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Prevention of dysbacteriosis - protection of immunity

So the human body is arranged that everything in it is interconnected, and one illness usually involves another. Especially often various complications arise at small children, the weak organism of the baby is so gentle and fragile. That is why to mothers even at the slightest changes in behavior of the child, not to mention strong indications of an illness, recommend to see a doctor.

If the child cries with pain and draws in legs, shouts during feeding, belches and suffers from frustration of a chair, you should not write off these symptoms for age formation of a gastrointestinal tract. In spite of the fact that sometimes they really pass over time by itself, sometimes the children`s organism needs the help.

The matter is that all above-mentioned symptoms can be signs of development of dysbacteriosis, illness which is capable to lead to immunity violation. The wrong digestion interferes with normal synthesis of vitamins and assimilation of the minerals arriving with food.

Dysbacteriosis is the violation of structure of intestinal microflora caused by growth of pathogenic bacteria against decrease in number of useful microorganisms. According to doctors, the best protection against it is breastfeeding. With other things being equal, the children who are on breastfeeding suffer from serious violations of intestinal microflora as prebiotics are a part of breast milk (galakto much less often - oligosaccharides) which are “food“ for useful bifido - and lactobacilli. Therefore even if the baby also has dysbacteriosis symptoms, then over time, in the absence of serious violations, digestion can will be adjusted by itself. Though to consult with the doctor and it is worth making tests on dysbacteriosis nevertheless.

But what to do to mothers who owing to the objective reasons cannot nurse the child? How to protect the dearest person from possible problems with digestion and to protect its immunity? Whether it is necessary to sound alarm in advance and to take medicine for prevention?

Earlier doctors really recommended “to make secure“ and give

to the child preparations - a probiotics. There is no such need today any more. Much more rationally in such situation, within the first year of life of the child to use the special adapted children`s mixes of new generation, on structure as the close as possible to women`s milk and including prebiotics.

of Mix, enriched with prebiotics (oligosaccharides) promoting formation of normal intestinal microflora appeared rather recently. Scientists long time tried to develop analog of prebiotics of breast milk, and at last they managed to create the oligosaccharides which are functionally repeating them bifidogenny properties and corresponding to them by the sizes and weight. After a number of the serious researches and tests which confirmed efficiency of the new invention, oligosaccharides which, by the way, are natural components and do not treat drugs or bioadditives, were included in composition of the mixes Nutrilon of the Dutch company Nutricia.

Now these mixes possess bifidogenny properties and promote growth and reproduction in intestines of the child of useful microflora - bifido - and lactobacilli. And normal work of intestines at the child defines how it was already told, his immunity, protects from various infectious and catarrhal diseases.


of the Practician that children eat the mix Nutrilon as its taste is as close as possible to taste of breast milk with pleasure. And if for any reasons mother cannot feed the child with breast milk, the children`s dairy mixes Nutrilon provide soft transition from breastfeeding to artificial, caring at the same time about health of the kid.