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How to do without organized excursions. Part I

the Integral part of any family rest in any country, except food - excursion. The tourist agents meeting us - tourists - coil ears and show miracles to try to travel around inventing of incredible horror stories that guests also did not think independently. The income from sale of excursion rounds much more profit on sale of the permit. And whether it is worth spending money for excursions? I for myself solved long ago and unambiguously - no. There was yet no case that it was necessary to regret about it - the country in which it is impossible to agree about just the same trip for far smaller money did not come across. Even with my very “initial“ knowledge of English, and without resorting to the help of local travel agencies.

the Country the first - Egypt, or “Fearful vengeance“

Three weeks in Egypt - are heavy

, slightly the roof with boredom did not move down, but with two children to go to smaller term - there is no sense. Family hotel - to children an open space, parents are hung up.

Blue children lap So far their parents in the bar,
the Sun sits down in the sea,
I are only dissatisfied sharks.


of the Adventure in the first day at the settlement in hotel. Attentive - “Oh! You have two children!“, courteous - “Such young people, and already two...“ the turagentsha was also provident - evaporated, having hardly handed me keys from a single room. In 5 minutes about a rack of reception us was three: I, the guy from Siberia and the woman - all happy owners of single rooms on four people. The administrator actively smiled, but could not understand in any way why we cannot spend one night in a single room - numbers will be released tomorrow. The woman in 15 minutes agreed to spend one night in number forced by folding beds - left. As then it became clear where one, there and three. We died in the last ditch, but the administrator did not perceive the argument so steadily - there are no places. The inspiration condescended in the thirtieth minute of negotiations:“ Be so kind as phone of tourist police“. Phone was not given, but the manager came. Seius portly the uncle, in a suit and at a tie, was more pliable and quickly admitted that there are two unoccupied luxury in which we can lodge for one night. Also settled upon this.

the Family was delighted - the big hall, plus 2 huge rooms, and the bathroom is more than that “claustrophobia“ in which we were tried to be occupied initially. For one night incident was settled and smoothed down. Next day came to move - aha, shchazzz! Not attacked that! To me and here it is good. My turn came to be a deaf: number - I do not want, I will move down from here only in a bungalow. The bungalow, by the way, in this hotel was not at all therefore my requirement, naturally, was impracticable. However, it for this purpose also moved forward. Yes, I am aware that it is more expensive, but I am not going to pay extra. I came here to have a rest, but not to run with suitcases from number in number - who will compensate it? Or a bungalow, or I remain here. Got out - offered 2 - x room family room on the first floor with a small terrace and a lawn where I also agreed to move with feeling of the fulfilled duty, and understanding - “will be enough to become impudent“.

Agentsha appeared at 20:00 the same day with a lot of brochures - to sell excursions. Stoically listened to stories about events after moving, summed up - but nevertheless well ended - to these and signed doom: “Revenge!“ .

I listened to

of 30 minutes silently...
- And why so expensive excursions?
- In sense, expensive?
- Lyuksor will come to my family $150, and lease of the whole bus with the driver, for example, of $ the 100th days. To collect five families not to be pushed, turn out on the twenty from a family.
- And how it you rent the bus here?
- is easy.

It is natural, after such dialogue nobody bought anything - all decided to think till tomorrow. And the agentsha presented me with the look so full of love and tenderness that hands by itself covered the causal place.

In general it is healthy: to dive on corals, to feed small fishes from a hand - you swim as in a big aquarium, but for the fifth day bothers. Both the sea bothers, and +50 from morning to the night bothers, and brake Egyptians in general irritate from the first day. And excursions, well - excursions, as well as in any other country of the world: hour on collecting on hotels, hour on a delivery and obligatory visit of plants and factories:“ Where you will be able to get the pleasant products“. Well, both I did not go by them anywhere, and I do not advise you: independently and cheaper, and more simply, and nasyshchenny. Examples:

1. A trip to Lyuksor (we were in Hurghada). Organized excursion begins at 6 in the morning, in hotel return at 22:30, the road one way takes nearly 5 hours, this pleasure of $50 the adult, $25 the child manages.

It, but organized independently: without plants and motaniye on hotels. Lease of the bus with the driver - $100, the more families, the cheaper. Road one way 3 hours: at 8:00, after a breakfast left, at 19:10 returned - all grandly, quietly, slowly and thoroughly, even across Nile on the boat drove and in Karnak were. Where to take the bus? Everything is simple - approach taxi drivers which at any hotel in bulk - all!

2. The trip to Cairo, pyramids in Gizakh to look. On my family it managed more than $200 (240, apparently, forgot). From hotel take away at 2 o`clock in the morning, it is expensive one way 8 - 9 hours. It, but independently: 30 - ti local screw samoletik, Cairo and back, stands $400, plus lease of the bus: the airport of Cairo - Giza and back $70 (the pilot`s relative, they are there all “relatives“), plus a taxi from hotel to the airport in Hurghada (all this separately) - 20 local punts (about $3). Total really about $70 for a family. Time in way - 2 with kopeks of hour, with all moving and flight. One minus - because of lack of landing strips about any plants on production of souvenirs to glance on them it will not turn out (to whom it is necessary, raise a hand).

Where to take the plane? See the end of the previous point, the rest is not much more difficult. For example, it is necessary to agree for couple of days, to bargain more rigidly (initially wanted $1000), plus it is necessary to sweep few times in the airport - to spend for a taxi. The taxi driver, of course, suggests to bring the pilot to hotel, but it is better not to be too lazy and go most.

3. Trip to an aquapark. $25 the adult, $13 the child, time in way, that are that is that.... Actually, at most (watching, where hotel) 20 local money - journey on a taxi, plus for an entrance of $6 the adult and $3 the child. Interestingly, but the whole day could not be done there, it is better to go in the second half of day when already not so hot and the people in an aquapark it is much less (organized tourists are taken out), there is practically no waiting list for descent, even sometimes the missing employees come across.

4, 5, 6, 7... N. Trips on islands, boats with a transparent bottom, a submarine, to the desert on ATVs and other, other, other. Independently everything turns out more cheerfully and cheaper as, in principle, and in any other country of the world.

as the agentsha was “glad“ to

A, having learned that we arrived for the whole three weeks...

of the Whole three arrivals is up the spout - nobody buys excursion! In a word - prank was successful, and in the TEZ tour company I was remembered for a long time.

In general, travel agents extend about the country in which work, it is so much horror stories and tales that even the house there is no wish to leave, especially, to go anywhere. However not everything is so terrible.

It is concrete about Egypt: if already managed to tell you that in Egypt it is better not to lease cars: are not insured, roads awful, drive as loonies - do not believe! Roads are comparable with Moscow, even in the desert, it is not enough cars, drive dashingly, but it is good, everything is insured, but it is better to follow car in well-known company, for example in Hertz (office on entry into Hurghada from the airport). Nobody at departure demands the certificate of currency exchange and in Duty Free it is NECESSARY to bargain! Here about export of corals the truth - search...