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Obstetric aid in Norway of

Quality and availability of medical services in Scandinavia, and in Norway in particular, uses deserved glory in a world staff. The Scandinavian countries quite often for fun are called “countries of victorious socialism“, however in this joke there is a considerable grain of truth. Really to provide the basic principle of the Norwegian medicine identical on quality and equally available to all living in the country medical care, irrespective of the social status and thickness of a purse of persons in need in it.

the Health system

Sector of the state health care in Norway totals 220 000 workers and is one of the largest employers in this country. A share of the budget directed to health care in Norway, also one of the highest in the world. The health system is centralized and is under control of the Ministry of Health and social programs which bear responsibility for all problems connected with medical care of Norwegians and health of the nation in general.

Financing of medicine is carried out by

at the expense of tax revenues in the Norwegian budget. It is necessary to notice that rates of taxes in Norway, both personal, and corporate, one of the highest in the world. All country is divided into five “regions of health care“, and some features of providing medical services depend on local conditions.

So, the part of the territory of Norway, in particular the North and islands located in the North Sea allocated to the fifth region have very low population density and rather weak transport infrastructure. Of course there it is a little hospitals and policlinics, and quite often people live very far from them. The special attention in this region is paid to development of a telemedicine, that is remote methods of consultation and diagnosing with use of the most modern telecommunication technologies, in particular videoconferences. In need of the people needing the help transport to the place of delivery of health care by the helicopters or planes sometimes making flight only to help the patient. By itself if patients had to pay the actual commercial cost of similar services, the very few could afford it, but within the Norwegian concept of social health care no medical services are paid directly by the patient.

In Norway three levels of health care exist: municipal, provincial and nationwide according to the principle of financing. Medical institutions of municipal level are financed from local budgets, at the provincial level financing is carried out from budgets of provinces, and the centers and programs of national level receive public financing.

all sections of rendering primary medical care by the general practitioner belong To municipal level. This level includes the medical center, the house for an aftercare of patients and the house for the elderly people needing leaving. In the medical center there are 1 - 2 therapist, a physiotherapist, nurses and midwifes. At primary address of the patient the general practitioner advises. Here supervision over patients is carried out and there passes the period of an aftercare of patients the physiotherapist. In the medical center observation over children, pregnant women, vaccination is made. If necessary the patient goes to regional medical institution.

At the provincial level the hospital (stationary) and advisory help appears. In polyclinic offices consultations of experts for patients are held with the directions from the general practitioner and specialized help in hospitals is given.

At the national level is given highly specialized help (for example, treatment of rare diseases, an organ transplantation).

Should telling

several words about preparation of medical staff in Norway. After the termination of medical faculty of university the young specialist has to pass months-long practice in hospital or any other medical institution, and then pass examination. Only after that he obtains the license of the doctor. The medical nurse business in Norway also is university specialty. The prestige of the health worker in the country is very high.

the System of obstetric aid in Norway is part of the centralized health care mechanism. Though there are no separate maternity hospitals, in all hospitals there are patrimonial and postnatal offices, as a rule, equipped state-of-the-art. There is no difference as medical care, technical equipment and the level of preparation of medical staff depending on the region in Norway.

Supervision over pregnancy

from the moment of pregnancy approach the woman is under regular supervision of the midwife in the local medical center. As a rule, each visit take blood test from the pregnant woman and urine, and also carry out monitoring of heartbeat of the child. Ultrasonic researches are appointed as necessary, usually not less than 2 - 3 times during pregnancy. At hospitals courses for future mothers, and for those who do not know Norwegian will quite often be organized, they can be carried out in English. It is possible to ask to arrange excursion on patrimonial and postnatal office, to have a talk with midwifes and doctors, to take for viewing visual grants (videotapes, a compact - disks). Before fights in hospital put only on medical indications, at the wrong prelying or danger of premature birth. Sometimes, when fights are still irregular, after survey and definition of disclosure of a neck of a uterus can send the woman in labor back home...

Conducting childbirth

of Epiduralnaya anesthesia at childbirth is applied by

often, but in difference, say, from the USA and other countries with the commercialized medicine, the final decision on application of anesthesia is made by the doctor as anesthesia, as well as other medical actions, is not considered as the service ordered and paid by the client. Therefore doctors at purpose of epiduralny anesthesia are guided more by professional reasons, than the patient`s wishes. Besides epiduralny anesthesia at the time of delivery it is usually applied the wide range of means of anesthesia for example anesthetizing masks with gas, narcotic analgetics and even such original methods as acupuncture. Almost obligatory in Russia before childbirth the enema and shaving in Norway are unknown and do not practice.

Presence at families of the husband or other person close to the woman in labor, absolutely usually, and the vast majority of childbirth in Norway - partner childbirth. Right after families of the newborn the doctor examines, the kid is weighed, measured, check reaction to external irritants. Directly after this child put to a breast and at the request of mother or leave with it, or take away in postnatal office to give to the woman tired with childbirth the chance to have a rest. Of course in the Norwegian conditions, unlike the same United States, the choice of Cesarean section as way of permission from burden - business only of the doctor, and at the request of the woman in labor this operation does not become.

the system of obstetric aid in Norway is rather conservative

At very high level of hardware and excellent level of preparation of medical staff in that, as for alternative methods of acceptance of childbirth. Though some particulars, for example the choice of a convenient pose at childbirth, depend on the woman in labor, exotic methods of a rodorazresheniye, for example childbirth in water, do not practice in the state hospitals of Norway. Nobody is forbidden to give birth the house as to it will like, but very few Norwegians choose alternative childbirth.

of Chamber in all Norwegian hospitals very much komfortabelna are also supplied with a shower, the TV, phone, and it is possible to order dishes at choice according to the menu. The chamber can be both the single, and calculated on bigger quantity women, usually to four. The father of the child can visit him and mother at any time during the day, except a quiet time, and other visitors - in time specially allotted for this purpose.

Obstetric aid on - Norwegian does not provide any strictly certain time of stay in postnatal office. Usually mother with the kid are in maternity hospital 2 - 3 days, but according to objective indications this term can be prolonged until the doctor does not consider that they can be allowed to go home fearlessly.

In spite of the fact that been born in Norway at the birth personal state identification number of social insurance, the fact of the birth in Norway of the child is assigned to all by parents - foreigners does not grant to the child the automatic rights for the Norwegian nationality: for this purpose at least one of parents has to be Norwegian.