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Pleasure of motherhood

till the birth of the Kid I read an uncountable set of articles about development, education, feeding of children including about breastfeeding. But as soon as in my hands there was a small shouting lump - everything somehow was forgotten at once. I was captured by panic, and the only desire was that he at last became silent.

Ya put it to a breast, heavy from the arrived milk. Mine the Baby surprisingly quickly thought as as it is necessary to do, and was forgotten in a sweet semi-sleepiness. I, having gritted teeth from pain (in wise books advised to temper nipples in advance), with melancholy and a despair remembered happy faces of the feeding mummies on pages of the magazines broadcasting about pleasure of motherhood.

the happy relatives who Met us at home amicably congratulated newly appeared mother and guessed to whom the kid is more similar. And I with horror looked at the watch and waited for hour X. And here it came! We with the Kid retired to the certain room where I should test one of “pleasures of motherhood“ again.

Having finished with

a meal, mine roasting with pleasure snuffled on hands when to us my friend - the neigbour glanced. By this time at it already was two children and a wide experience in breastfeeding. Having listened to my gloomy story, it right there brought the milk pump from the house and taught them to use. Extraordinary ease in a breast forced me to look at reality a little differently.

several days Later, as well as was promised by the girlfriend, all unpleasant feelings disappeared, nipples did not hurt any more, the breast was not heavy. The truth it became clear that it was not enough milk: 10 - 20 ml - all this that it was possible to squeeze out of me. The kid was very uneasy, each hour and asked day and night a breast. I strongly worried about it, tried to drink more tea with milk, tried to increase intervals between feedings, not to feed at night, but nothing helped.

was come to the rescue, as always, by more skilled fighting girlfriend who advised to relax, calm down first of all and at last to reconsider the relation to feeding process, not to perceive it as penal servitude. By its council I put the child to a breast not on hours, and on demand, fed at night so much how many he wanted, after feedings decanted the milk remains.

After a month of persistent fight against itself and circumstances the miracle came true - milk considerably increased, the peanut had touching cheeks, and, the main thing, now feeding of the Kid gives me not less joy and pleasures, than to it. At us by itself the mode in 3 hours was developed. When he wants to sleep, I put him with myself, and for the morning both of us wake up in great mood. Pleasure of motherhood - not the myth, now - that I know about it.