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Councils of Alinkiny mother

Right after the birth of the child - the daughter - I began to feed her according to the schedule. Each 3 hours I gave both breasts, for 10 minutes everyone. At first right, then left, in the following feeding on the contrary - the first left, the second right. As the baby was with me in chamber, I saw that the daughter between feedings sleeps peacefully. Means, she gorges on.

In the beginning I finished feeding it mix. Frightened me that there is no milk yet, and it is not enough colostrum. But the doctor advised me to refuse a dokorm. Her argument was simple: time of a crumb behave quietly, so they have enough food. Besides it is not necessary to teach them to eat from a small bottle because it can become a cause of failure from a breast, it is more difficult to suck.

Colostrum very nourishing, in it is all necessary for the first days of life of the child when the stomach just learns to digest food, and it needs very nutritious and at the same time easily acquired food.

On 3 - y day there arrived milk. Alinka even began to otrygivat it from surplus. I gave a breast no more than for 10 minutes, and any cracks was not trace and though I did not prepare a pacifier for feeding. We ate in 3 hours. Pediatricians recommended not to do night feeding, but for 4 - 5 day the daughter began to demand it so persistently that I conceded to these requests, having decided that she knows better when she wants to eat.

Still I wanted to put at once it to sleep to myself in a bed, but I was frightened that in a dream I can crush the baby. Though never heard about cases of the crushed children.

In maternity hospital to all of us was advised to be decanted. But I had so not enough milk after the child that I did not understand sense of this procedure. Though from our chamber in a different way it was impossible to the young woman. Its milk just flew glasses, even the child choked. Here it would be difficult to do without decantation...

of the House us was waited by the mother-in-law. She declared at once that for one feeding it is necessary to give only one breast. Otherwise at me milk will be gone. This authority for me was indisputable, and I began to give to a crumb only one breast. Now by the beginning of feeding the breast which intended for feeding bulked up, hurt and in it hardenings began to be formed.

“Thanks to“ the mother-in-law one more “shortcoming“ became clear by

- I decanted not enough milk after feeding. There is a mother-in-law when fed my husband, decanted on a glass of milk! Why it was good, I did not understand, but sense of guilt appeared. I began to be nervous, milk became noticeable to vanish.

Ya addressed the consultant for breastfeeding. And as a result...

  1. Milk at me was, but it is not enough. And still was enough for the daughter. However, any more not for 3 hours, but only on one and a half. Instead of introduction of dokorm we reduced breaks from 3 to 1,5 o`clock. Including at night. Not to fall down from legs of sleepless nights, I took - the baby to myself in a bed. The lactation began to return to normal, and in two weeks the interval between feedings gradually and naturally increased till 3 o`clock.
  2. the Breast ceased to be poured
  3. , the necessary amount of liquid was distributed evenly on two “vessels“ now! There was a confidence that milk will be every time, when necessary to the baby.
  4. the Daughter began to gorge on and sleep peacefully between feedings. The daughter ate every 3 hour. Night feeding was obligatory (as it became clear, a neonatology consider it especially valuable). If the crumb spilled out feeding, I did not awake it. If I was nervous, milk began to vanish. We reduced an interval between feedings, and slowly everything was restored.

my advice to “the beginning mothers“:

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