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We learn to put on independently and which - that about a pot...

Changing clothes several times a day, we, adults, we do it so quickly and habitually that we do not even think of how difficult and long children study it - before independent clothing and an undressing there will pass 5 - 6 years from the birth moment. Trying to obtain progress in this extremely difficult business, the kid every time feels like the winner, and business of adults to support him, to help and not to hurry at all. To cause interest in disguise process in the small child, from the earliest age explain and comment on each action when clothing, do it by a quiet voice, without hurrying - then the kid will derive pleasure from all process of clothing. At the age of 12 - 18 months (“age of imitation“) he will try to undo buttons, to take off socks or shoes and so on. But before the child will be able to do without the help of adults, he will pass several consecutive stages.

of 1 - 3 month. Usually children at this age are swaddled, but observe how the kid treats this procedure - as a rule, it is not pleasant to much, they cry and if you decide to dress to it something through the head or on the head (a cap, for example), then the child will be negative to it at all (though there are also opposite situations). At this age the main thing that the kid is not indifferent to disguise procedure.

of 4 - 5 months. Lying on a back, the kid with pleasure takes off socks from legs and pulls them in a mouth. If in a bed there are any diapers or things, then the kid likes “to hide“ in them, being covered with the head.

of 9 - 12 months. the Child begins to take part in clothing process: itself pushes a hand in a sleeve, tries to push legs in trouser-legs, already knows that boots put on legs, and a cap on the head. If the boot with laces falls of it into hands, then the kid will be keen on this “toy“, will not pull out a lace yet.

of 15 - 19 months. and clear for the child of this age three types of clothes - a cap, footwear and pants are the Most interesting. If you gather for walk, the kid drags a cap and even tries to put on it the head. He treats footwear quite consciously, and tries not only to remove it, but also to dress, however, it much more difficult. Sometimes at the child it turns out to unzip. Having wetted shorts, the kid feels discomfort and tries to take off them, and, quite successfully. At this age most of children begin “to be on friendly terms“ with a pot, that is why we will dwell upon this subject.

Which - that about a pot

In - the first, several words about what pot it is better to choose. As this subject is used for quite certain purposes, it is necessary to buy the simplest, without any excesses a pot that the child did not confuse sitting on a chair during rest or game to sitting on a pot. Choose the steadiest model that the kid was not afraid to fall. (Some parents try to land children at this age already on a toilet bowl, buying special children`s seats, but kids often are afraid of noise of a drain tank, besides, legs do not reach a floor, and the child feels uncertainly therefore such seat is useful only in 3 - 4 years).

In - the second, several words about when the child reaches a necessary maturity and neatness. Children study it gradually: the kid starts anew to control the act of a defekation, then - an urination, but so far only in the afternoon, and after two years - and at night. Besides, the child has to be capable to stay on a pot of 5 - 10 minutes that it manages he not earlier than one-year-old age, before it is more convenient and simpler to it to sit on a floor, than on a pot. The brain and nervous system have to be rather mature that the child could control processes of an urination and defekation. Often after one year children any sounds or actions let know to parents about what they want. Also such cases when the child, having understood that adults want from him, having felt requirement, sits down on a pot are frequent, but forgets to remove at the same time panties, and then is perplexed: how so? It seems everything is made as it is necessary, and trousers all the same wet? There will pass a lot of time before the kid learns to dress and take off independently trousers, to sit down on a pot and to do everything that it is necessary (usually it occurs at the age of 2 - 2,5 years).

B - the third, how many time the child has to remain on a pot? As soon as it satisfies the requirements, remove it from a pot. But if he stayed 10 minutes without result, do not persist further, do not turn sitting on a pot into punishment or entertainment.

If your kid refuses flatly a pot, then you should hide it for 2 - 3 weeks, and then again gradually to accustom the kid.

If you have not the first child, but the senior children use a pot, then probably you and should not teach younger to above-mentioned “knowledge“ - he will perfectly learn everything, following an example of brothers or sisters. If you raise the firstborn then there is such exit from a difficult situation - descend on a visit to acquaintances at whom the child already mastered a pot, and let children will communicate independently some time. Possibly, your kid will quickly think “that to what“.

So, we mastered a pot, and now we will return to clothing process.

the Following stage - 2 years. Here parents can meet some difficulties: still the child could be dressed and undressed quickly enough, but at this age the kid shows willingness to make everything independently, however, very slowly and without special success with our, “adult“, the points of view. For example, pushes both legs in one trouser-leg, puts on boots not that leg while he is not able to cope with laces at all, tights very difficult “are given“. The kid tries to undo buttons, but it turns out not always and, as a rule, incidentally. It is considered that girls seize this diploma of boys much earlier, but, watching many children of this age, I came to a conclusion that happens and vice versa - here the success depends on specific features of the child and, more, on patience and persistence of parents.

2,5 years. Likes to put on and undress in the same order; still, wants to do everything. Is able to undo buttons, does not confuse any more - that where to put on. Sometimes can independently put on tights, but so far does not distinguish before and a back in clothes at all. Boots too most often appear not on that leg.

3 years. the Kid is able to put on already independently a jacket, a dressing gown, a coat, but did not learn to button yet. Rather quickly and easily undresses if in advance to help it to undo buttons on cuffs and sleeves. Is able to put accurately clothes on a stool. The only thing that still absolutely it is impossible - to remove or put on independently t-shirts and sweaters through the head.

4 years. Many children at this age can put on without assistance as they well distinguish in clothes before and a back. Tights, at last “give in“ with little effort. The kid is able not only to undo now, but also to button. Many children seize technology of fastening of a lightning, correctly put on a cap, gloves. The child begins to distinguish the right and left boots. Sometimes at it it turns out to put on independently any clothes through the head.

of 5 - 6 years. the Child overcomes the last serious obstacle - is able to lace up boots. Easily removes and puts on things through the head. Now your child can dress absolutely independently everything, from pants to a coat, does it correctly and accurately, already quickly enough, and can always look tidy and well-groomed. Encourage, you praise it always for accurate appearance, and you will please each other with good mood.

I Wish

success in this long and difficult business.