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Your light house

It is known that light is a question not only beauty, but also hygiene of the dwelling. Therefore it is worth treating him especially seriously. If the provision of sources of a natural sunlight - windows - cannot be changed and it is necessary to reconcile to the fact that, for example, each summer morning you wake up from the sun which shines in eyes as windows come to the East, then artificial lighting can be simulated at own discretion, having created themselves and others a comfort maximum.

It is traditional in each room of the apartment, irrespective of its appointment, the light source located in the center of a ceiling is provided. The chandelier or the lamp with large or smaller number of lamps is most often suspended, and the question is considered settled. But according to requirements of a modern interior and convenient light allocation of separate functional zones - recreation areas, food, a working zone etc. is more rational. At such solution of an interior existence of the main thing and often can not organize the only light source in the center of the room, on the contrary, and disorganize house space. For example, such traditional chandelier in the center will be good in every respect in the dining room, over a table where receive guests, focusing light in the center. But in the multipurpose room with several zones it is better to use other decisions. What for this purpose is necessary?

correctly to resolve a lighting problem in the modern apartment, two types of artificial lighting - the general and local are necessary for


the General lighting creates the general light atmosphere indoors. At it it is possible to be engaged in the affairs which are not demanding the strong tension of sight and also to pace freely the room. It softens sharp transitions from light to a shadow and as if unites visually separate functional zones in the general, complete composition. The general lighting which at the same time has to be and scattered can be carried out, for example, by means of the light sources placed at identical distance hidden in niches which are located on a ceiling along walls. But it should be provided already at apartment renovation. Soft scattered lighting can achieve by means of plafonds and trailing lamps supplied with lenses and reflectors.


Krom of the general, in each room it is necessary to equip also local lighting taking into account household functionality.

For example, in a hall lighting has to provide an opportunity to look in a mirror, and it should be arranged so that the figure of the person facing it and a background behind it was lit. For this purpose on both sides of a mirror at the level of the head it is the best of all to suspend a sconce. Strengthening of the lamp is higher than this level wrong as the shadow falling from it is adverse for reflection. In the general room - in a recreation area - the directed lighting is necessary for reading, needlework and other occupations. It can be provided by means of suspended illuminants, wall hinged lamps on a long arm which allows to maneuver with a light source arrangement, and also installation of floor lamps - floor lamps.


In a zone of food most often use suspended illuminants, single or consisting of several lamps which are going down over the most dining table. It is necessary that the table was lit completely, and lamp shades on lamps have to be deep or closed from below. The quantity and an arrangement of lamps depends on a table form: over a round or square table they are grouped around one center, over rectangular settle down linearly. Besides, it is possible to use portable lamps with the fixed position of the light center.


For a workplace needs two types of lighting - directed and disseminated. It helps to avoid sharp contrasts between brightly lit working plane and other part of the room shipped in darkness. As scattered the general lighting can be used, but only in case it is included in operating time. As fixed - a desk lamp with light stream directed to the working plane in case the general lighting is included. For illumination of a workplace it is not necessary to use bulbs with power over 60 watts as the dazzling stream of light reflected by a white surface of paper gets directly into eyes and damages eyesight.

In a bedroom, except the general, needs to be provided also local lighting for beds and a toilet table. Illumination of beds is carried out by means of so-called night lamps which can be freely located on bedside tables or are attached to a wall and supplied with the hinges allowing to direct light depending on the situation reading. These lamps have to be behind or a little sideways and over the head of reading. For such lamps the opaque lamp shades giving are recommended it is directed - the concentrated light which does not disturb another sleeping in this room, but bulbs have to be the power, normal, necessary for reading. The use of night lamps with bulbs with power no more than 15 W is harmful to sight.

Illumination of a toilet table is reduced by

to illumination of a mirror. The lamps giving a soft, diffused light are installed on both of its parties at the level of the head. It is desirable that they had the hinges allowing to bring closer and delete them from a mirror. Color lighting is inadmissible here as well as light falling from above, casting strong shadows, creates inadequate idea of skin color, lipsticks, blush and other decorative cosmetics put on a face. lighting it is the best of all for p to carry out

In the nursery by means of a trailing lamp which can be moved in the vertical direction. The same lamp supplied with a long cord can satisfy need for local lighting considerably. For this purpose in a ceiling in certain places hooks are screwed in, and the lamp by means of a cord is given to a table for drawing, to a corner for games or to the child`s bed. Except a trailing lamp, in the nursery it is recommended to apply wall lamps on long arms with hinges. Portable desk lamps in the nursery are unacceptable as the child can easily overturn them.


In kitchen needs local lighting over the working planes in view of the fact that they are shaded by the top number of lockers of the kitchen equipment and the shadow falling from them disturbs the hostess. Therefore local lighting is carried out by means of the lamps located over the lower plane of kitchen lockers so that the stream of light falls directly on the working plane. Lamps have to be covered with the closed lamp shades that direct light did not get into eyes. As lamps it is possible to use the ordinary or luminescent bulbs attached under the top number of lockers and protected by suitable guards; the wall bulbs covered with lamp shades which light is directed to the working plane etc.

Local lighting, besides a functional role, has also important esthetic value: it promotes identification of composition of all space, limiting or emphasizing visually separate functional zones. Besides, at the local directed lighting a shape of objects which at scattered lighting are got out of considerably act more brightly. Therefore use light resources both for convenience, and for creation of an effective and original interior.

I at last, it is useful to know that there are certain norms of lighting of the room, comfortable for health, depending on its size and tone of walls and furniture. Here they:


the room with dark coloring of walls is meant also as the room with light wall-paper filled with a dark tree furniture for 50 - 60% (for example, there is a wall from dark breeds of a tree). Under the room with light coloring of walls - the room with light wall-paper, for 30% filled a light tree furniture. The room with white coloring of walls is meant as the room with the whitewashed ceiling and walls and a light floor, without furniture along walls.

Remember that insufficient lighting of your dwelling at our long northern winter with short light day can result in fast fatigue, a depression and other physiological frustration therefore take care not only of beauty of the apartment, but also of the health.