then everything wonderfully began to live.

Milk began to come only to feeding time. As in the fairy tale!!! However, the grandfather and the grandmother saddened all pleasure the “efficient“ councils: it is necessary to dopaivat and enter juice. It to the three-months child - what has a normal increase in weight and normal quantity of urinations in a day. We as could, constrained their impact. In five months everything is began to enter juice. About input of food in a diet of the child I will not speak, I will tell only that it in this before always had a maternal breast on the first place.

Nikita grew up, he was 2 years old and 2 months, and I began to think, as if to separate it from a breast. Any arrangements and admonitions are not for my child. To leave for several days without mother - not option. Just tried not to give a breast - the hysteric. Tried to distract games - such number did not pass. He could suck it the whole evening without a break, than slowly began to enrage me, sometimes just there was a wish to tear and throw. And I decided to smear a breast with mustard. Smeared. Nikita grabbed a breast as usual, and at first even understood nothing, then was wrinkled, told “To Foo - at“ and departed.

When it began to ask a breast, I smeared it with mustard and said that everything, the milk deteriorated. He licked, screwed up the face and departed. Then just began to approach me and to nestle, so in the afternoon and fell asleep at me on a breast (more happily I did not exist). At the night Nikitka, of course, cried without “sisa“, but did not take it when I all - offered. The first day three were heavy, it was necessary to schezhivatsya. Milk left weeks through two. In a month Nikita did not ask any more. Falls asleep with me in an embrace (soft toys does not love). Now he is three years old. He sometimes shows on my breast and speaks for fun: “To pour a milk“.