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As I carried and gave birth to Kolyashka and that was then

When we decided to bring our second child, to the first - the daughter Tasa, there were only 1,5 years. I do not know what happened to me, but there was a sharp wish for the second, right now, and not later as if in brains there was an eclipse. It was strange since after the birth of Tasyukhi I resolved that no children will exist any more. Too heavy were consequences of first labor. But the nature prevailed. The second turned out extremely quickly, from the first, in two weeks I understood that everything turned out, and in a month the positive test for pregnancy confirmed everything. I thought that time first so heavy labor was, vtoroy pregnancy, and especially childbirth, has to be much easier. But not here - that was.


of the Problem from second month at once. I was terribly stirred up by all summer, the stomach terribly hurt, I lay almost all the time. Was engaged in Tasyukhy (walked, fed, played and put to bed) in a semi-conscious state. Nothing helped. Completely tortured, decided everything - to go to the doctor. On reception it became clear that it is such form of toxicosis, and still it turned out that I have a brutal milkwoman. And I - that thought from where such itch? In the first pregnancy I did not even know that the milkwoman can be such... awful. It terribly tormented me all pregnancy, was removed by nothing. The doctor registered from stomach pain Hilak Forte, Mezim, from the milkwoman of a candle, well and it seems somehow everything was adjusted. to

at the beginning of September, 2004. We with the husband had a wedding anniversary, I tasty prepared all, bought wines. And in the evening we with it celebrated our four years` joint life in official marriage. I was three months gone. After put to bed to Tasyukh, I was twisted by the wild surrounding pain which did not release me 4 hours. Terribly tore me, and at the end of all this I almost thought nothing and only thought of that there was no abortion. During this pain could not lie and sit, only go. In four hours I am already and could not go, just hung on the husband.

during all this horror the husband tried to call an ambulance twice, explained that I am pregnant that pain very strong. But workers of the ambulance of our remarkable Korolyev had other opinion. To it it was told that it happens at pregnant women, told that “let drinks but - a shpa and valocordin, and everything will pass“. How much drank, I do not remember how fell asleep, I do not remember too, next day felt awfully and looked suitably. To the doctor did not go since thought that it is reaction of an organism to wine in a pregnant state.

me twisted

In a month again and not once. Three days in a row, on two times in the course of the day. After the next attack and refusal of the ambulance to arrive I resolved to go to 4 mornings to the doctor. The husband stayed at home, and with him together went to the therapist. The fact that the therapist so attentively asked me about these attacks surprised, cursed our ambulance, assumed that, maybe, the pancreas so brawls. it became clear

On ultrasonography by p that from a pancreas everything is all right, but in a gall bladder stones, and there is a lot of, and small, and from them all this pain. The blood biochemistry concerning indicators of a liver was just awful. The fact that so far I in situation, with these stones nothing can be done killed. It is good though I had the Moscow policy. Through the Moscow policlinic received the direction in institute of surgery of Vishnevsky. There on consultation once again of a podtverla that so far I am pregnant, nobody me will operate, only if I turn yellow. For now diet: to exclude fat, sharp, smoked, dainties everyones, chocolate, coffee, cocoa, well, to sit on all boiled, and also to exclude heavy combinations of food (like macaroni with meat). Told, here give rise, you come, we to you will cut out everything. Also told that time this hereditary (a gift from the father) to dissolve or split up it is useless, they will appear then again.

In November the attack for 6 hours crooked. Again called an ambulance, this time they deigned to arrive. Took away in our Tsentralka. Outside night, and doctors do not know where to put me with a paunch on the 6th month, in gynecology, in surgery or in general in maternity hospital. As a result put in surgery, everything, seeing my paunch, just came to confusion. Droppers with those drugs which were resolved by gynecologists dripped. Lay 1,5 weeks there. The liver hurt terribly, thought that it will fall off. And all this for November holidays.

A had to be suffered then only. If at home there was a husband, the brother or the neigbour, at once gave an injection but - shpa, tablets did not help. Well as lived till February, I do not know. Attacks beat every week, I roared, to me pricked pricks, just there were a wish to die. Moreover the gynecologist told but - shpy not to be fond, and that premature birth can begin. Did not afford more than two pricks on 2 cubes, suffered.

From December to January, about a month, attacks were not in general. Then I chose maternity hospital, decided to give birth in Mytishchi on a paid basis. Laid down in advance since the gynecologist ordered not to perenashivat at all, and it is better to give rise in general earlier. Before laying down in maternity hospital, week went to the doctor, I was washed and smeared with cream that though there were milkwomen a little less.

Laid down 2 - go February, lay to 7 - go, doctors everything hoped that I will give rise. And 5 - go and 6 - go at me were attacks (it were days off), pricked baralgin. On Monday complained to the doctor, that told that we will not wait any more and appointed childbirth next day. And in the evening, 7 - go, I was twisted again by an attack.

8 - go since morning to me opened a bubble, shaved, gave an enema, all this time of fights was not, transferred to other floor. In patrimonial one lay, delivered me a dropper with oxytocin, gave a dream. Then there arrived mother, svatka, at first weak began, then is stronger. Almost all fights slept, it was painfully awful. Then I was transferred to a chair to give birth. 4 persons, the manager, the doctor - neonatolog, two nurses delivered. Gave rise very quickly, in 12 minutes. In total gave birth less than 4 hours.

us was born

U remarkable a malchishechka, weight 3670, height of 50 cm. We, by the way, till the last moment did not know who will be born, he on ultrasonography was ciphered, turned away. In total - made an epiziotomiya on an old seam. Then, when sewed up, felt each seam, two times did anesthetic, but it for some reason did not work. Then two hours lay, slept with a bubble cold on a stomach.

In 2 hours was transported in chamber. One lay with the peanut. There were very good nurses Tanya and children`s Marina. All the time has come, checked how I, brought the vessel since could not reach a toilet, darkened in eyes, and the head was turned. Lay 4 days.


turned out extremely quiet (suprotiv Tasi who shouted till 1,5 years and now sometimes so shouts that though be hung up:-)), ate and slept, cried extremely seldom. So in our first night I remarkably slept off, however, as well as in the subsequent. Everything in maternity hospital was normal, pure, personnel quite good. Only the food so-so, and the children`s doctor is bluff. With carpenters still keeps, and here with free affords roughness. Lay for a fee, it was possible to use a shower, there was a separate toilet. The chamber is cool, with repair, a TV set, the refrigerator, a table, a chair, a bedside table, a pelenalny little table, a wash basin.

12 - go numbers, on Saturday wrote out us. At home the nightmare began. The husband came to work, I remained one. Small all the time wants to eat, Tasya to play or eat, shouts since I cannot pay to it much attention, seams hurt terribly and badly begin to live. Very much was afraid that onm will part as for the first time. Long boyalals to sit. Several times bsli attacks. It is not enough milk since all the time on a diet, it was almost necessary small to finish feeding at once. Under 8 - e March I at last began to sit, and registered in a hairdressing salon, maraft before a holiday guide, and that looked as plague marsh:-). Yes not here - that was.


One week prior to a holiday attacks, began to beat every day, the liver began to hurt again, neither the prick but - shpa, nor a baralgina helped (5 cubes...) . If not the nurse which we employed shortly before it I precisely would fall where - a thread and did not rise any more. Pain did not pass, only it became worse, the liver just revolted.

6 - go March understood in the morning that I will not sustain any more, again called an ambulance. Me put in surgery again. 6 - go lay under droppers from 11 to 19 in the evening. Dripped to a klyukoz with novocaine, and forbade to eat calcium chloride, a heap of spazmolitik absolutely, only to drink water. Generally, met 8 - e Mart on a hospital bed, hungry and under a dropper, the hairdressing salon was cancelled, milk was gone absolutely. After such knockout from life, it was decided that it is necessary to be operated and as soon as possible. Of course, Kolyashka was absolutely tiny, but still I just would not endure such attack.

should have hurried since during a heat it is bad to be operated, everything hard begins to live. Especially the winter dragged on as if especially for me. For this purpose moved to live to Moscow to mother especially as to Vishnevsky to go it was very close. Went to the next reception. The surgeon told that it is already possible to do operation. Distances list of analyses and forward.

Decided to do to

all analyses in the same place, in Vishnevsky. Made everything in one day. The gynecologist was the last. When the gynecologist looked at me, reported one more “joyful“ news - on an external seam suppuration, and with such hogwash nobody will operate that it was not even worse. Well, dab awful, the analysis of urine is even worse.

Went to Queens to the gynecologist to be treated. Registered tablets, lotions with dioksidiny and with ointment levomekol. Week all this business treated. Hardly found this dioksidin, it just disappeared from drugstores. Attacks were because of nerves started over again. Except soup and boiled fish did not eat anything else with the Chinese salad. Thank God, it was treated so that even the milkwoman all nafig was killed:-). Then repeated the analysis of urine, passed the commission, two weeks waited for the place.

At last me was put on April 25. At once this day made ultrasonography, and gastroscopy with endoscopy, after the last two procedures swayed me, on Tuesday, 26 - go, took blood and urine again, and 27 - go operated under the general anesthesia. Operation was laparoscopic, made only 4 holes and through them accurately pulled out a bubble.

Long could not wake up after an anesthesia, the anesthesiologist with me was exhausted until I recovered. Transported in chamber, 2 hours did not allow to sleep since felt sick bile that did not choke. My neigbours in chamber with me rushed as about native, helped when tore, brought the vessel, dressed, then slept, slept and once again slept. For the night made anesthetic, night passed well. Days went with a drainage (in inside in picked a tubule, on the end a bag), through it any muck left. Next day the drainage was removed, I could go, only inside everything ached.


On third day, on Friday when all my doctors left, at me lifted temperature 38. The doctor on duty got a fright, appointed antibiotics. Two days, three times a day pricked. On Friday all were povypisyvat, we remained together in five-seater chamber, a lafa! Temperature did not rise any more. The May Day with Easter passed on a hospital bed:-). And 3 - go May I was written out. Now consequences such: two weeks to go with the bandaged legs that there was no thrombosis, three months not to lift more than 2 kg as the child I will drag I do not represent, I go in a bandage postoperative, on a diet and to sit since from all this the pancreas - pancreatitis “ached“, with a liver but everything is OK.

Surgeons in Vishnevsky just super, I had even 3 doctors - Kirill Vyacheslavovich, Konstantin Ivanovich and Elena Nikolaevna, to them many thanks. Thanks also to my gynecologist which encouraged me and treated physically; to my husband who sat from Taskaya while I lay on hospitals and at home any after attacks, gave to me injections and still managed to earn money; to my brother who sat from Taskaya so far I went on doctors; to my neigbour who gave injections when there was no husband; and all my family which endured all this together with me.

Ya I hope that I any more will never turn out on the operating table that will not flatten and thrash me from sores any more. And also to wish patience to those pregnant women who fell into my state.


three months, it very beautiful, long, at it is tremendous hands, it is still very silent. Tasyushka very much loves it, climbs to help to feed, bathe etc.

A to all women I want to wish success in hard business of incubation and the birth of children!