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The Sleeping Beauty of

What was beautiful winter night! Snow big flakes fell, immersing the city in a dream. Though, judging by the hours hanging on a wall all slept for a long time. I stood, having rested a forehead against cool glass, and envied the people sleeping very quietly in the beds. And how, interestingly, it will long last? Judging by the latest events, night will be interesting.

Today I voluntarily came to maternity hospital though all the time represented how my beloved husband will carry me in the middle of the night shouting, or is on the contrary proud gritted teeth from pain (I did not solve yet, by that moment what role it is better to choose).


of Pain, as usual, by the night. I did not take them seriously and apparently, at medical staff they did not cause a stir too. Rolled, compassionate, me a Dimedrol with anesthetic, and told that I will sleep as the child - with pleasure and without dreams. But in twenty minutes I understood that today to me not to have a sleep. It was and it is joyful, and it is terrible to horror.

When the main hygienic actions were made by

, brought me into prenatal. By this moment of pain began to twist me for two minutes every other half-minute (in books were, it is visible, other cases as I thought are described, at the beginning it will be not so sick). And I saw the woman who has to see, hear, touch the first my child. She peacefully slept on a couch. Having woken up from my sighs and okh, she noticed that at present I in vain so overstrain because I to the real pain far, and went to bed further.

Further hour three I remember

badly. At the next spasm I laid down on a floor because in other pose there was no urine to suffer (next day all legs were in grazes and bruises). After circulation on the room, infinite zalezaniye and slezaniye from a bed (it was very high) hour in four mornings found out by survey that it is time for me to give birth. Told to climb on a table, substituted a small bench. Here unexpectedly fight began, it was necessary to wait them how they hurried.

On the next table the little girl gave birth. When at it everything ended, so was to me enviably! Were engaged in me. Put on a back, bent in a pose of “grasshopper“ and told that I gave birth. My great assistant on childbirth peacefully sat down in a corner, put the head on hands, and decided to have a sleep still. As I tried to give rise, nothing was impossible to me. The girl who gave rise tactfully noticed to the midwife that I already give birth (attempts began), on what the midwife noticed:“ When gives rise - we will look“.


Ya and begged that I was helped, taught. Here any more the doctor on duty did not sustain my shouts and began to direct process. Business went more successfully and progressively. When my little boy was born, this sleeping tsarevna did not find time even to give to take to me him.

Then, already later, I learned that I this great midwife had not the first, and everything, as well as I, transferred all delights of communication with it in full.

P. S. I approached childbirth very responsibly - got acquainted practically with all medical staff in maternity hospital in which I wanted to give birth, but I was not lucky - I began to give birth in “bad“ change.