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To whom to rise

Often happens so earlier that husbands are forced to get up before the wives in the mornings: money - that should be earned. And the wife sleeps and does not even want to make a breakfast and to carry out for work. There is a bitch!

the Husband is dissatisfied with the wife and if it against her will everything is forces it to get up early in the morning and to make for it a breakfast then already the wife thinks: “What he heartless, even does not want to regret me. There is a rascal!“

the immemorial question - what to do and how to get on with it Arises?

the Answer is simple

: very easily, there would be a desire. In - the first, make to the husband a breakfast since evening, and in the morning it should warm it only.

In - the second. Explain to the darling that you are a keeper of the family center and you should be protected. Nestle strong on his breast and it is so insinuating, a tender voice what only you will be able, let it know approximately following: the road, you, I hope, not really you will break if itself you bungle to yourself a couple of sandwiches.

to Give birth - not to give birth

you want to give birth to the child, and your spouse categorically against.“ Early still to me to charge with paternity a neck, I am not ready still“, - the husband says. How here to be?

If in the family budget do not have

real means that the spouse might contain you and the child then it cannot be helped, it is necessary to agree with the husband and to wait when he financially gets on feet.

However when the husband for the salary not only the child, a company of soldiers can support and still opposes the birth of the kid, then you should decide on extreme measures. Just tell it what to give birth to you, but not it, and eventually let will explain the unwillingness. If the husband in a straight talk with you reveals a secret that it is sick at present and is afraid for the future of the children therefore he forces you to accept contraceptives, - understand it and forgive. And if just is capricious, say, I do not want and that will do! Believe - you will never be happy with such person.

About dumb animals

your husband just is fan of animals and is ready to potter with doggies, cats, rabbits, hamsters though the whole day. You, let us assume, have no such passion to animals at all - looked at the In Fauna broadcast and calmed down. Well at most, to what you agree, so it to an aquarium with small fishes and that seaweed was more there, than other living creatures.

Try to persuade the spouse to go to work with

there where he really would be engaged in animals: the zoo, a forest area, fur farm, at the worst, let goes the trainer to circus though free will get tickets for representation. But if he already works with animals and all the same insists on a house menagerie, well, safely lay down a condition:“ Either I, or animals“.

A in general, let is built by a good cottage in the country, and there everything it will be good: and to you, both husband, and animals.

If contradictions

At last are there was what you waited above all for, - you were given holiday together with the husband, and now you will be treated kindly the whole month by its attention. But not here - that was. The husband declared that to have a rest will not go with you and in general, in his opinion anywhere, it is necessary to have a rest separately. Well, sweet berry together is does not want.

In that case a method of impact on the husband one - to convince him that it is not right. And that is why. Rest is separately capable to destroy family idyll because, as a rule, the first holiday separately often becomes the last. Of course, married couples are not forbidden to play in robinzon, but at people who really love each other, holiday separately will not leave especially joyful impressions.

“. . He loved money, loved and saved... “

How to divide money in a family? The husband, having got a false idea itself the Minister of Finance, pulls a blanket on the party, and the wife insists on the general kettle meanwhile. The problem is? Of course. And without its decision family life from the first pay can already come to grief.

First of all to the wife the husband should try to let know

that in the sphere of purchases of food, it does not have clothes and in general any economic utensils equal. How to make it? Very simply. Take an ordinary notebook and the handle. Write down all you had to buy at the husband`s insistance. And in a month strain the crinkles and calculate where the spouse allowed miss, there is no which the family budget would save the fair sum. The husband presented by you with a fait accompli squandering will understand at once that his wife has not birdbrain, and without any arguments will entrust you money.