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Why I am afraid of water?

Sea! Who does not dream to visit the sea at least once in life? And here our dream came true. We went to Yevpatoria three together: I, mother and my younger brother Dima.

we Went with “letter of recommendation“ there from the sister of that grandmother at whom we wanted to lodge (they to us were not relatives). We come without the prevention and we declare that here supposedly we intend to lodge at you. Yes, I think that the hostess was not really glad to us as she did not know us at all.

In the first day we went to the sea. And as they say, “seized“. Naturally burned, the brother had even a high temperature. But then we began to go to bathe again. It was pleasant, standing on the bridge, to look at “a live star“ - Andrey Gubin who came to have a rest probably after a concert in the city, in an environment of “big suite“ of security guards. Funny it looked.“ Star fever“ was available.

But we will return to the story about the sea. As I not really well am able to swim, I swam along the coast. The brother able it is rather good to float, swam away far. And here we with mother lay, sunbathed ashore. And he went to bathe. After a while mother looked at the sea and... did not see the brother. Here panic began. She speaks to me: “All... was gone! It is absent“. ß: “How is not present?!“ We began to peer into the sea, we do not see the brother. I already began to whisper that the sea returned me the brother. And here, at last, it came up. It turned out that he went to bathe in a baseball cap. And mother in her did not recognize him. And he thought that she sees it because she, it seems, looked directly at it... Uf... as we then were frightened!

the Similar history “with loss of the brother“ at me happened also at the dacha. When we with the brother went in the evening to the lake once. More there was nobody. I did not bathe. And it got into water. As I remained one ashore, I was afraid that somebody the stranger will come therefore constantly looked around. The lake small on width. And here when I turned to look at the brother who sailed from me, I did not see him, water stood quiet, no sounds were distributed. And here at me everything “broke“. I just thought that the brother drowned.

From understanding of such tragedy I nearly died of fear. And then I very much cried: “DIMA!“. And he from other coast from - for bushes to me shouted in reply: “What?“. It appeared that he managed to reach the opposite coast, to get out of water and to hide. Perhaps therefore I also do not love water what I am afraid to lose relatives in it?