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You teach boys to be husbands of

It is great science to be the husband and the father. The woman - the keeper of the center, and the man? Sometimes its place in a family is limited to a formula “brought a salary in time“, and for the rest the man “lies near the TV on a sofa, on children zero attention, on Saturday plays with friends in preference, on Sunday goes to soccer“.

different options Are possible

, but approximately such picture is observed in the majority of families. At best he once a month will bring order to own disorder, in the worst will not make also it. It is necessary to ask to beat a shelf which with frequency in couple of days falls on the head, to descend with children in circus, to take a walk with a dog...

We complain that husbands do not help us, are not engaged with children, offend, beat, but how ourselves bring up the sons? Usually mother pays to education of the girl more attention. The girl is learned to train, to erase, dress tastefully, at the girl the congenital instinct of motherhood, and the boy is developed?

my husband by first day of family life was able to make for

fried eggs with sausage and to wash socks in cold water. Once I asked to repair it the socket on what he with astonishment asked: “And you what, itself you cannot?“ . There passed years, my husband learned much, life taught, I forced, he does not wash socks absolutely now and does not love fried eggs... And here I reflected and with what my sons will grow up? What will be told by my daughter-in-law that my son will not be able elementary to hammer a nail?

At a playground:
- Mothers, and Katka beats me.
- Yes knock you this Katka that did not climb!

Where a guarantee that on “mother`s“ manual having knocked Katka, in adulthood it will not hit the wife or the child?

We train for

the child for adulthood, we want that it was happy, but about what happiness it can there be a speech if mother speaks: “This otter is pleasant to my boy!“ And how after that “boy“ has to call the wife?

Each mother dreams of the ideal wife for the son. That both in a drawing room the queen and in kitchen the hostess... My mother-in-law is not ideal, and I in many respects do not agree with her, but in 12 years of my family life she did not tell about me any bad word, did not condemn me and did not scarify neither as the wife nor as mother. Low to it bow for it!

me it is a lot of

U examples of how the mother-in-law parted - the son with “this brainless silly woman“ and as men became an inveterate drunkard and remained bachelors all life, without having found replacement of the only darling. There is an old joke as the son suggests mother to learn what of his three girls. Mother answers: “That that in the middle“. On the son`s question as she guessed, answers: “It irritates me already now!“ We initially do not love the darling of the son only for the fact that he loves her. Subconsciously we do not want to divide love of the sons, making a mistake behind a mistake and perhaps breaking life to the child.

the Huge role in education of boys is played by the father. Conversations with the father for the little man - the best psychological training. The example of the father has to be indicative for the child. Observing and estimating life of the parents, the boy draws conclusions and learns to perceive adulthood through a prism of the parental relations. In the future the boy as well as the father, will not forget to present flowers to the wife, will surround with heat and care of the child, will respect and appreciate the family.

the Father and the son can prepare for

in common gifts to mother, bring order when mother has a rest, to make for mother a dinner. Options great variety, it was necessary only to persuade the husband. Like that:“ Darling, is things in which I as the woman, is incompetent. Talk, please, to the son apropos...“ .

Ya often I talk to the husband about need of “man`s“ education of our sons, I read it articles from magazines, I give examples. My efforts gave the first sprouts. In our family there is “a father`s day“ when the eldest son and the father spend Saturday (Sunday) day together. Responsible for talk with the son, for evening charge toys and for bathing - too the father.

The earlier the father will begin to be engaged in the kid, the their relations in the future will be closer and stronger. There are different ways to involve the father in education of the child. My friend rows, nearly every day and so all house hears. After the next scandal the father goes for a walk with one-year-old Art capacious, goes as a pendulum from one corner of the yard to another and philosophically reflects on something. It is a peculiar technique, in its understanding the end justifies the means too.

I it is unimportant how you persuade you (will force) the husband to take care of children, but the fact, remains the fact: it is necessary to involve the father in education of the child, as soon as possible. I know men who play with pleasure, walk and look after children, but, unfortunately, that others, perceiving the child as the burden imposed to them by women is much more.

Teach the sons to appreciate and respect women (girls), teach them to be polite, attentive, sensitive, to love and protect the family center.

Once on the bus-stop I heard conversation of two young women. One told another: “My mother-in-law - just the clear head. In life achieved everything itself, and the most important, could bring up such remarkable son“.

you Study

on mistakes of the mothers-in-law and you teach the sons to respect a family, to love children, to be responsible and hardworking and perhaps then in the future you will be able to tell: “My son is happy in family life!“