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From a blank sheet of

the End of academic year - disturbing time for parents. It would be desirable to improve total estimates of the child, but you understand what cannot be made already nothing. And it depresses.

our consultants from the Center of a neuropsychology advise

A in this situation to look forward. Yes, you will not correct annual estimates any more, but it is possible to make so that new academic year (of which there is no wish even to think yet) will begin for the child absolutely differently. As from a blank sheet.

The matter is that within academic year (and even several years in a row) at the teacher the certain notion of each pupil is formed: its abilities, knowledge, behavior. And even if something from listed begins to change for the better, it is difficult for teacher to get rid of the developed stereotype. The same in some degree concerns also the child`s schoolmates.

A summer - rather big period, he allows to forget about school routine, to switch to another matters, and in September any teacher perceives acquaintances already of children a little in a new way. Especially the effect of “blank sheet“ works upon transition from elementary school to average: teachers now others, and they did not make about children of steady representations yet.

Of course, for productive “transformation“ in the good pupil a little just to come to school on September 1 well rested - it is good to overcome those difficulties which prevented to study earlier. But also for this purpose in the spring and in the summer time suffices. Especially if competent assistants from the Center of a neuropsychology who in a short time will give correctional classes are near, and then will prompt how to organize summer holiday of the school student with advantage.


It is brought to your attention the next publication from the School without the Two series prepared by means of neuropsychologists Anna Potanina and Aleksandra Soboleva.

of the Daughter of 6 years, she is a lefthander. We learn to read and write, and faced that it does all this from right to left. How to help to learn to read to it with the necessary direction? On a garden of hope is not present - to them two times a week come the teacher who prepares for school, but the daughter does not hatch out 45 minutes of a lesson, very much is nervous and already says that she does not want in school. How to us to be?

Unfortunately, in absentia we will not be able to consult your daughter, we will make only the general recommendations, and that is why. Before beginning work with the levoruky child, it is necessary to find out the levshestvo nature. We do not know what your daughter the lefthander - gained she this quality by inheritance or it arose from - for violations in development of a brain.

of Children with similar compensatory, or pathological, a levshestvo becomes more and more now. During active formation of a brain something interfered with formation at them the correct spatial representations, and now the internal “system of coordinates“ of their body is broken. Before mastering with children - lefthanders reading and the letter - the highest nervous functions - it is necessary to help them “to build“ the body, to make it “quick-witted“, obedient, to learn to be guided in space. Normal the child seizes it on the first year of life when learns to creep and then to go. But also 6 years - quite favorable age for aim motive correction which has to precede any training - otherwise it just will not yield results and nevrotizirut the child even more. By the experience we can tell that the positive effect from similar occupations by that will be more noticeable, than the child is younger. It is already much more difficult to help 12 - to the summer lefthander.

That who has similar difficulties, but will not be able to come to us to consultation, we advise to write down the child in group of the general physical training or in section at - shu.

the Son prepared for school in pass - lyceum, there they wrote with printing letters and not really paid attention to handwriting and accuracy. We could not continue training there, and in the first class it went to other school, too very good. But here write with written letters - as learned to write still us. It is very heavy to it to be reconstructed, the letter troubles, in general it is difficult for it to do something by hands. Than you will advise to work with it at home to develop a hand? Whether there are some receptions more without serious consequences to pass from printing letters to written?

the Program of the help to your son has to include two directions. He should learn to be guided by rules - exactly from here, most likely, switching problems from one type of the letter on another. And, as you correctly noticed, it is necessary to improve small motility. So, what we offer?

to Learn to work with

by rules 7 - to the summer child it is the simplest in game. Play with it daily any role-playing games, it is the best of all “in school“. In turn take yourself roles of the teacher and the pupil, the pupil and the pupil, the teacher and other teacher. At the first stage your son has to learn to conform to the rules of the game set by you accurately. At the second stage it has to think out part of rules itself - well and to follow them together with you, of course. At last, you will approach such stage at which he creates rules of the game and itself monitors their performance - for himself and for you.

When in game following to rules will be perceived by your child naturally, begin to discuss with it (and to master) the basic rules of school life. Why it is accepted to do so, but not differently? What would be if these rules were not carried out?

After these large, “vital“ rules will take the place in the child`s life, begin to introduce rules concrete: “This letter is written so...“

be engaged in

In parallel with this work in improvement of small motility. To begin we advise from massage of a vorotnikovy zone with transition to hands and fingers - the professional massage therapist is necessary. Then it is possible to seize methods of finger-type gymnastics - on this subject a lot of literature, can show exercises also our experts. Then attach occupations by a molding (choose plasticine which does not soil a hand and thus does not cause negative emotions). You should mold... those “written“ letters or first their elements. The same letters - it is useful to make flourishes of a wire.

at last you approach

I actually the letter: in the ruled notebook mother writes the first letter (for example, “e“), and the child repeats after it all line, without tearing off a hand.

If you have an opportunity to address to our center, these and other games and exercises we will include in the individual program for your child. Following the results of testing with the boy also teachers will be engaged skilled a neuropsychology.

the Son finishes with

4 - y a class, but still passes letters in words, makes “silly“ mistakes and when checks written, does not see mistakes. Ahead the high school, new objects, into Russian will remain less time... What to us to undertake to improve literacy?

Now at you very favorable period for the solution of an objective. Having worked with our help in May and June and having competently had a rest two more months, your son will come in 5 - y a class the new person. As we already told in the beginning, the effect of “blank sheet“ is swept especially well up upon transition from elementary school to average.

we Will give examples of exercises which we recommend to children with similar difficulties.


what letters are passed most often by your son. Then take the text from the magazine or the newspaper (the size of a font can be reduced gradually) and suggest the boy to cross out in it, say, all letters. Through some time give a task already for two letters - mastered and new.

One more exercise. The adult slowly and accurately reads the text. Having heard the set letter, the child has to clap. At complication of a task it is possible to clap on one letter, on another - to stamp a leg, etc.

you can do Similar exercises and independently, but it is better if the full program of correction is made by the expert - the neuropsychologist.