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Chronic gastritis and pregnancy of

Chronic gastritis - the disease caused by inflammatory changes of a mucous membrane of a stomach and violations of production of hydrochloric acid. Along with unpleasant and the pain, gastric and intestinal frustration caused meal or nervous tension at patients irritability, increased fatigue, the general weakness, lowering of arterial pressure are often noted. By results of numerous mass inspections, more than 50% of adult population of the developed countries of the world have chronic gastritis; in structure of diseases of digestive organs it makes 35%.

the Main forms of gastritis are chronic gastritis And (15 - 18% of cases fall to its share) and the chronic gastritis In caused by a special microbe now - a helikobakter of a pilora (70% of all chronic gastritises). Other forms of gastritises meet much less often.

Symptoms of chronic gastritis

Chronic gastritis has no specific symptoms, the clinical picture of an illness differs in a big variety. In most cases pains in subspoon area and dyspepsia - nausea, vomiting, an eructation, frustration of a chair happen symptoms of an illness. At chronic gastritis with sekretorny insufficiency (the lowered level of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice) more often observes the phenomena of gastric dyspepsia (an eructation, nausea, vomiting) and intestinal dyspepsia (a meteorizm, an abdominal murmur, violation of a chair). At gastritis with the kept or increased secretion of gastric juice (the forms which are most often found at young age) pains prevail. Most often there are repeating pains in the top part of a stomach. Generally patients complain of pains in subspoon area, around a navel or in the right podreberye. Pains arise after food, are quite often connected with a certain type of food, develop on an empty stomach, at night or regardless of food less often. Pain can be moderate, a time strong. At the increased development by a stomach of hydrochloric acid pain usually strong, at lowered - weak. Pain becomes more severe at stretching of walls of a stomach plentiful food.

Chronic gastritis And proceeds in the beginning with normal secretion of a stomach (release of gastric juice), and at this stage patients of complaints do not show and treatment is not required. Need for treatment arises when inflammatory process in a mucous membrane of a stomach goes deep and thereof secretion of gastric juice is reduced.

At development of chronic gastritis In secretion of gastric juice in the lower departments of a stomach it is raised or normal, but at widespread chronic gastritis In sekretorny function of a stomach sharply decreases up to the expressed its insufficiency.

in recent years importance in development of chronic gastritis of type B and stomach ulcer of a stomach (formation of an ulcer in a stomach) are given by infections. The special microorganisms (called a helikobakter of a pilora) find only in a stomach, and in a gullet, a duodenum and a rectum they do not meet. High frequency (100%) of their identification at an exacerbation of chronic gastritis and stomach ulcer is established. These microbes emit substances, in certain conditions capable to cause injuries of a mucous membrane of a stomach, breaking production of digestive juice.

of the Cause of illness

the Contributing factors of chronic gastritis are:

At 75% of the women having chronic gastritis, the disease becomes aggravated during pregnancy. As a rule, at the women having chronic gastritis early toxicosis - vomiting of pregnant women develops, and often it drags on till 14 - 17 weeks and can hard proceed.

Chronic gastritis is not contraindication for pregnancy. In spite of the fact that in the period of an exacerbation of a disease the woman feels discomfort and considerable deterioration in health, directly and on a fruit of an exacerbation of chronic gastritis do not influence the course of pregnancy.

Diagnosis of gastritis during pregnancy

For specification of the diagnosis of chronic gastritis, except studying of complaints of the patient and history of development of a disease, research of gastric juice, endoscopic research matter.

Gastric sounding (an intake of gastric juice), and also measurement of acidity of gastric juice by means of the special device which is lowered in a stomach (rn - a metriya), admissible during pregnancy, the level of acidity of gastric juice allows to find out that it helps to establish character of gastritis (the increased or lowered acidity), to appoint the correct treatment. The diagnostic value of an endoscopic method (introduction to a stomach of the special optical apparatus by means of which it is possible to examine stomach walls) is undoubted, in particular with its help existence of erosion (anguishes) on a mucous membrane of a stomach, but as the technique is rather burdensome for the pregnant woman can be established, it is used for diagnostics according to special indications, at inefficiency of treatment.


Treatment of chronic gastritis

At an exacerbation of a disease to the woman appoint a bed rest. Also the diet is necessary. Food at gastritis is recommended fractional (5 - 6 times a day). I write in the beginning prepare in a semi-fluid look, without browning, limit table salt and carbohydrates (sugar, jam, confectionery) possessing sokogonny action broths. Milk, mucous or milk grain, soft-boiled egg soups, meat or fish quenelles, quenelles, butter, cottage cheese, kefir, vegetable stew, fresh fruit and vegetables are recommended. In process of improvement of a state the diet is expanded, include boiled fish and meat, boiled potatoes, pasta, fast ham, doctor`s sausage, any porridges, not sour sour cream, cheese. Even having passed to normal food, patients are recommended to exclude from a smoked product diet, hot spices, fried dishes which, however, should be avoided to all pregnant women.

Pregnant with the normal or increased acidity of gastric juice recommend to

(in the absence of hypostases) application of mineral waters:“ Borjomi“, “Smirnovskaya“, “Slavyanovskaya“, “Dzhermuk“ on 150 - 300 ml 3 times a day in 1,5 - 2 h after meal as it time of effect of hydrochloric acid for a mucous membrane of a stomach decreases. At chronic gastritis with the lowered acidity use water of type “Mirgorod“, “Yessentuki“ No. 4, 17 or “Arzni“ (we will remind, acidity is defined by means of sounding and rn - metriya).

Medicinal treatment of the pregnant women having chronic gastritis has the features. Elimination of a helikobakteriyny infection during pregnancy is not made as application of the preparations used for this purpose is undesirable: - Nol and Tetratsiklin , Oksatsillin and Furasolidone (applied instead of Tetratsiklin`s ) without - Nola are inefficient . At the expressed exacerbation of chronic gastritis In it is possible to use anti-inflammatory action of Gastrofarm (on 2 tablets pass 3 times in 30 minutes prior to food). of Maaloks , possessing antatsidny (reducing acidity of gastric juice) and the anesthetizing action, is appointed in tablets or suspension in 1 hour after food. Gelusillak possesses the action adsorbing hydrochloric acid, interferes with its excess education; it is appointed by 3 - 5 times a day on one powder in 1 - 2 h after food and if necessary to night. Spazmolitichesky preparations ( of the Papaverine the Hydrochloride, But - Shpa ) liquidate pains. Tserukal (synonyms: Metoklopramid, Reelan ) regulates motive function of a stomach, eliminates nausea and vomiting.


For treatment of chronic gastritis with the normal or increased gastric secretion use also infusions of the herbs possessing the anti-inflammatory, soothing, enveloping action: a camomile, a St. John`s Wort, mint, a seed of flax, oats, a yarrow, a silverweed, the mountaineer bird`s, an acorus rhizome, chistotet, sedatives (a valerian root, a grass of a pustyrnik). Infusion is prepared as follows: 2 - 3 tablespoons of collecting herbs fill in 500 ml of abrupt boiled water, insist in the warm place of 30 minutes, then filter. It is possible to add honey to taste. Drink infusion in a warm look on 1/2 glass of 5 - 6 times pass after food.

At the expressed sekretorny insufficiency (the lowered level of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice) special attention is paid on replacement therapy - completion of deficiency of hydrochloric acid and digestive enzyme of pepsin. For this purpose accept gastric juice (on 1 tablespoon on 1/2 glass of water), Atsidin - Pepsin, Pepsidil, Abomin, Panzinorm in the doses appointed by the doctor. The polyvitaminic complexes useful to the pregnant woman and from other points of view, and also Inosine (on 0,02 g 3 - 4 times in day during 3 - 4 weeks) and sea-buckthorn oil stimulate gastric secretion (on 1 teaspoon 3 times in day to food 3 - 4 weeks). To the same purpose serves treatment by oxygen - hyperbaric oxygenation. of Maaloks can be used and at gastritis with the lowered acidity of gastric juice, in this case it is better to appoint it in the form of suspension (1 tablespoon or 1 bag of suspension in 1 hour after food). Sick gastritis with the reduced sekretorny function recommends also medicinal herbs which suppress inflammatory process in a mucous membrane of a stomach and stimulate its sekretorny function: plantain leaves, wormwood, thyme, fennel, caraway seeds, marjoram, parsnip, parsley, mint, grass of a St. John`s Wort, trifoli, yarrow, etc. From these herbs infusions prepare the same as it was stated above.


At patients with chronic gastritis And often break activity of a pancreas and intestinal digestion. 3 - 4 times a day are useful to to correction of these violations appointed by the doctor Pancreatinum for 0,5 - 1 before food, Festal on 1 - 2 dragee during food. Enteroseptol applied before , Meksaza, Meksaform are not recommended now since they can cause serious by-effects: peripheral neuritis, dysfunction of a liver, kidneys, allergic reactions. As well as at chronic gastritis In, violations of motor function of a stomach korregirutsya by Tserukaly , and at pains appoint spazmolitik: the Papaverine, But - Shpa .

At erosion of a mucous membrane of a stomach and duodenum Almagel, Fosfalyugel on 1 - 2 dosed spoon 3 times a day in 30 - 40 min. prior to food traditionally apply such preparations as . Their use is caused by the fact that erosion of a mucous membrane of a stomach and a duodenum result from aggressive impact of hydrochloric acid and pepsin on a mucous membrane when weakening its protective mechanisms. These preparations envelop mucous a stomach, protecting it. At application of these preparations pains are usually killed on 3 - 4 - y day. it is important to p to notice

that chronic gastritis does not influence terms and methods of a rodorazresheniye as well as on development of a fruit.

first of all should refer observance of a diet To measures of prevention of chronic gastritis. It is necessary to eat food in the small portions, 4 - 5 times a day, well chewing. It is not necessary to overeat. It is necessary to exclude the products causing irritation of a mucous membrane of a stomach from a diet: strong broths, smoked products, tinned products, seasonings, spices, strong tea, coffee, carbonated drinks. It is whenever possible necessary to exclude action of factors of a stress, to refuse smoking, not to abuse alcohol.