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To arrive as the intuition of

of little “C-section baby“ prompts I fed with a milk already next day after the delivery. At 21 o`clock there was an operation, and at 16 o`clock the next day to me brought my daughter Sashenka.

It is natural, neither she, nor I knew how what should be done. In maternity hospital none of medical staff explain anything, just throws a small lump in hands and runs away. Also there were we in chamber with Sashenka one. But, as it appeared, my small did not become puzzled, at once grasped a nipple and began to drink, but it is short, almost at once fell asleep. I did not prepare a breast for feeding, maybe, therefore it was very sick.

By the evening some more women in labor and among them brought one already skilled mummy who explained to us that it is necessary to be decanted that there was a milk to chamber. As to decant milk or colostrum hands it is almost impossible (in - the first, very painfully to decant hands if the breast was poured, and the baby for some reasons ate a little and there was a stagnation that at the beginning occurs often, and in - the second, borrows very long time), then daddies to all mummies in our chamber brought milk pumps (for some reason for one Aventovskiye). And at once the breast ceased to hurt.

of Mummy in maternity hospital was advised - if the breast became stone and decantation does not help, then it is necessary to attach to a breast (but not to a nipple) cabbage sheets and for morning of consolidation disappear. When the daughter began to suck, it was sick in a nipple and therefore I began to grease constantly nipples purelany. It became easier, and cracks on a nipple were not in general, and pain gradually passed absolutely.

Having arrived home, we began to be fed according to the first requirement. It turned out in each hour!!! But when we were visited by the doctor from policlinic (the elderly woman who observed still the father of our daughter), we began to eat every 3 hour with one breast, and then to decant it. Whether I was alarmed, whether was simply tired, but milk began not to be enough. Took scales in hire and were convinced of it. I tried to accept mlekoin and to drink hippy tea for nursing mothers, and it seems there was milk more, and we ate every 2 - 2,5 hour.

At the first visit of policlinic in 1 month we added 700 grams on what our doctor told:“ The lower bound of norm“ and that we have to eat for one feeding 100 - 130 grams, but not 60 - 70 grams as we from one breast eat (only several drops were decanted). Decided to finish feeding with the husband Sasha mix. At first the daughter was weighed, then nursed, once again weighed, and then finished feeding mix. In two days after the first dokorm Sashenka`s face became covered by small heat-spots, and I solved: I will nurse, at first one, and then if is not enough, another and not to be decanted. Better I will give to Sashenka a tasty chest milk now, than I will finish feeding some mix.

For the second month we added already 1300 grams and all are happy, and first of all Sashenka. We feed only with breast milk which became enough! Often I drink tea with milk and such mix: boiled hot milk, teaspoon of honey and walnuts (very tasty). My motto: “To listen to nobody, and to arrive as the intuition prompts“!