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Two rings, and in the middle - a cake (a traditional wedding table) of

Ideally a wedding are an event which happens in life once. At least every time all involved sacredly believe that this - that is the last. But if to the bride marrying for the fifth time to put on a white dress somehow not comme il faut, then the most boring hypocrite will not even condemn for a smart wedding table. It is possible to approach a question of what has to stand on this table differently.


For example, it is possible to turn around deep into, to roots. The traditional ancient Russian wedding which was usually played in the fall is something special. The instruction for its carrying out (including words of all songs and lamentations) hardly finds room in very thick book. The epic of preparation for a gala day lasted few months, and God forbid was to mix or pass at least one stage - not to see to young people in happiness life.

As for a wedding lunch, in this respect the whole set of rules and establishments existed. On the Russian wedding table of food are deeply symbolical. First of all loaf. In some provinces the word “loaf“ called a wedding. And a karavaynik - a special wedding rank. Karavaynitsa baked pie. The senior karavaynitsa headed pastries. The woman who is living with the husband in love and a consent and having kind children could only be her: was considered that the family harmony of a karavaynitsa is transmitted through pie to young people. The loaf was decorated with flowers and guelder-rose branches (a love symbol). That from young people who will bite off the biggest piece of pie and will be an owner in the house.

By the way, newly married at the holiday table did not allowed to eat the same that was eaten by other guests. The groom could peck a loaf with cheese and to drink wines; also it most often was not permitted to the bride.

A of tasty food at Slavic parties was, to put it mildly, much. In the center of a table put the highlight of the party - a loaf - in an environment of honey pies and refurnaces (kalatches, rolls, cheese cakes, spicy gingerbreads). A day before a wedding female married relatives gathered in the house of the groom. While did dough, in front of the furnace put from two parties on a glass of vodka and on the burning candle. After, having crossed, put a loaf in the furnace, the present ladies drank vodka - under plentiful snack and loud songs (the groom at this moment had fun with friends, and the bride with girlfriends in a tower lamented over the female dolyushka). During the cutting of a loaf and distribution of pieces on a feast got some introduction of type:“ The prince with the princess demand you, cheese - a loaf to accept, to allocate our young people. It is necessary to our young people much: on shiltso, on myltso, on a needle to be sheathed, on a small jug to be washed“. The guest had to drink vodka, bite off a piece of a loaf and give newly married a present. Then guests took seats, served them porridge, noodles, a jelly, boiled meat and hens, compotes, kissels, honey, wine and beer.

Should tell

that till the 17th century in Russia did not know either dances, or music so the feast was the only entertainment at a wedding. Had a good time at full scale. When snack were eaten, brought fried a swan (at the people more simply the swan replaced a fried rooster). The groom had to touch a bird a hand and order to cut it. The first piece relied the highly respected father-in-law, the second - the beloved mother-in-law. Newly married, I will remind, could devour this unearthly bird only with the eyes. Some it is not enough - malsk the tolerable food relied them only after successful end of the first marriage night. Then to young people the father-in-law with the mother-in-law entered a bedchamber and fed them (from hands!) jelly and colored bird with plums.

If among friends and relatives some ineradicable enthusiasts ready to shoot swans in Zavidov are, it is possible to issue everything so. And it is possible to set other task for himself: an elegant wedding lunch in the European style - or as now it is accepted to speak, “that everything is civilized“. Not caviar and fish sandwiches, not Russian Salad and Mimosa salads and even not cutlets on - Kiev. We will leave all this for weddings at restaurants where invite 150 people of guests when already all the same, than to feed - if only it was enough vodka. If the solemn lunch which is smoothly passing into a dinner you decided suit at home, then here to you the approximate menu (with possible options) for a meal in the bosom of the family and close friends - from 4 to 20 people. And the menu it is thought over in such cunning way that guests will have no place to fall face down practically. Salad, sorry, is not provided. But there is a soup. It has one indisputable advantage: until guests absorb it, will not come to their mind to be distracted by nonsenses like shouts “Bitterly! Bitterly!“ - and the groom with the bride will be able quietly to eat.



Chicken breasts certain mad brides who, following the principle “rescue drowning - work drowning“, even at own wedding wish to be responsible for an entertainment Meet capers, pine nuts and raisin
oil Fits of “Flamingo“

. The only exit in this situation - to make everything that is possible, in advance. Crabs, it is quite possible to cook rice and soup in the evening, on the eve of sacred day.

Only what it is necessary to work at when guests already rustle and registration of a new cell of society rejoice, - it is hotter. Though sauce to it quite neutral color and on a white dress of the bride will be swept not really up, nevertheless it is better to load frying of chicken breasts the mother-in-law - all the same from her further will not wait for the help. All process of preparation - depending on quantity invited - will take half an hour to an hour.

As for wedding cake, it is possible to order, of course, it, but it is better to order to itself. Cake can begin to be done day for two that became impregnated better). Problem with it one: to find the suitable sizes the refrigerator. The loaf is not baked today though it would be possible to go all out. Taste at it quite usual - normal fancy pastry. All sense in jewelry - flowers - monograms. (You remember what bread was baked by the Tsarevna - a frog to the tsar-father? Here something similar.) And to bake a kurnik - sacred business. He not without reason is considered the king of all Russian pies.



Wedding cake


By the way


In Germany in old times a wedding lunch was prepared not less than from 20 dishes from which the cabbage was the main thing, of course. At a table guests usually ate only those foods which cannot be taken away with themselves. And pies, buns and meat carried away home in the pots reserved for this case. Owners especially for it put the crude meat cut by pieces approximately on half a kilogram on a table.

On Bermuda the top of wedding pie is decorated with a tiny young tree which newlyweds after guests disperse, have to plant to the earth in front of the house and water regularly.

On the island of Barbados wedding “black“ pie from dried fruits begins to be prepared in good time - for half a year before a ceremony. Its recipe is transferred from mother to the daughter: carefully selected fruit (cherry, raisin, prunes and currant) otmachivat in rum and 6 months keep in a clay jug.

In Bulgaria to be considered as the groom and the bride, to the guy it is enough to start in hotly girlfriend apple. And when the bride and the groom leave a holiday them shower with fig fruits.

In Switzerland to a table surely are given by pies with a meat stuffing. The biggest pie is put before the bride, and its stuffing... children`s nipples and toys. Newly married have to eat from one plate and drink from one glass.