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As we learned to be fed with

Of course when I still carried the crumb in a tummy, I was precisely sure that I will nurse it. But when after the delivery brought me this small lump and told: “Feed mother!“ - I also could not imagine that I will have problems.

In - the first, I did not know how to put the baby to a breast whether correctly it took a breast etc. In - the second when we came back home, everything was even more difficult. To feed it was painful to me, zastoiya began, the child was hurt by a tummy (childbirth was by means of Caesarian and me pricked antibiotics, and the poor baby received all this together with a milk), during feeding there were even spasms in legs.


to the Daughter already executed month. And I on the advice of the friends addressed to the center of breastfeeding of “Rozhan“. To me there arrived a remarkable young woman by the name of Oksana, and the whole hour showed me how to feed the baby, from what situation. And as it is possible to put the baby to a breast that with its help to rastsedit stagnation. Also you know, after that our life absolutely changed.

Process of feeding began to bring to

inexpressible pleasure for us with the baby. Milk appeared much though my daughter possessed (and now possesses) good appetite, but milk remained much. Probably, I was “dairy mother“. Therefore I gave milk to one more baby. And what pleasure when already grown up daughter got to me on knees and independently (snuffling and groaning) got a breast and began to eat! During sucking it had such happy muzzle, and she with such gratitude looked at me. It cannot be compared to anything. Only mother can give it to the child.

Of course, I used a milk pump. And “Avent“. Also I want to tell that it is really the best milk pump from all. And I tried them much. He just rescued me. Any problems with decantation and storage of milk! And I nursed the daughter till 1,5 years in spite of the fact that I study in day postgraduate study, and I had to leave on occupations.

When I separated the daughter from a breast (it needed to be made on a number of circumstances), I endured more it. There was such feeling that something very important dies that any more will never repeat. And it is the truth, feeling of happiness from feeding of the child a breast it is not forgotten.

Now to the daughter 2 years and 2 meyaets. This is the healthy and cheerful kid. And it seems to me that she is obliged by it to breastfeeding. I want to tell all taken place and future mothers, you feed your kid so long as soon as you can. It not only is very useful for the baby, but also it is very pleasant for mother. Even if first something is impossible to you, do not despair and do not give up feeding. Now there are a lot of experts ready to help you chest to adjust breastfeeding. Also you remember that a kotor you receive happiness from feeding of your child, will not last eternally. Enjoy this moment at full capacity. Good luck to you.