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How to meet New year (chast1)

the Holiday for children

Here and the next real and virtual year, and with it - comes an idvadtsaty century to an end. Gradually you think of how to carry out old wait to meet a new century so that memories of this night remained vpamyat for a long time, especially with our kids. Also priyatnyet efforts for those parents whose children meet the first New year are especially disturbing. And let some of them just entered this world, and this Novyygod will remember only according to photos, the atmosphere of a holiday, love of izamechatelny mood of parents, undoubtedly, will be transferred also to them. Let`s look, than will please us and than “world wide web“ on etotraz will help.

It appears p, the Russian Father Frost already lodged in the bezgranichnominternetovsky wood where it has own house, I`m sorry, the website “Mail of Father Frost“. It is possible to send the letter of a dedushkea, the main thing, to receive from it the answer! The Snow Maiden conjures in kitchen ipodelitsya with you secrets of preparation of New Year`s dishes. Here to mozhnouznat stories which were told to Father Frost by snowflakes. Besides, the grandfather and the Snow Maiden with pleasure will arrive to you on a visit! It is, apparently, the official site because I found still “neofitsialnyysayt Father Frost“. On the main page of an eshchepok the dragon flaunts, but there is a lot of information about an istoriiprazdnik, customs of the different countries, and also proverbs, sayings, fortune-telling, ceremonies, various games and entertainments, and also New Year`s kompyyuternyeprogramma, prompts, keepers of the screen. It is a lot of references to useful resources. It is a pity only that authors did not update the website for a meeting 2001 yet.

At desire can be called on the Russian Father Frost on his homeland - a vgoroda Velikiy Ustyug. It is possible prislatsvo drawings, verses, stories, and it is possible just to write the letter to irasskazat to Father Frost about the most cherished dream. Who knows, a kakiyechudesa occur on New Year`s Eve...

to our Father Frost without Snegurochka it is impossible for

in any way therefore the stranichkayest and at Snegurochka. There are sobranyide how to decorate the house, the hands to give Christmas tree decorations, gifts. Everything is followed by the detailed description and photos.

Councils for decoration of the house, and also author`s compositions to O. V. Osipova Vynaydeta on a page “The New Year`s fairy tale in your house“. To continue winter skazkumozhno, having visited the site under the name “Winter on Makhaona“. And, though on the main page of Vasvstrechayet a congratulation with 1997, there is no wish to leave all the same, akhochtsya to read winter fairy tales and to wander on gallery of winter landscapes. However it is time for p to pass

from words to business and to start preparation of a samogoprazdnik. So far grandmothers bake pies, and the father decorates a Christmas tree, samymmalenky it is possible to read V. I. Dahl`s fairy tale “Girl Snegurochka“. You will find 121 riddles on novogodnyuyuty on the website “Internet Forever“. Kromeety, in the section “The Animator - the Inventor“ there will be a mass of councils of a poorganization of holidays.

you will find

A on Nikolay Baskov`s page a lyrics “Snegurochka“ whose first performer was Sergey Lemeshev.

is more senior than

For children better to prepare the scenario of a meeting of New year. Prietom it is possible to think up something special, and it is possible - to use opytomavtor of some Internet pages. So, the Gymnasium of N22 of Mr. Maykoppredlagayet for school students of 1 - 3 classes the scenario of Novogodnegoprazdnik. Dlyauchashchikhsya 1 - 6 classes you will find the scenario of morning performance on a page shkolyn27 Angarsk and a napersonalny page of the unknown author living in Chelyabinskoyoblasti.

One more scenario, probably, for more advanced age, I found here. I was a little confused by presence a rolipanka in the scenario is, however, told that “it is a guy conscientious, fond and in every possible way wishing to help common cause“. On a stranichkegimnaziya “Coryphaeus“ is a lot of - premnogovsyachesky scenarios, fairy tales and so forth. Glance, not to retell everything.

How to carry out the Nativity Fast and to meet New year and Christmas vveruyushchy families, it is possible to discuss at the Forum for Orthodox Christians of a roditeleyila on a page of the father Andrey Kurayev.

by means of Winged Crocodile firm you smozhetevzyat for rent carnival costumes, employees of “Crocodile“ okazhutpomoshch in the organization of holidays and congratulations, and also “live advertizing“ of any goods and services.

As for the organization of holidays, drawing up virtual cards of ipozdravleniye and a call on Father Frost and Snegurochka`s house, here problemnikaky - only choose. And all virtual shops postepennozapolnyatsya by the New Year`s range and declare seasonal discounts of an irasprodazha. But about everything about it is next time, in a prednovogodnemobzor for parents.

Happy to you holiday days!