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Birthday Timokhi. Part 2

Part 1 can be considered it here.

Dear mothers and fathers!

it is A lot of your remarkable councils and ideas for children`s holidays I gathered on the website “7i“ for what many thanks. And now I want to tell how there took place our holiday, Timofey`s second anniversary: perhaps, something is useful to someone.

A month before a holiday we distributed to guests by mail invitation cards in which appointed the beginning of a holiday and asked not to be late.

On the eve of a celebration the father baked cake. And when Timoshka went to bed - we three together with the grandmother decorated the big room (it at us game) with balls, the big inscription “Happy Birthday!“ and paper butterflies. From mezzanines we got all big soft toys which are available for us and seated them on a sofa.

in the Morning, at daybreak, Timosha woke up and jerked, was, to the big room, but right there stopped and began to consider walls and a ceiling.

- Timosha, you know what today a holiday?
- Two years! - happy Timosha answered. Then received from us a gift - the truck.

A further he so was fond of game that he even forgot to descend to greet to the four-months brother (usually morning begins with cries: “To Ilyushe!“ ).


After a breakfast there arrived the grandfather with the grandmother, congratulated Timosha and took away children to walk.

During this time, and time of the Timoshiny lunch dream, we managed to be prepared for arrival of guests.

Unfortunately, not all could come therefore it was not enough children. Except adults send Renat (2, 5) and Lisa (1,5 years). At an entrance of everyone obliged to choose to themselves a headdress (a cap, horns or a bow) and a lottery ticket.

Knowing Timina love to transport, guests just filled up it with machines. Timofey was stunned by such quantity of gifts and for some time in general was disconnected from surrounding reality. But girls perfectly played also without it.

Any parent knows that to persuade the child to eat properly during a holiday is almost unreal. On this case we prepared several children`s snack: a canape from fruit, mushrooms from eggs and tomatoes, and small buterbrodik in the form of trucks.


to me always very much liked idea of mushrooms: a leg - egg, a hat - a floor - tomato. However show me the child who will master more than one such mushroom! Therefore we did legs of quail eggs, and a hat - from Cherry grade pomidorok. By the size mushrooms turned out just right!

With trucks left very cheerfully. In spite of the fact that machines were syrno - ham, Timofey first of all snatched on wheels from black olives, and ate them from all machines, and only then was accepted to buterbrodik (It is directly some mania! When we have a new machine - Timokh tries otgryzt at it wheels at once. Therefore I try to be ahead of him and, whenever possible, to remove and hide tires. So the child had moral satisfaction - gorged on - wheels:-)).

As the central event of a holiday, we conceived the doll performance “Teremok“. I made scenery in advance and bought dolls. We with the father showed nothing to Timosha, and rehearsed when he was with the grandmother on walk. For an exit of everyone we the hero picked up music. (It is possible to find many polyphonic melodies for phones in the Internet. It is necessary only “to find“ the necessary parts and to record with the cartridge with small intervals.) For example, itself teremok we erected under introductory music of “Star wars“ (instead of the overture), the wolf left under music from “Kean - a dza - dza“, and a bear under “A pink panther“.

Ya tried to involve children in a performance, asked: “And how you think - who will come out of the wood now?“ The performance very much was pleasant to girls, and here Timoshka slightly did not spoil everything. In the middle of the fairy tale ran away from grandmother`s knees, ran up to a screen, and began to demand animals. Hardly persuaded him to depart, but he was engaged after that in machines again and lost interest in a performance: - (. Now I think: it was necessary to do for our age, what is simpler: to put on animals hands and close to communicate to kids.

Then all sat down at a table - to drink tea again. I brought cake with two candles which Tim with skill blew out. Then took a spoon, and, without waiting until to it cut off a piece, began to eat. It is necessary to tell, Timoshka has such feature: when he tries a new dish (irrespective of its taste), always screws up the face. Guests just lay, observing this picture: Timokh screws up the face, but eats, eats and eats cake. And on a face at it it is written: “Disgustingly. And what to do?“

After tea the turn of riddles came. I very much liked idea of one mother - to ask to children riddles - blendes. But it not for our age. Therefore for kids I prepared riddles correct (complete with pictures), and for adults - cunning.

Here, for example, for kids (I show the picture):

Lives in the yard, sings at dawn,
On the head a comb.
Who is it?... (cockerel)

to Children it was pleasant to em. All actively participated, and upon termination of received on a chocolate medal. The turn of adults came. For each correct answer the candy was handed. The only condition - not to interrupt, but also not to think long. For example:

the Ball was curtailed - well - touch!
From all directions prickly... a horse (actually a hedgehog)
All barriers having overcome
Hoofs true... lion (horse)

in general turned out very cheerfully. I long enough dug on the Internet in search of similar rhymes, and now with pleasure is ready to share with everyone, and also pictures for children`s riddles - write on E - mail!

the Last action of evening. The most different were Priziki: balls, dolls, clockwork toys, machines. Also it that Timosha got a doll, and the sitting next Renata - the machine which Timofey began to demand to himself literally with foam from a mouth should happen. Renata hid the prize for mother, and we with the father just made a helpless gesture: “Timosha! Look and you have the whole mountain of new machines! Well as it is not a shame to you - Renatochka to you on a visit came, and you offend her!“ Only then we with the father understood: To Timokh touched that someone, except him, has a machine! It is possible to modify “Magic seven-petal flower“: I want that all machines what exist were mine!

generally, I distracted Timofey, and then tried to lead educational discussion, but I do not know whether he understood. Probably, it is necessary to repeat such things more often.

the Holiday came to an end in

- all were satisfied. It is a pity only that children for the present play together a little. Everyone we removed from a ceiling of the pleasant butterflies.

all saw To the subway of guests together: the father with Timosha by bicycle, and I with Ilyusha in a carriage.

Next day Timosha kneaded the remains of cake and commented: “From a denrozhdenye remained!“ And when I told the father that during week-end our friends on a visit want to arrive to us, Tim quickened and declared: “Guests! Birthday!“ No, my dear, it is necessary to wait year now!:-)

P. S. By the way, council which is useful to much. When the kid goes to bed - clean for a while part of gifts. At abundance of toys the child just rushes about between them and cannot concentrate on something one. It is better to get gradually. And some toys which it is obvious not on age - better to clean far and for a long time. For example, this time we cleaned the railroad (in each attempt to collect it, Timofey joyfully scattered rails and began to trample down them), and also the fragile car with a set of mobile details.

presented to

On the first birthday of Timokhe a rod with small fishes on magnetics - then he nearly broke it. And now plays remarkably - patiently catches fish.

I Wish all health, good luck and cheerful malyshovsky holidays!

butterflies Ornament

to you it will be necessary for

of the Appendix of p: crepe paper of different flowers, white kapron thread (that was imperceptible against a ceiling), the gluing pencil, foil.

to cut out a rectangle of 20ő25 cm in size From a crepe paper of any color, to make lateral cuts, as shown in a photo. To collect a leaf by an accordion, to tie up a thread.


For a little body needs a piece of a gilded crepe paper of 4ő13 cm. Edges of the long parties to turn in and make narrower tips, having bent corners. To put a strip in half, to put on wings. Is farther one long thread: at first we sew with each other edges of a strip, then we wind a little body across - the head turns out. In the formed eyelet we push the foil 9 cm long strip twisted zhgutiky, we bend the ends up, and cores, moustaches and the head primatyvay to each other. The tail of a thread is left - for it we will hang up. To twirl short moustaches a spiral. (By the way, for a little body it is possible too to try to use a foil).

can Hang out butterflies in the room as follows. On diagonal under a ceiling to stretch a cross - crosswise two scaffold, and already and to a chandelier to tie butterflies to them. Better at the different height that looked volume. If you take the kid on handles and together you will blow - butterflies zaporkhat as live.

Teremok covers from three shoe boxes will be necessary for p for a doll performance

For a teremk (better from old. Our father very much swore when his new, still staying on a guarantee boot went on a seam, and the box - that is cut up:-)). And also a small piece of a self-adhesive film under a tree.

Teremok is required to

folding since on a plot it is broken at first by a bear, and then animals build again. Therefore we do tiers separately. At two top tiers we bend corners, as on a photo. It is possible to strengthen an adhesive tape. From within we do a marking of windows (5 pieces, on number of animals), we cut out a stationery knife, but we do not open. We paste over each tier separately with a film further. Once again we cut out windows. Also we paste over shutters from within. We decorate at discretion. Very late I understood that the smart teremochny roof could leave a wrapper of “Anniversary“ cookies (a pattern from red and gold treugolnichok), maybe, somebody will realize.

Now about fastening. We attached the lower tier to a horizontal bar of our sport center by means of a wire (did several openings in a box). Tiers were among themselves fastened with clothespegs. That the design was not unsteady when animals look out of windows, provided the following. On the top of a teremk - a wire hook. And to the top bar of sport center of a primotan a scaffold with a ring which is put on this hook. When on a plot the bear breaks teremok - it is necessary to unhook quickly clothespegs and a ring, but so that both floors fell for a screen, but not to the audience.

do not consider

for advertizing, but just in case I will prompt that dolls for a performance can be bought on www. rustoys. ru on 49 rubles. I, for example, was exhausted to look for them in shops. All characters (who cost everyone for 70 r) never were available, and fantastic sets were available to any fairy tales, but not to “Teremk“.

of Buterbrodiki “trucks“

the main and labor-consuming - production of a mold. Ask the father to sort two tin molds for cookies (there will not be enough one), to straighten in strips, and then to bend on the enclosed template, to cut off superfluous and to solder among themselves. Boringly, but how many pleasure will be then!

Now the most pleasant. Will be necessary: bread, oil, shaped ham, cheese, black olives.

to Cut bread thin pieces, it is a little on the diagonal that the machine was located on each piece. We cut out the necessary quantity. Scraps - on crackers or to birdies. We smear grain machines with oil. (Oil should be taken out in advance from the refrigerator that was soft.) We cut out a machine mold from ham and cheese further. We cut out openings for wheels (forgot how such piece which of apples the middle is cut out is called). Further, pay attention - the truck turns out from three parts: cabins, body and freight. We cut the turned-out cheese and ham machines on three such speak rapidly, and we combine on a grain basis so: cheese cabin and freight, and body ham, or on the contrary. We cut out wheels from black olives.

Probably, will smartly look if instead of freight to put on oil of a little red caviar. There will be trucks with caviar:-).

Fruit skewers

Very beautiful, and not demanding special efforts dish. It was kneaded by children first of all. to you it will be required by

to p: bank of tinned pineapples, several kiwi, several pears of “Konferens“, a strawberry box, and also wooden skewers for brochette.

we cut

of the Skewer in half, and on each stick we string pieces: pears, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi. We do not forget to cut off at skewers sharp tops at the end.